I was just remincising the old times of mobile technology and how it has connected people in this time and age.
Firstly I am fortunate enough to go through the evolution of mobile technology and the experiences of owning one and changing it as I grow older. Motorola at that time had one of the slimmest phones and this was my first phone as I grew older. As you can see, the evolution of mobile technology has evolved tremendously over the past 20 years or so.
The first time I switched on my iPhone and connected to teh 3G network as I had subscribed to it made me realised how connected I had become.
These are just some of the apps that had me not wanting to lose or forget my phone ever again.
This iPhone fake call app lets you select the caller number even from your existing contacts on your iPhone. Fake A Call is the best way to skip out of the situation when you are stuck somewhere in a boring meeting or somewhere else. I guess by far this has got to be one of the smallest phone ever made yet and I still keep it and use it occasionally when I go overseas to avoid losing my more expensive phone.
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You can easily tell others that you have an incoming call from your father and you have to leave now.
This makes the fake call looks real, as if somebody is really calling you or you have dialed the contact from your iPhone.
You can adjust the volume, background image, select the answer mode buttons, wait mode style, and carrier name.
To make a fake call, tap on “fake dialer” option, dial a new number or select any contact from your contact list to make fake call on that number or contact. The MEID number uses the first 14 digits, disregarding the last digit, and the IMEI number uses all 15 digits.
It showed in the specs as factory unlocked but when I tried to use it with Tmobile, it shows as locked and does not let me go to Settings. I was very amazed by the light when you pressed on the button and the noise it gave out when my dad had a page from work. It had a cooler function than my dad’s had a dot matrix wording and you can read msgs on the spot. I was contemplating another phone with a keypad but I got suckered in by the apps when I was playing around with my friend’s phone. Fake-A-Call enables a smart dialer to dial a number and make fake calls to show someone, that you are really dialing the number but it is not available.

This way you can get out of a situation if you are stuck somewhere and you are not getting any excuse to jump outside the situation. To make your iPhone receive a fake call, tap on the plus (+) button at the lower right of the app. If I try to activate it from the beginning, it displays a message that the problem is with the SIM card by not being unlocked and can not go forward.
The call interface provides mute button, enables keypad on call, loud-speaker button, contacts button, and more. Now select the contact from the contact list, set the caller picture, set the caller name, call type, and you are all set.
It sold me on the fact that I did not need a street directory anymore and free SMSes to my gf back in Spore. You can even schedule a fake call which will let your iPhone ring incoming call from the contact selected on the scheduled time set.
You can easily secure your app by a passcode so that only you have the access to make fake calls on your iPhone.

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