Now let's take a look at how it works to transfer photos from iPhone to computer using Wireless Transfer App. If you don't want to use the web browser to download iPhone photos to computer, you can also get the PC version of Wireless Transfer App to help you. Type the http URL into the address bar, select photos from your iPhone library, and click the Download All or Download Selected button to start to download photos from iPhone to computer. Have you ever encountered any similar problems while using this way to download photos shot on your iPhone to the Photo Stream folder?

The Send to PC screen will guide you to enter the correct address into your web browser on your computer (Windows or Mac). Open a web browser in your computer and type the address exactly as that appears on your iPhone (including the colon and the following port number).
It is clever in that it takes full advantage of Wi-Fi network to transfer photos between iPhone and computer. It only requires that you have your iPhone and computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Though there are clear instructions to set up iCloud on computer and iDevice, I still think it's too inconvenient. On the other hand, since you have to log on to your iCloud account with the same Apple ID, this way is restricted to transfer photos among your own iDevices and computers only.

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