As was widely expected, Apple on Wednesday unveiled the iPhone 5, the newest entrant into its smartphone lineup. Phil Schiller, Applea€™s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, took the wraps off the new iPhone for press gathered at the companya€™s San Francisco event, calling the device a€?the most beautiful product wea€™ve ever made, bar none.a€? The iPhone 5 is made entirely of glass and aluminum, Schiller said, adding that the a€?exacting level of standardsa€? exhibited by the phone is Applea€™s best hardware engineering to date.
The iPhone 5 keeps the Retina display moniker, but ita€™s taller than the screens on iPhones that preceded it. The Calendar app in landscape shows five days instead of three on the iPhone 5, for example. Schiller showed off apps from CNN and OpenTable, each of which had been updated for the taller iPhone display, adding in new content. Schiller explained that the iPhone 5 uses one baseband chip for voice and data and a single radio chip. Schiller invited EA to show off what the A6 chip meant for them; EA debuted Real Racing 3, which included real-time reflections, functional rear view mirrors, and a€?console qualitya€? graphics, according to EA Studiosa€™s Rob Murray.
Schiller explained that Apple wanted a€?to match the battery life of the 4S in a thinner and lighter designa€? for the iPhone 5. The camera also includes, for the first time on an iPhone, a sapphire lens cover, which Schiller said would protect the lens and make images cleaner and sharper. The A6 chip includes a new image signal processor, with spatial noise reduction and filtering to improve photographs.
The iPhone 5 includes three separate microphones, Schiller said: One on the front, one on the back, and one on the bottom.
The 8-signal Lightning connector is all-digital, with an adaptive interface and improved durability. Schiller announced that Apple would offer a 30-pin-to-Lightning connector, but didna€™t mention pricing.
The iPhone 5 will come in an all black model, and a white model with a bright silver aluminum finish. The iPhone 5 sports a taller screen, a new dock connector port, LTE support, and other refinements. Rather, such apps will display letterboxed on the iPhone, with black borders surrounding the centered app. The new phone also improves upon the iPhone 4Sa€™s dynamic antenna, Schiller said, improving its ability to automatically switch to different networks as appropriate. Schiller said there are a€?plentya€? of LTE partners in Asia, Australia, the UK, and Germany, with lots of DC-HSDPA support in Europe as well. Ita€™s also 22 percent smaller than its predecessor, freeing up more space inside the iPhone, and making it more energy efficient to boot. The company ended up exceeding that battery life; the iPhone 5 will offer eight hours of 3G talk time and browsing and LTE browsing, ten hours of Wi-Fi browsing, ten hours of video, 40 hours of music, and 225 hours of standby time. You hold the iPhone vertically and sweep your scene; the app tells you at what speed to move. The iPhone 5 offers 1080p HD video, improved video stabilization, face detection for up to ten faces, and can take photos while youa€™re recording video. It now includes five magnets in its transducer, with better frequency response and better sounda€”while being 20 percent smaller than the speaker in the iPhone 4S. In a typical cell phone call, the frequency of data in your voice is compressed around the midrange, Schiler said. Ita€™s reversible (meaning you can orient it either way, like a MagSafe adapter), and ita€™s 80 percent smaller than the connector it replaces.
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Schiller said that everythinga€”launching apps, viewing attachments, loading musica€”would be twice as fast as before. The iPhone 5 abandons the familiar 30-pin dock connector port, which first appeared with the original iPod in 2003.
The camera also includes a dynamic low-light mode, which can sense low light and combine elements for two f-stops greater. Wideband audio fills up more of the frequency spectrum to make your voice sound more normal.
Schiller said 20 carriers will support the technology at launch, and didna€™t mention any U.S.

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