Keeping your Apple iPhone up-to-date with the latest iOS software is good practice from both a security and device performance point of view. IT Pro intends to update this list as and when new updates are released by Apple, so we’ve started with the most recent first.
This update fixed a lock-screen bypass bug that could have allowed hackers to access people’s devices without knowing their pass codes.
Apple rolled out this update to fix an Exchange calendar bug that reduced the battery life of devices by constantly communicating with servers.
Update resulted in LTE support being added for more carriers, and meant that iTunes Match subscribers could now download individual songs from Apple online storage service iCloud. The update was issued to fix a bug that prevented iPhone 5 users from wirelessly installing software updates, and improve encrypted WPA2 Wi-Fi network connections for the iPhone 5. Apple introduced the iPhone 5 with this update, which included over 200 new features, ranging from Facebook integration to Siri improvements.
This update included a total of five improvements and bug fixes, such as better reliability in HDR option for photos and a bug fix for Airplay video playback. New features for the iPad were targeted with this update, including a redesigned camera app, optimised sound and podcast controls for playback speed. Over 200 features, such as built-in support for Twitter and iCloud support, were detailed in this update.
The Apple’s invention in the smart phone field has been taken a step forward with the introduction of the iPhone 4. We should look into the specs and latest features equipped do really meet our requirements and expectations.

There are drastic changes made to the design of the iPhone, the traditional body design is just improved by using stainless steel and glass body. The expectations we have on this invention also includes its display, we say that it is the fact that the display is bombastic. This multi touch powered screen is protected by the Gorilla glass covering which is strong and scratch resistant too.
This new smart phone launched by Steve Jobs is boasted with iOS 4 Version which is the most mouth-watering feature of this iPhone 4.
As multi tasking is a feature supported with this iOS Version we are looking forward for high performance processor. The upgraded size of 5 MP featured with LED flash and auto focus gives out every sharp image with almost crystal clarity. The 720 pixel quality video capture is pretty much impressive and can have a sort of good capture.
The features like the HD video coverage and iMovie feature are amazing and are useful to get a good amount of video capture. Finally we can say that the iPhone 4 is great and best smart phones ever and no rivals could with stand this for present times. Since you are reading this article, you are probably kind of bored by iPhones coming in white or black only. The advanced specs that we would expect is incorporated in this smart phone that makes it one of the best phone of the times. The sides of the new smart phone are covered up with the stainless steel which has an awesome look and the rear part most of the extent with the glass.

The physical buttons like the volume adjustments and silencer are present on the left side of the phone. The apps, icons and the widgets that are powered in this iOS Version is stunning and no one would expect what they could do using this. This is a non-removable battery and the battery we found after a heavy use we are surprised that it is well managed to get a good battery life. The shots we have taken are pretty much impressive and there is a great difference found in the presence of LED flash. The entertaining features like the iTunes, video and the App store provides a facility for downloading a good number of music tracks, videos and exciting games. The only problem is the eBay marketplace is usually crowded with tons of people trying to sell their iPhone too, so it can be hard to standout and get a quick sale.
The icons can be ordered easily with a long tap and the features like the screens, wall papers and the multi tasking feature is amusing.
They are made up of a metal which does not have a plastic feel and all together the design is awesome and gets a premium feel.
The You Tube integration is good to have and the document viewers, iCloud service, SIRI voice integration system and face book integration are awesome. You can list your iPhone 4S on the Amazon Marketplace and wait for a buyer to come along, or you can just trade it in to Amazon and let them handle the rest.

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