This is a simple procedure of dragging and dropping files to your origional Kindle Paperwhite while in USB mode. 5] After you have added your fonts, disconnect your Kindle and then make sure you restart it from the menu. Needless to say, before you attempt to tamper with any e-reader you should really back it up. I got an email from a super helpful guy called Grante Marshall who found a workaround for getting custom fonts back onto the kindle PaperWhite after the software update. Wait a minute after the copy has completed to ensure the file has completely transferred (DO NOT EJECT THE USB DEVICE AT THIS POINT ELSE THE FILE TRANSFERRED FROM STEP 4 WILL HAVE TO BE COPPIED OVER AGAIN). If like in my case the font files were never removed then simply going to Settings and select “Restart” will restart the device and when it comes back up then the open dyslexic font will be available to use.
I hope this is of some use to anyone else.  If I can find a way to STOP auto updates then I’ll let you know. Now I’m able to run the Kindle PaperWhite 1 with WiFi enabled to access the Kindle store and all usual online material but no updates downloaded to my device thus all Open Dyslexic fonts all intact.  Now back to happy reading once again. Thanks again for sharing the method of installing the fonts in the first place.  It’s a pity Amazon have made it so that there is no alternative but to hack the device in order to use these great fonts. I’m sure this procedure invalidates any warranty with Amazon but for me a PaperWhite without the Open Dyslexic font would be a redundant piece of kit so I had nothing to lose.

Studies usually find that most people find left justified text easier to read – the regular spacing helps your eyes to flow over the text at a more constant rate while the irregular right hand side provides extra visual cues to your eyes when scanning or reading text to help you know where you are in a page, thus make moving on to the next line easier. Hi, I tried with the new Kindle Paperwhite and the trick is not working for me… Any insights? I am quite disappointed about this development, I really got so used to read my books with Myriad Pro.
As someone who has just brought a kindle for this reason (to get dyslexie font for my son), I wish I had done my research an brought a Kobo – the come pre loaded with Open dyslexie font. SatFinder is a handy iPhone app that helps you set up your satellite dish wherever you may be. Personally, my experience setting up a TV satellite dish was as follows: I would get on the roof and adjust the dish with some basic idea of where the correct angle is for the satellite. SatFinder was easy to use and is a much better way of finding the correct TV satellite coordinates than blindly pointing the satellite dish into the sky. It has all kinds of handy features from adding metadata, converting to other formats and if you install some third party plug-ins you can even remove DRM. Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to get the dyslexie font to work, but helvetica works for now. Many of us have found ourselves perched on a roof, on a ladder or some other position trying to get our satellite TV dish to work.

Not so fast, you have to account for elevation, azimuth while adjusting your satellite dish if you want to get the right signal.
The rest of the set up is me yelling to to someone in the house “Is the signal coming in?” and so on, until either success or frustration. Mike is a regular guy who has a tech side, specifically a love for mobile apps and touch gaming. That said, I take no responsibility for what may happen to your device in the unlikely event anything goes wrong.
I’ve never been diagnosed with dyslexia of any kind but after a few minutes reading the Open Dyslexic font though, I felt a marked improvement with my ability to scan and follow text. The cool thing is the SatFinder app does the hard part for you helping get a lock onto the correct signal for your satellite TV service.

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