Welcome to my Notebook, I'm Danny Turley, a student studying a Masters in Multidisciplinary Design, a Web Designer and iPhone Developer from Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Fellow masters student Mr Brian Burns posted a tweet a few days back, letting the world know that he was soon to become a proud of owner of an iPhone 3GS! Brian got a lot of responses from the Twitter Community, but I thought I could take it a step further and list my personal Top 10 iPhone Apps.

I have used the RjDj app and would me in my list of top apps every time – if you haven’t experienced it then you should! Check out the guide on installing Siri on other iOS devices.Before you get all excited, let me remind you that this is GUI (Graphical User Interface) only.
That is a difficult question to answer as everyone will have a different opinion on their own favourite applications but I chose mine on terms of how often I use them and of course how beautiful their User Interface was designed.

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