So you have some beautiful pictures in your iPhone and you want those iPhone pictures transfer to your PC. When i first time tried i got the same iphone device driver error then i unplugged the iPhone and plugged again and its working and i have successfully transferred my pictures. Do you have installation rights on your Windows 7 computer, Make sure you are logged in as an Administrator or have admin rights. I have the same prob as geehee cant download frm 3gs except i can still take pics wat can i do my phone is full of pics?? I like this and you describe this method to copy iPhone pictures very easily I am very excited to see this, i will try it.
I have tried this option but it do not transfer the HD videos from the iPhone 4 to the computer (Windows). I want to copy my picture from iphone to my pc using win7 but its copying only the pictures from Camera roll folder, how about the other folder, how can i copy pictures from other folders to my computer..
I am having the same problem as you, I can get my photos onto my computer but can’t get the pictures.
If I am wrong, and someone knows a way to fix this problem, I would grately appreciate an email response to my problem.
This method is still working with all iPhone models and also no problem with latest iTunes. Until recently, as soon I plugged in my phone, it would transfer my photos – but something changed (no idea what!) and that stopped a few weeks back. Though iCloud functionality is baked in to Mac OS X Lion, Windows users can get in on this, too (for free). My first assumption was that iTunes would handle the syncing for iCloud, but that’s not so. There does not appear to be a way to force iCloud to upload or refresh or anything on the PC. Another note: Photo Stream will only sync the images taken on your iPhone or iPad after you set it up and turn it on.
Do you know if there is a way to get pictures that were already on the iTouch (4g) to a pc?
The photos in your stream from your iPhone will automatically be uploaded to the My Photo Stream folder on your PC as soon as your iPhone is connected to wi-fi.
I am using Vista with the latest service pack, I have carefully followed all of the steps above. Was able to get the photo stream loading automatically, but the pictures are rotated 90 degrees on the PC. I have photostream working with no problem from iPhone to Windows PC, but the reverse direction isn’t working.
Vista here, only upload works but download from iPad 2 to Download folder (My Photo Stream) on Vista PC never works, tried everything… could this be a router issue???
I have done all the steps to use photo stream but as of now no photos can be seen on my iPad from my PC via iCloud. On pc i have 12 gb fotos to sync, now it says it is too much but those had space without problem on my 3gs occupying only 4.9 gb.

YOU HAVE A SUPER DESIGN, and a crap battery, you took off the 3g enable-disable option, wich was the best way to save battery. I see all the troubles everyone is having.  My wife and I are buying a Iphone4S in a few days. I already have downloaded  the I Cloud  control panel to both pc computers along with Itunes and Safari.  Since I have not bought the phone yet I am unable to start doing anything with I Cloud. Can someone send me a good step by step by step procedure to follow so I can put vacation pictures taken while in florida so they will appear on my Pcs when I come home? We covered Phone Disk for Mac before which allowed users to quickly access their files (even root access for jailbroken iPhones) from Finder. Once installed, an application named iPhone folders sits in “My Computer” from where you can access all your files when the iPhone is connected. Sadly this only works on 32-bit OS which means users who are using Windows 7 64-bit are out of luck for now. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft revamped their mobile offering and introduced what they call Metro UI feel to the entire mobile platform. Check out the following free apps including Microsoft’s own Photosynth, Bing apps, Pulse reader app, ShowYou and Maha Twitter client.
Maha is a Twitter client for iPhone with all the usual features packed to deliver a true WP7 experience on iOS.
Bing is a free iOS app by Microsoft that lets you explore their various web services like Images, maps, directions etc at one place.
Photosynth is another free iOS app from Microsoft that lets you create beautiful panorama by simply stitching photos together. Pulse News from Alphonso labs is one free iOS app that you need to have if you consume lots of online content. ShowYou is a free iPhone app that pulls videos from your social networks including Twitter and Facebook. The iPhone is properly installed and syncs with iTunes, however it won’t show up in My Computer. I had to actually launch the Camera App on the iPhone in order for Windows to recognize the device as a camera I could copy pictures from. This includes Photo Stream, which automatically saves all the pictures you take on your iPad or iPhone to the cloud and to synced devices.
Windows users must download the iCloud Control Panel, a free utility compatible with Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) and Windows 7.
Here you’ll see where synced images will end up and where you can put images to upload to iCloud and any other connected devices. Once you start adding images to the folder for uploads, you’ll see them on other iCloud devices a few minutes later.
Whereas on the Mac, in order to get iCloud syncing you have to upgrade to OS X Lion, which costs $30.
I did everything listed above but when i take a picture with my iphone it doesnt go into the photo stream folder on the iphone or the upload folder on my PC.

I Installed it last night on release, i got it configured and i put a few photos into the upload folder, nothing happened.
The iPhone to PC works like a charm but nothing I drop in my uploads file goes to my phone. Can’t get photos to transfer from my icloud download folder on my PC to the new IPad.
Then with itunes I set up the folder to sync, with icloud I have to set up 2 folders to sync, one for upload and one for download. I will download them at home in Michigan.  My plan is not downsize the photos in any way when sent in Florida but do that later at home in Michigan.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Being a Microsoft product you can very well the well-baked native WP7 UI here in this Bing app.
Pulse News apps can be considered as an advanced version of RSS neatly arranged with stunning UI.
If you do then Apple disables your ability to import or sync ANY photos contained on your iPhone until the non-originating photos are removed from the iPhone camera roll.
You can change it from the default — say if you want to sync all the images in your Pictures folder. But the second day my photos are not downloading to my pc, even though my pc settings for photo stream is on and my iphone photo stream is on. The reason is because, unlike Vista, Windows 7 x64 cannot be forced to execute Windows Explorer in 32-bit mode).
If you own an iPhone and would like to have this all new Windows Phone 7 look on iPhone here are few apps that reflects Metro UI.
The blue on black theme can be quickly tweaked using a color wheel and set your facorite combination. And talking about UI, Pulse app borrows WP7 flavor to deliver a visually pleasing interface. With ShowYou installed and logged in you can share cool videos with your friends, follow friends, customize grid etc. But, on my photo stream on the iPhone I have 70 pictures…and after forcing an update on the icloud control panel, I have only 40 of those 70 pictures in the corresponding windows folder and the same number in my picasa suite.
With service you can sync your favorites articels with Instapaper, Evernote and Google Reader service. The WP7 metro like UI with tiled format makes it easy to navigate even on a small screen device.

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