Life is too short to worry about the little things, so protect yourself from those little things with a hard MacBook case!
With so many MacBook models to choose from, it can be difficult to determine if this case is the perfect fit for your MacBook laptop.
Green Gifts is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. As with an pre-release Apple hardware, rumors of the 2016 MacBook Pro are making their way through the news cycle. Taking all the rumors into account, the 2016 MacBook Pro will be completely redesigned and pack in just about every feature you can think of. The new Pro is also said to come in the color-ways of the MacBook: Space Grey, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver.
We’re not sure which GPU the MacBook Pro may carry, but rumors point to both Intel and NVIDIA as contenders, here. Let’s be reasonable for a second (I know, who wants to be reasonable about rumors for a device so many of us want, right?).
Speculatively, I think Apple would rather keep it simple; the technical and hardware debt incurred with an OLED bar is through the roof, and repairs on the new MacBook Pro likely won’t come cheap or easy. To that, the 2016 MacBook Pro will probably be a bit thicker than the Air, and definitely nowhere as slim as the MacBook is. Consider that Apple has failed to produce a significant upgrade to the MacBook Pro in some time. It’s being pragmatic; do you really think Apple will suddenly jump the shark and offer up Lighting connectivity, Touch ID and LTE? Look for a slimmer design with Apple’s new butterfly keyboard mechanism, four USB C ports and a Force Touch trackpad.
You’ll almost definitely be able to buy it in several different colors, and it will be more portable than the existing Pro. In order to get OSX (on north american hardware) to recognize a monitor as large as 3840×1080, you need to run the output at 50Hz (european PAL standard) which the hardware will cheerfully do, but the software is a little bitchy about.
In the attached photograph of the setup (ignore messy desk) you can see the whole thing and for completeness sake, here’s the rest of the desk stuff. Audio output is available from all three monitors (they have a 3.5mm stereo jack on the rear) as selected from the sound system preferences pane. The coming days we will try to keep up with all the innovations in the categories Mac, iOS, AirPlay and Thunderbolt. One of the main features of Thunderbolt is the fact that it supports multiple standards and protocols.
Belkin has combined these two characteristics of Thunderbolt into a single casing: the Thunderbolt Express Dock. The Thunderbolt Express Dock is however far from cheap, with an expected sale price of $299. Belking’s docking station is probably almost the most innovative Thunderbolt-gadget of CES 2012. OCZ wasn’t willing to announce the pricing of the Lightfoot, but it is expected that OCZ will charge users around $2 for every GB. Elgato, the brand that is mainly known for TV-solutions for Mac, also showed their external thunderbolt SSD.
The only advantage that the Elgato has is the fact that the external SSD doesn’t need to have a power capable.
LaCie ends the list, the company announced at the launch of Thunderbolt that it would support the new interface and that they keep making use of traditional hard disk. We still feel that Thunderbolt still has a great potential, not only for Mac but also for the whole computer industry. Earn an additional 10% each month for as long as the user you refer has a subscription (up to 11 months). It used to be that buying an entry-level Windows device meant you had to settle for a big, bulky product with poor specs and a design that didn't try to hide the low price tag. With a thin profile, solid specs and a nice design, the Jumper Ezbook 2 seems to be the perfect example of a new-age entry-level Windows laptop. Straight after taking the Ezbook 2 out of box you will remark just how similar it looks compared to an Apple MacBook Air. You can see further evidence of build quality issues when looking at the port cutouts, which do not have straight edges. Another problem, this time more serious, is that one of the screws holding the plastic cover at the bottom popped off recently. The keyboard is another area where Jumper has tried to imitate the MacBook Air, but while adding its own touch. These functions are activated in conjunction with pressing the Fn key, which is positioned right where it should be, exactly to the right of the control key. What is frustrating is that some presses do not always register, so you end up going back and forth while typing to fix that. The cursor issue manifests itself when hitting certain keys on the right side of the keyboard.
Regardless of what causes it, these issues make the keyboard unusable for me, which is a shame because the laptop has some potential. The processor and storage are really meant for low-power applications, so performance is not a priority. I know that Windows 10 is not a resource hog, so the performance issues likely stem from the hardware side of things.
Charging the battery while using the Ezbook 2 leads to overheating though, and that is when I am tempted to put it down and do something else until it is ready to go again. If you want to use it on the go, you should know that it comes with a mini HDMI port, microSD card slot, and 3.5 mm headphone jack, so you will be able to connect it to an external monitor, expand the storage, and plug in a pair of headphones if you need to. Another positive of the Ezbook 2 is the fact that it comes without any bloatware that I can find. The fact that it ships with a x86 processor means you can install most Windows software and run it without issues.
There is enough storage out of the box for Windows 10 and lots of apps, and if you need more you can always get a good microSD card to offload some of the content from the internal storage. The trouble with the Ezbook 2 is that Jumper has thrown a lot of good components at it but did not go the extra mile to make sure they all work together nicely.

But that could be about to change because of a new patent grant which means the Apple Pencil can work on devices other than the iPad Pro. More specifically, as the picture below shows, the patent shows the Pencil working with a future version of the Mac’s Magic Trackpad.
While this could obviously have its uses for the iMac, a future pencil may also be workable on the MacBook’s trackpad, too. The company is also working on developing a next-generation Apple Pencil that can work with in-air gestures. Like with all patents, there’s no guarantee on whether we will ever see this technology come to light. Protect your notebook with a durable rubberized plastic cover specially designed to fit the 13″ Apple MacBook Air laptops.
Before ordering, please take the time to locate your MacBook’s model number and ensure it matches the compatible model numbers for this product. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. If you believe them all, we’ll be getting the computer of our dreams in a slim, light package about the size of a MacBook Air. We’ve heard several times that the MacBook Air is serving as a type of reference device for the new Pro. Apple is believed to be including up to three USB C ports on the new MacBook Pro; the MacBook has but one.
Apple’s reasoning for that may be headphones; it’s believed to be dropping the audio jack from the iPhone 7, so it makes little sense to have it on the MacBook Pro.
A recently discovered Apple patent details methods for packing antenna into the hinge of a computer, which could be for better Wi-Fi as well as LTE connectivity.
I’ve spoken to several people ‘familiar with Apple’s plans’ (which is the popular ‘journalist’ term for ‘I have sources but I’m not telling you who they are’) who laugh that feature off. To my mind, it’s a step backwards; Bluetooth headphones are easy to come by, and very reliable. The Pro doesn’t have the luxury of a unified chipset design, and needs to be a lot more powerful than the MacBook. The antenna patent may not make it into the 2016 Pro, but I doubt Apple is looking to make a connected MacBook.
Apple recently created a way to authenticate a MacBook log-in via the Apple Watch (please see the ‘buy every device’ line above), which can also be used for Apple Pay transactions on the Web. The last time we saw anything impressive (2013!), it was a 13-inch device with a Retina screen.
The 2016 MacBook Pro will undoubtedly be a very new and exciting device, but it will build on Apple’s history with the Pro — not alter course for the sake of doing so. It will almost definitely have Kaby Lake processors (Apple skipped Skylake for a reason, right?), a few GPU options (with Intel being standard), and SSD memory (but not a lot for the base model, because iCloud is where it’s at). Apple should also keep the 13 and 15-inch screen sizes, but may increase Retina to 4K on both. If it wants to make the jump to USB C, we’ll need a solid hub to connect existing peripherals to. I’m using the output from the external USB interface to drive a cheap-ass Vizio speakerbar.
Every year thousands of companies in the tech industry are looking to display their latest products and devices. Today we will start with the latest Thunderbolt devices, the interface that was first introduced in the MacBook Pro, February 2011.
The two major advantages that this has, is the first fact that you can hook-up devices that you normally don’t have a connector for, and it is possible to connect your video-, audio-, network-and data sources with just 1 connector, transforming the Thunderbolt interface in a dock.
This dock needs to be connected to the Thunderbolt-port of your Mac and the dock will add three USB ports, an HDMI port, audio-output, FireWire 800 and a gigabit Ethernet port. Users do have some to put some money aside; Belkin expects that the dock will hit the market in September 2012.
The 128GB will be affordable with ‘only’ $250, but the 1TB edition will cost around $2,000.
The thin housing looks neat, but Elgato’s SSD-disk is even higher priced than OCZ’s Lightfoot. Nothing special for mobile USB hard drives, but the system itself is using so much power that the Thunderbolt port has little left for peripherals. The Thunderbolt Little Big Disk was the first example, LaCie now release something else: a hub to connect multiple ‘old’ hard disk to your Thunderbolt port. Want to earn some cash? Join our referral program and start earning money when you refer ShortStack to your colleagues, followers, and friends.
It is priced well below the magical $200 mark, which, at least on paper, makes it a very attractive option. It's all silver, with the exception of the keyboard, which is done in black with silver characters. The USB ports, of which there are two, are not without problems either, as the only way I can connect my mouse is by forcing the connector in. But, unlike the MacBook Air, there is a gap on the left side of it where it meets the silver plastic. It landed on the floor next to my bed, but had it fallen off somewhere else I may not have found it. Jumper has opted for a 14-inch panel with a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080, which makes it stand out in a sea of entry-level laptops. So, if you are coming from a different keyboard, chances are you will feel right at home in a matter of minutes. I like the fact that there are home, page up, page down, end, delete, print screen and pause keys on the right side. It is likely that the problem is caused by the considerable travel, which may lead the circuitry to believe that certain keys have been pressed when they haven't. The problems that I have are that the cursor sometimes hangs or moves slowly while running my finger over the touchpad, and when I use two fingers to scroll up or down it typically sees that as a zoom gesture.
The touchpad seems to work with the default Windows drivers, so there are no useful customization options available to tweak how it works. On paper, that means it should handle tasks like web browsing and watching YouTube videos just fine, but ask more than that from it and it will struggle.

Knowing this, I did not have high expectations, but I did expect the Ezbook 2 to handle web browsing just fine. It heats up on the right side (left side in the photo below), but not to the point that it becomes unbearable, and it struggles to play YouTube videos smoothly. With a cooler the Ezbook 2 could perform much better, but these chips are designed with passive cooling in mind so the temperature goes down only by throttling the chip. A full charge is estimated to take in excess of five hours, during which it can be used comfortably only on a table. I can typically use it for more than a couple of hours while browsing before having to pull out the charger, and it seems to hold up fine too while sleeping.
It is meant for light applications though, so you should stick to programs that do not require a great deal of resources.
Windows 10 is nicely optimized for such scenarios, so it should make for a pleasant experience.
It has some quality bits, which will appeal to consumers shopping for an affordable laptop, but it also has some terrible bits, which make it impossible for me to recommend it. It feels like a collection of parts not as a whole, and, sadly, it cannot be improved as it stands. This would, for example, allow users to control slides in a Keynote presentation using the device. This is, ultimately, the most secure you can make your Macbook; it keeps everything else from being allowed to connect to your Mac. Simply snap your computer into this two-piece hard shell and you’ll never have to worry about dirt, scratches, or smudges damaging your expensive laptop. The model number is located on the bottom of your laptop, usually located close to where the laptop display connects to the bottom case. Some claim Apple is trying to squeeze dedicated Touch ID hardware into its new computer, possibly near the top of the device. Adding a Lightning port also confuses data transfer methods (a Lightning-to-Lightning cable for your iPhone?
That means it needs to have more upgrade options, which in turn leaves us cobbling off-the-shelf parts together, more or less. It has gone all-in on tethering to an iPhone, and leaving us with connected MacBooks fragments Apple’s ‘please buy every Apple device’ missive.
Using a second device has a lot more avenues than Touch ID for authentication, and keeps us tied to Apple’s ecosystems. Apple is by tradition never present at CES, but companies that develop gadgets for iOS devices are Mac are normally present at the CES. Although the interface is promising, there are only a few devices available that support Thunderbolt. Especially handy for owners of a MacBook Air, that lack support for FireWire and an Ethernet port. However, traditional hard disks are far too slow to get the maximum out of the Thunderbolt connection. The edition with 120GB of storage costs $429,95, for $699,96 you will get 240GB of storage capacity. The arrival of Chromebooks has driven PC makers to change their approach and release laptops that are much more appealing to consumers shopping in this segment.
Power it up, and you will notice that the Jumper logo on the back is backlit, just like on a MacBook. The use of plastic is to be expected at this price point, after all, so I do not perceive it as a negative.
Viewing angles leave something to be desired, and colors are not as vibrant as I would like them to be, but for casual use it is more than adequate. So, there are dedicated buttons at the top for things like search, disabling the touchpad, and sending emails, but also for adjusting the volume and brightness. The only holes that you can see are in the black panel at the rear, and they are quite small. The specs sheet points to a 10,000 mAh battery operating at 3.7V, which means that it is a 37 Wh unit. The small footprint makes it easy to carry in a bag, and the weight does not get in the way at all. There are some tweaks, like the availability of a single power profile instead of the usual three, but other than that it is pretty close to a vanilla experience.
Also, still running analog because I’m too lazy to find the optical cable I have around here somewhere. However, at CES 2012 there are a number of new devices that are worth mentioning in this article. What I did not expect is the amount of flex in the keyboard, which is pronounced, and the creaks that can be heard while handling the device. This can be an issue when you want to charge the Ezbook 2 and you plug the round power connector in the 3.5 mm headphone jacket instead of the dedicated port.
But it all adds up to make me question just how much effort has been put into developing this laptop. However, out of the box, you need to use a mouse to browse the web, otherwise it is a frustrating experience. That is slightly larger than the battery on an 11-inch MacBook Air, to put things into perspective. It may be down to the strength of the chassis or the quality of the plastic but, either way, this is something worth mentioning. When another user enables AirDrop on their own Mac (on the same network as you), their user icon will appear at the top.To move files to the other user, drag them to their user icon in the AirDrop window.
It’s a nice way to have a more conscious approach to allowing file transfers to and from your Mac, as well.

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