Hold the HOME and POWER button simultaneously for about 10 to 15 seconds, and release these two buttons if an Apple logo appears, then your iPhone should turn on after 5 seconds.
Some running apps consume the battery without us knowing and iPhone will switch off when the battery is too low. If your iPhone was water damaged, then please don’t rush into turning on it to makes the situation worse. If your iPhone is not totally won’t turn on but some issues came across when turn on, go on and try these two ways. When the Apple logo pops up but remains onscreen without progress bar, you need to put iPhone into Recovery Mode. February 23, 2016 By Nevil Patel An iPhone is put into DFU mode when you try to upgrade your device OS and when the OTA update fails to work. Download the latest Redsn0w release from iPhone Data Recovery and save the file in a folder and name it ‘Redsn0w’.
You will be asked to select an IPSW so browse and select the .ipsw file you have downloaded.
Please note that if any part of this method is skipped, you will probably not be able to enter the DFU mode. Besides using the above methods, you can try out a few good tools that help your iPhone get into DFU mode.

Reiboot is another optional tool to get into DFU mode in iPhone and you can also get out of it.
Release the Home button but keep pressing the Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Let me know if you have any question regarding how to put iPhone, iPad in dfu mode or exit dfu mode? It is so normal if you have been faced any problems with the Bluetooth connectivities on iPhone 6S.
You need to get your iOS device to DFU status by holding the 2 buttons (Power and Home) in 10 seconds roughly. Indeed, iPhone users from all over and various carriers experienced a similar software failure. This is the last possible way to update iOS version and it effectively works out and you can successfully update your device firmware. When Apple releases its latest iOS version then, either you perform an OTA (Over the Air) update or put your device in DFU mode to perform the update. This is a small and simple tool which is available for Windows and compared to the other software, it is faster and lighter. This is a multi-functional app that also helps you take your iPhone or iPad to DFU mode and exit from it.

And then free the Power button and keep holding Home button until iTunes get connected to your iPhone.2. Even if they had backups, it's a scary thought that your phone could suddenly eat your contact list while you're out in the world.
When the interface of the program appears, choose "Recover Data from iOS Device" and set your iPhone to DFU mode. Click it to begin scanning, in a minute you'll get all deleted iPhone files listed by category. With DFU, you can also downgrade an iPhone software or use a custom firmware which is required for a jailbreak or SIM unlock.
Contacts not matching the typed letters will disappear until you are left with the contact for which you are searching. So if you are running the current iOS version and for some reason, want to downgrade to its prior version, then you need to do this through the DFU mode.

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