As predicted, the lee shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are being clobbered by lake effect snow right now.
Already, 2 to 3 feet of snow are being reported, and the storm is expected to continue throughout the day. I’m sure we will be hearing similar stories from the Watertown, NY area (to the lee of Lake Ontario) as the day progresses. Note that all of the Great Lakes are producing lake effect snow today to the east of the lakes. Is it just me, or are the vast majority to scared to talk about the ACTUAL causes of earth’s recent massive changes? The old northern limit of solar incidence was, for millenia, the tropic of cancer which runs through central mexico. Ask yourselves why the seven sisters and other constellations are so high in the sky this winter?
Of course the star will only move in a tiny circle because it’s the pole star, and has been for 2000 years and will continue to be the northern pole star for another thousand years.
If the earth was off its orbit by the tiniest bit, amateur astronomers around the world would be in an uproar. Any person that cannot see that these blundering idiots that believe that your a blundering idiot as well cannot see that they are creating another bank for them selves is an idiot!!! About five miles south of me, in the actual village of Lancaster, they’re reporting four feet of snow. From Christmas Eve Day through Christmas Day 2001, didn’t we get close to seven feet of snow?
Hopefully only the Global Warming Schmucks will be buried up to their ears in the white, fluffy “ice cold” snow!
Clearly, you do not understand the effects of Global Warming, including understanding that this will result in more extreme weather all year. Buffalo being located where they are related Lake Erie is the reason they get so much snow at times.
So if during the following year the Earth entered some unusually extreme period of GLACIAL EXPANSION and enormous quantities of the planets flora and fauna became entombed in ice that would be proof to you of GLOBAL WARMING and it’s effects? How do you explain the lack of significant hurricanes in many of the years subsequent to hurricane Katrina? Growing up on the east coast, we’d hear almost every winter how much lake effect snow was dumped on Buffalo, so this is not a new thing at all.
What IS new is that the great lakes began this fall being 6 degrees colder than normal average for the time of year, and that all this snow and cold is coming a lot earlier.
To those that are pointing out that the amount of snow is not unprecidented; that may be the case.
Yeah…There is an extremely sharp northern gradient to the snow band, which actually is exactly what the Buffalo forecast office was saying there would be. What is out of the ordinary is not the number of inches of snow nor how narrow and stationary that band of snow was but this is the coldest it has been on this date since 1883.
No wonder the circle of self serving socialists bent on redistribution of wealth changed the dialog from global warming to climate change as they finally found a term that no matter what happens change covers it. We left Niagara Falls in 1975, caught the Blizzard of 77 in Westfield, and left NY for good in78. I lived in Amherst NY until 1981 and saw some amazing storms but 1977 was the wildest one for me. Downtown Buffalo Northward has been sunny all day and has had almost no snow from this storm.
The climate has been changing since since the beginning of time(refer to ice ages, dinosaur era, and so forth). With all these master degree, phd, smart people, employed in the top positions of, well, just about everything; why is the country so screwed up? Coming up I-79 to Erie, PA to catch I-90 I saw on the Jumbotron that I-90 was closed at Hamburg due to heavy.

They said that sometimes there would come a point where even having a four-wheel drive with chains on all four tires wouldn’t do you any good. If these realities continue for another 5 years, the CAGW hypothesis will have to be disconfirmed under the rules of the Scientific Method. Probably not in your lifetime, though if alGore and the others continue spewing noxious gasses at the rate they are now rapid evaporation is a distinct possibility. The wind has died down with temps around 20°F so it’s time to head out and shovel all that global warming.
You can sometimes fix an unresponsive Home button by force quitting apps, but that doesn’t always work. This is the only way to continue using an iOS device with a broken home button without repairing the home button itself. Once this screen-based Home Button has been enabled, it will be accessible in all applications as well as the home screen and multitask bar, providing for constant access just by looking at the portion of the screen where it has been configured to appear. Perhaps the best thing about Assistive Touch’s virtual home button is that it allows a software feature to substitute for a malfunctioning hardware component, which can make the difference between continually being able to use an iOS device or having it become completely useless.
Do note that if the home button has stopped working because of water or liquid submersion or splashing, the best thing to do is to properly address the liquid contact first, letting the device completely dry out before attempting to use it again. I REALLY wish you’d state the applicable iOS version somewhere in the article title or body of the article.
Home button spare part is available plenty online and youtube videos to replace it at home. My home button came entirely off and now I can’t read it I have the little dot thing but how can I do.
I was getting really annoyed with the home button for the past couple months but now its to the point where majority of the time it doenst work. Dropped my iphone in the toilet 2years ago… Did the rice in a bag trick for a week and hey presto!! Fast forward 2years and now, and said iPhone, has fallen into a bucket of water- face palm! I would like to thank you for all of the invaluable information you included here for folks who drop their iPhones in water. They have their telescopes programmed to extremely precise coordinates in order to view the distant heavens. We had only 10 inches of fresh snow, the problem came with the 60mph winds sweeping snow off the frozen lake. It makes me laugh when they close schools here the night before and they shut down the government offices when the first flake appears. I hope my remaining Buffalo relatives are safe and warm, and Al Gore and the Global Warming cultists surely do come off as tards don’t they ? Snow drifts to the TOP OF A TELEPHONE POLE on the corner of West Blood and Ostrander Roads. It is from Rutgers Snow Lab – and shows annual snow anomalies based on a 1981 to 2000 base line. Though you’ll almost certainly want to get a broken home button fixed by Apple or a repair shop, this is a more than usable option to pass the time until you can get around to having any hardware problem dealt with. Sometimes a home button will malfunction and stop working simply because there is moisture remaining in the contact points, thus letting it dry out sufficiently can get it working again.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Home button got water on it and stopped working but everything else was fine, it only served as a music player so this would have been a perfectly adequate solution. I was about to try replacing the home button but this will totally do the job and let me hold on to this phone a little while longer! You can use online apps to get the coordinates for your location so you can find specific objects in space.
It has been a while since I read The White Death, but there are videos on youtube that cover it.

Inside, there were pictures from the mid 1950’s when a passenger train got stuck going up over Donner.
County used a cyclone cutter they must have borrowed from a railroad or airport to cut a HOLE through that intersection after 8 days snowed in. I’ve been using my shattered iPhone 4 without a home button for 14 months now in anticipation for iPhone 5. I mean, I would have been forgiving to a game for kids, but I need to not have considered showing Snail Bob charity. 19: Local NWS has stated isolated areas on the south side of Buffalo could have received as much as 70 inches of snow. These are all extremely precise, and there are millions of people with telescopes trained on the heavens. I live on the north side of Lake Ontario only 50 miles as the crow flies straight north of Buffalo and there is zero snow on the ground, actually sunny day with lots of blue sky.
BTY, this area is referred to as West Michigan because it is as far west as you can get in lower MI up against Lake Michigan. Lucky for me it proved to be mighty fun and a stimulating challenge, if not a total brain stumper. Attend an observation meeting and ask someone to put Polaris in the center of view on an ordinary non-clock-driven telescope.
Fortunately, I’d laid in a supply of Niagara milk and orange milk chocolate to ration out when I returned to Charlotte. They had their arms stretched up as high as they could get with the bucket up as high as it could get and they still could reach the top of the drifts that were up against the buildings. We survived just fine on natural gas radiant heat (no forced air blower needed) and a natural gas feed to the fireplace and stove. Sun, and with water vapor, oceans and volcanoes when she blows her top, and either opens methane holes or blows wind causing a polar vortex when she has gas, all as her home the Earth tilts on its axis.
Of course the drivers and traffic make the road crews work so much more difficult at times. By the time a rescue train could get to it from Sacrmento, the crews had to actually dig down to get the roof of the train.
Some drivers don’t have the brains God gave a chicken and there seems to be a larger concentration than normal of those types in that area.
If Tarsuss’s claim has any truth Polaris will move at the rate of 15 degrees of arc per hour.
Used the snow (melted) for drinking water and toilet, because the well pump had no electric. Each board has various obstacles that you can manipulate with your touch to clear a path for Bob. It’s simpler because the boards are smaller, pretty much only one static screen except for a few special levels.
It’s more complicated though because now we have to think about all the physics and mechanics that are commonplace in iOS games. It takes a bit more vision to see that you have to pump air into the balloon before you lower the block and release the boulder. At one point in Snail Bob you’re sawing trees and sacrificing other snails to spiders. Most puzzle games award stars for completing a level as fast as possible or with the most possible points. I like it, because with Angry Birds stars for example, I kind of beat myself up if I suck too much to earn three stars. The controls are easy enough for a kid to play, but the intellectual challenge will stimulate grown-ups, who can then ask the kid to help them when they get stuck on a level.

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