It is all about New York Fashion Week at the moment and there is no doubt we will be seeing some of the most stylish celebs hitting the most stylish parties in preparation for fashion week. She was seen wearing some black skinny jeans and a sheer black sating top, perfect to cover up any of the pregnancy weight she might want to shed. Worn Through would like to highlight a growing area of research in the world of apparel studies: fashion in literature.
This work evaluates the technology of weaving in the writings of Jorge Eduardo Eielson of Peru (1924-2006) and Cecilia Vicuna of Chile (1948). The example of the nineteenth-century literary dandy offers a strategy for transcending social, class and gender barriers through fashion. Enter your email address to subscribe to Worn Through and receive notifications of new posts by email.
A Jessica Alba is one of our favourites and after giving birth to her second daughter, Haven just a few weeks ago she was spotted last week making her way out way out of the Satin Event at Fashion Night Out in Los Angeles, with her husband Cash Warren. Ladylike blouses were a key piece this season, and this pretty polka dot version has been toughened up with a leather biker jacket, frayed denim shorts and suspender tights. Literature offers a unique medium for exploring the role of fashion in a variety of times and settings. Although from different generations, (Eielson first published in the 1940s and Vicuna in the 1970s), both associate with the continuation of the avant-garde and display a common theme in their work that incorporates the imagery of Andean textiles within a written, poetic medium.

In this article, the author demonstrates that writers, from Eugene Sue to Charles Baudelaire and Rachilde, used representations of the dandy’s androgyny and luxury as a means of overcoming the subordination of the literary domain to capitalist practices.
The research was informed by the works of Judith Butler and Erving Goffman and by reflection theory. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed! Also, as any pregnant woman will agree, you often miss wearing heels through the 9 months of pregnanacy so I am pretty sure that Jessica took the opportunity and was seen in some strappy black heels to offer her height and sexiness to her outfit. The platform wedges complete the look, and the simple colour and shape keeps the focus on the eye-catching tights. These recently published articles represent a range of ways in which this topic is being explored, from an analysis of weaving in South American poetry to investigations of the nineteenth-century French dandy and women’s dress in the Deadwood Dick series. Although general literary criticism acknowledges the presence of the weaving metaphor in Eielson and Vicuna’s work, this analysis does not go beyond the immediate observation of the finished woven-verbal product. Data were collected by extracting references to dress within five Deadwood Dick novels featuring Calamity Jane. Using information regarding textile composition by Jose Sanchez Parga, Teresa Gisbert, Veronica Cereceda, and Lynn A. Analyses revealed overarching themes related to traditionally feminine dress, androgynous dress, and cross-dressing.

Warping the word: The technology of weaving in the poetry of Jorge Eduardo Eielson and Cecilia Vicuna. Meisch, this article examines the presence of weaving technologies used in the poetic construction of Tema y variaciones (written in1950, published in 1976) by Eielson and Palabra e hilo (1996) by Vicuna.
Transitions in ideological views of 19th century womanhood are reflected in the dime novels’ alterations in appearance and gender performance that enabled female characters to act in expanded spheres. Because cloth remains a cultural product saturated with meaning, understanding its influence in the work of these two poets provides a fuller understanding of their poetic capacity to combine words and threads in order to augment the semantic capacity of the written word.
Androgyny allowed characters to adopt nontraditional gender identities, giving the freedom to participate in male-dominated contexts. Cross-dressing provided characters a means of navigating temporary changes in space and place. Findings provide a reflection of the evolving national character present in 19th century American society.

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