If a PC or Mac goes to electronic heaven, and the only place a user's music library still exists is on his or her iPhone, this user will want to know how to get music off the phone and back onto a computer. The good news is that this can be done, but it requires some time, some software and (for some users and situations) some cash. Our favorite option for getting music off an iPhone (or iPod) for Windows users is Pod to PC. Once installed, Pod to PC looks at the contents of your iPhone (via iTunes) and presents you with a list of the device contents.
You can select specific tracks, all tracks and more, then import them directly into itunes, transfer them to your Mac desktop or automatically let the software do an automatic transfer. The glass screen on the iPhone is designed to be scratch-resistant, but that doesn't mean that the screen won't occasionally get scratched anyway. Step 2Apply a small amount of the polish or paste of your choice onto your soft cloth and begin rubbing it gently into the screen. Step 3Moisten another area of the cloth with water and gently wipe the screen to remove any excess polish.
If you know the person, then you'll need to get their password from them (or get them to enter it).

When signed out you can tap Sign In and enter your Apple ID and password to start using the device. Unfortunately, we don't know of a way to remove an Apple ID from an Apple device if you do not know the password.
It's important when buying a second-hand iPhone to ensure that the Apple ID has been removed.
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This software (which was entirely free until recently and is now shareware) makes getting your media files from your iPhone to your Windows PC a snap. If your iPhone screen has been scratched, that doesn't mean the defect has to be there forever. If you choose the toothpaste option, opt for the most basic type of toothpaste you can find. Your goal is to essentially rub the scratch out, so the length of time you need to polish your screen will depend on how deep your scratch is. Avoid getting areas such as the speakers and buttons wet, as moisture can cause damage to your phone should it get inside.

Deep scratches can require a great deal of polishing, and may be best removed in several shorter sessions. The password is the one you typically enter when you want to download an app from the App Store. If you don't have their password (because you bought the phone second-hand) then you should get in touch with the person as soon as possible, or return the iPhone for a refund.
You can remove the scratch on your iPhone with a few different commercial products, or even a tube of regular toothpaste. Avoid whitening toothpastes and those with crystals or baking soda in them, as they will be more abrasive than a basic, traditional paste.

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