If you wish to test Push Notifications you can download iPusher app [the App Store has it] and run it.
Those hoping for an iPhone 5 price drop may have to resort to seedy cell phone shops and eBay auctions, but Apple's new products may satisfy their need for a cheap and capable phone.
The first device revealed by Apple, the 5C is certainly more colorful than any other Apple phone, perhaps even more colorful than any iPod. However, Apple emphasizes that though it looks playful, it is still a phone equal in power and performance to the iPhone 5.
The fingerprint sensor and software package, called Touch ID, was Apple's response to over half its iPhone users forgoing any type of security password or PIN.
Rather than have users walk around with a phone ripe for the picking, Apple wants its users to protect their phone from unauthorized users and use Touch ID. In addition to showing off the new iPhone designs, Apple also recapped many of the features that will be coming to iOS 7, the latest version of the mobile operating system.
Devices that have iOS 7 will have easy access to frequently toggled options via Control Center, a hub that can be accessed from anywhere on the phone. But for those who are looking forward to iOS 7, the new operating system will be released on Wednesday, Sept. Finally, for those that want a dirt-cheap phone, Apple will also offer the iPhone 4S for free with a two-year contract. But, to transfer photos you synced from iTunes, you must use third party software called iPhone Data Recovery.
Photos taken with the built-in camera or captured on iPhone can be transferred to computer directly.
Manually copy photos from iPhone to PC and delete the pictures from the iPhone Camera Roll that you just imported. Pictures you synced from iTunes are not available to transfer unless using iPhone Data Recovery.

News is out that this new generation iPhone would be only shown at the January event but it will be finally kept on sale sometime later. This one may be near to reality than anything as BoyGeniusReport claims it that it has maximum chances to appear at the January Event.
The tablet will be having a similar OS to that of iPhone and will be functioning exactly like it but with extended features along with better screen resolution obviously and few better apps, and maybe a front camera too which might bring Video conferencing finally to the device.
The whole instruction is not too difficult so anyone with the older Apple smartphone can now see what the latest mobile firmware is like without having to purchase a newer iPhone model. You will have a zipped archive with the program and all the tools necessary for the installation process. Instead of the metallic finishes that usually adorn Apple products, the 5C's color scheme looks like it was designed by either a candy manufacturer or an elementary school art class. Phil Schiller, Apple's VP of marketing, said that the company also hasn't skimped on its structure, saying that the 5C is reinforced with steel.
The 5S now houses the 64-bit A7 processor, which the company promises will be a big leap in both CPU performance and graphical processing compared to the iPhone 5. After a user places his or her thumb on the home button, Apple says that the phone "reads the fingerprint at a very detailed level." In addition to accessing your phone itself, the thumbprint can also be used to log into iTunes. Craig Federigh, Apple's vice president of software engineering, said that iOS 7 has more than 200 new features compared to its predecessor.
Control Center will let users toggle commonly used options, like Wi-Fi, airplane mode, and the device's music player. The iPhone 5 may effectively be kaput, but technostalgists can still reminisce about the good old days, when Siri was just a young girl. This article will show you how to transfer camera roll from iPhone to computer and import photo synced from iTunes to PC separately. It can transfer photo library from iPhone to PC including photos saved under camera roll and those synced from iTunes.

Apple is selling large number of iPhone 3GS which is around 10 Million but this may halt down with competitors coming up with kickass phones, Palm Pre, Motorola Droid, HTC’s Droid Eris and many more!
First of all, Apple asking all it’s premium app developers to provide them with apps of higher resolution although this could also be the case of iPhone 4G. I used Publisher because it was quicker for me and of course I waited until the last minute to get this done – go figure !! Other improvements include an improved camera app with photo catalog and improved music app with iTunes Radio. In addition, it will be a free update, something you don't hear very much from Apple's mouth. It maybe a larger, better iPhone with higher resolution or perhaps a Apple Tablet with 7″ Screen.
The software will show you the guide so, please, follow it and wait till your smartphone is set into Pwned DFU mode [you will see the black screen at this point]. This method was quick and simple for me and whether you are proficient with Photo Editing programs or not anyone can do this like I did right in Publisher.
I modified the cuts a bit so that when the edges would be folded I could round them just like the real iPhone (you can see in the photos what I did).I also cut pieces of Cardboard Boxes into the shape of the phone for the insides so they would be sturdy. So then you simply fold up all of your sides carefully and using double stick tape I put it all together and again I rounded my sides.
I did this while watching TV, it was tedious and I felt like I was doing Origami, but I got the job done pretty quickly.

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