Although there are many lens choices for photographing birds, our discussion will focus on the medium length hand-holdable telephoto lenses. You will see in these photos that I have one hand firmly on the camera and the other hand relaxed at or near the end of the lens.
In the first photo, I’m holding the camera in a somewhat level and horizontal position.
This sequence of six photos was taken with the camera set at the highest possible burst rate of 6 fps.
In general, there are three things to look for in a good bird image: sharpness, exposure and natural pose.
Manual mode allows me to not worry about the camera changing settings as a bird moves past visible terrain of various shades or when the camera’s light meter misreads the scene such as when a bird moves in and out of your frame across a bright sky. Shooting in JPEG lets me use the highest burst rate without any chance of the camera stalling as it sometimes does with RAW bursts.
Just remember that your time of opportunity with a fast moving bird may only be a second or less!
Oh, and if you’re interested in learning more about raptors, please check out my new blog, The Raptorphile. If you enjoyed this article, and would like to read more, please signup for free updates by email or RSS. For the little BIF i do i use a rod, which I made to slide in the hot shoe, just point the rod at the bird and fire away in burst mode, no need to peer through the viewfinder, I have an FZ50 and an FZ100, which has a real rapid burst. One of the first subjects that I remember trying to capture as a teenager with my first SLR camera (film) was light trails created by cars on a busy road near my home.
I’d seen this type of shot in a photography magazine and was impressed by the eye catching results.
Light Trails continue to be popular subject matter for many photographers and they can actually be a great training ground for those wanting to get their cameras out of manual mode and to experiment with shooting in low light at longer exposures. Following area few examples of light trail shots as well as some practical starting point tips for those wanting to give it a go. Not essential but helpful to have with you are lens hoods (to help block lens flare from ambient lights), remote shutter release cables or wireless remote controls, patience and some warm clothes if you’re going out on a chilly night.
At the most general level photographing light trails involves finding a spot where you’ll see the light trails created by cars, securing your digital camera, setting a long exposure setting on your camera and shooting at a time when cars will be going by to create the trail of light. While there are a lot of tips that could be shared on the topic of photographing light trails – the main thing I learned in my early days of attempting to create these types of images was to experiment extensively.
The key is to start with something in the range above and to take a few test shots to see how the exposure works. If your shots are overexposed – close your aperture down (increase the f stop number) or if your shots are underexposed open it up (decrease the f stop numbers).
Histogram – One thing to watch out for is letting any light source in your image (whether it be headlights, street lights etc) washing out your image.
Choose a low ISO setting – this will give you images with as little noise as possible. Manual Focus – In low light situations cameras can struggle to get focusing locked correctly. I have played with this style of shot but always seem to end up with a very orange looking picturing, how can I stop all my night shots looking orange? I waited for a bus to go by before snapping this long exposure shot so I could capture the nice light trail it left behind.
The trailing lights left behind by the buses in this long exposure shot do give a surreal look to the building, as if the building itself is in motion! Or go with M (Manual mode), where you can set the aperture AND shutter speed independently! Dlync – we have a weekly challenge here on dPS, you can find it in the right hand sidebar of the site on pretty much any page, just scroll down a bit. Well done, if I’m not mistaken, this looks like Tamworth NSW Australia, If I’m correct it was taken near the intersection near the railway station with Imperial hotel on the left and The Northern Daily Leader office on the right of the frame, you are probably wondering how I know this well I used to live in Tamworth for about 28 years before moving to Armidale NSW! While the same basic rules of dating and relationships apply anywhere on Earth (after all, people are people no matter what grade they're in), figuring out how to get a girl to like you in high school does have a few unique wrinkles.
Let's leave the stuff specifically pertaining to how to get a girl to like you in high school for a bit and give a brief overview of how to be an attractive guy that girls want. How to flirt with a girl: Knowing how to flirt properly is an absolute must if you want to have any chance of getting a girlfriend. How to tell if a girl likes you: To understand how to get a girl to like you in high school it's a must that you can tell if a girl likes you more than a friend.
What makes high school different than other venues, like college campuses or middle school? As you have probably experience firsthand (and didn't need to ready an article on how to get a girl to like you in high school to realize), high school is a unforgiving jungle of different social classes.
How To Get a Girl to Like You on FacebookSo you want to know how to get a girl to like you on Facebook. Photography Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional, enthusiast and amateur photographers. I am sure there are professional materials you can get to outfit a studio that will deliver such results. This is where the inverse square law comes in, if the light is twice the distance from your background as it is from the subject, the background gets 4 x less light.
Now the flash in the elephant example was extremely close, however the effect scales up to people, the above image was shot in front of a white wall, which although it doesn't go pure black it's suitable for most purposes (this was actually part of a multi light setup with the background light off, I could have move further from the wall).
This image demonstrates the opposite effect - the background was substituted for a piece of black card, of similar reflectance to many commercial photographic backgrounds.
There wasn't sufficient space (or a large enough background) to have the background further from the subject, and the result is a not quite black background which shows up creases and other imperfections which need to be 'shopped out.
Now your actual question referred to creating a uniform background (not necessarily 100% pure black). To make the inverse square law work for you, you need to get the light as close to the subject as possible, and move the subject away from the background as much as possible. It will also help if you can "flag" the light so it doesn't strike the background, at least not in the angle of view of the camera. I'm no expert in studio photography, but this look you are trying to achieve is all about lighting. If you want to take a portrait like this without blacking out the background in Photoshop, then there are a couple things to keep in mind.
If you can create a 2-3 stop difference between your subject and the backdrop, then the background will be dark no matter what color it is. To make things a little easier, a dark backdrop will decrease the difference that is required. This is actually very similar to creating a white background, but instead of overexposing, you want to underexpose the background, while keeping your subject properly exposed. If this is is digital, you just fire up your photo-editing program, select the shape of the subject, invert the selection, and fill the selected area with color value #000000.
A simple edit is easier than fiddling with the lighting and environment to naturally obtain an ink-black background.
Then again, if you have to do it repetitively over a hundred shots, maybe getting it done right at the source once, and then just shooting a hundred shots that don't require editing, is more economical. One way might be to get the subject to stand in the doorway of a large, dark room, facing out, and take care not to illuminate any surface in that room through the doorway. Small correction: a cavity with a small hole is not perfectly black, but radiates depending on the temperature in the cavity, approximating a perfect black body. Additionally, if you are shooting in a relatively dark space, using strobes or flashes, then the inverse square law comes to your help and you can do with a dark, but not necessarily black background if you place it far enough from your subject. That's just grey "seamless" paper (or, likely, vinyl in the case of the baby's picture, given both the apparent reflectivity and the propensity for subject leakage) with carefully controlled lighting. Then get a flash and power it up to it's highest output (or whatever is needed, highest output most likely the only level that'll light up your subject enough) and aim it towards your subject and shoot!
There's a video on YouTube explaining this exact method - try typing in photography, it's one of the first videos that come up.
It doesn't have to be totally black, just blacker than the subject by a few stops (off the top of my head, 3 stops might be enough, 4 would be better). More expensive backgrounds are available, which may be more convenient to use, or more matt, but you can certainly get great effects cheaply. Choose a combination of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to underexpose the background and produce a deep black.

That can help remove ambient background light, assuming you're still using a strobe to light your subject.
As much as I'd like to give you a step by step plan that, if followed, will make all the girls you want attracted to you, the truth is, there isn't one. If you've got a good head on your shoulders, you should know that a few dating tips won't score you the girl of your dreams, just like a few personal finance tips won't make you a millionaire.
One guy is a fun, happy, unpredictable and playfully sexual dude who has his life together and goes on dates every week. Do you think that, these two guys, sending the exact same text, will have the same response from the girl?
The point here is that you have to BECOME attractive, not try to mimic what attractive people do. Join over 90,000 people who receive our exclusive weekly tips on how to attract and bed women, PLUS get a FREE 2 hour Crash Course that will change the way you think about dating and success with women for the rest of your life!
What can be more relevant to history and women than the miracle of childbirth through the ages? Or how about the 19th century treatment of postpartum women being sent to the roof of a New York hospital to lay outside in the cold in order to prevent childbed fever?
Another chapter describes how the Chamberlen family invented and kept secret the use of forceps for two hundred years in order to charge exorbitant fees when using the devices, thereby becoming increasing their wealth.
This looks like a fascinating read - something I would definitely want to share with friends. Matilde of Ringelheim, a paragon of virtue and achievement, a legendary woman of passion, beloved 10th-century queen, and saint of the Germanic states, was one of the most influential and charitable women in medieval history. History and Women is a compendium of Women's History, Biographies, and all things Feminine!
But in photo gallaries it seems most great shots are at lenses 300-400, some listed with a teleconverter 1.4. The beauty of digital photography is that you can do this with no extra cost to yourself and can get instant results (unlike when I did it on film and had to fork out for film and processing – not to mention wait days to see my results).
But getting a shot that grabs attention means putting a little more thought into choosing your location, thinking about timing and framing your image.
If you shoot at this time you’ll not only capture light from cars, but ambient light in the sky which can add atmosphere to your shots. You’ll quickly realize whether your shots are under or overexposed and whether the length of the exposure is long enough to let cars travel through the frame in the way that you want. If you want the car’s lights to go further through the frame go for a longer shutter speed and if you want it to travel less through the frame shorten it. If you need to go with a larger aperture you decrease the depth of field and more of your shot will be out of focus. Lights that burn too bright can cause distractions and draw the eye of your viewer away from focal points – ruining your shot.
The last thing you want is for your camera to be in and out of focus just as you need to hit the shutter release. Hitting the shutter just before a car enters the frame and releasing it just after it leaves the frame can create a lovely unbroken line – but sometimes shooting with shorter exposure times while the camera is in the frame can be effective also. I was about to start out with my camera to experiment this style, but then i decided to read a few articles, get ideas from others, and leave!
I experimented light trail by asking my friend to run my bike and i really got eye chatching results. There is also our very active forum which you can join and look for challenges inside there also or get images critiqued. Shall definitely keep reading the tutorials even if I cant master finding the challenges and critiques, lol. It’s all about getting out and doing photography, there is no right or wrong and no winners or losers.
How can you expect to get an exceptional girl if you look like a run of the mill kind of guy?
After studying this problem for a few weeks (after all, I graduated from high school many years ago), I've come up with three main factors that separate the study of getting a girlfriend in high school from anywhere else: social pressure, emphasis on "cool" and maturity. Although not often discussed by experts in content about how to get a girl to like you in high school, maturity is VERY important to girls in high school.
I am looking to get an idea of what items I need to get this done and how the setup should go. If you are working indoors, even with a specialist photographic black backdrop it's really hard to get it jet black in your photos. Any black material could be used, but unless you get it jet black, the weave plus any creases are going to show up. I would like to say though, even though not ideal as stated, I don't mind to photoshop a little bit more darkness into a black muslin backdrop. The big idea is that you need to make minimize the amount of light that hits your background. If there is a wall just to the left of your model and your light is pointing to the left, it will bounce off that wall and hit your background. If your background is white, for example, you'll likely find that it's still not quite pitch black.
You can buy a photo-oriented one or make one yourself (depending in the subject's size) from DIY art supplies.
In the image below you can see a similar setup, only made with white background instead of black. The dog picture looks like the background was lit separately with a snoot (a cylindrical or pointy-end-toward-the-subject conical restrictor), probably with a grid.
And a cheap fleece blanket from the local bargain store makes a decent substitute if you don't need to go to the floor. If you're in a small space wrap something around the end of the flash so the light doesn't bleed out anywhere and is going directly where you want it to. Very handy method and more or less makes needing a studio for this style shoot almost obsolete.
Of course, this is an extreme example that requires a lot power, but an indoor studio should be no problem.
Sure you could go find an ebook for $27.99 that "guarantees" all the secrets to getting the girl of your dreams (most likely written by an internet marketer who doesn't even have his own dating life together), but think for a minute: if it were that easy, wouldn't everyone be doing it? You slowly change the way you think, feel, act and live your life until it's natural for you to interact with women in an attractive way. Just like playing basketball makes you better at basketball, or playing guitar makes you better at guitar, talking to girls makes you better at -- you guessed it -- talking to girls. I mean cultivate interests, have hobbies that you're passionate about, chase after things you want and don't settle for less. If you follow the advice in this article, you WILL get attractive girls to like you -- perhaps even one in particular that you're especially interested in at the moment. They'll go off and buy that ebook with all the "instant attraction secrets", or they'll convince themselves that they have to be rich or spend years in the gym getting jacked to get girls.
In the book, Get Me Out of Here: A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank, author and doctor Randi Hunter Epstein takes the reader on a journey into the history of childbirth from its earliest roots to modern day science. Epstein shows us that even today, with all the medical and scientific advancements the world has made, we still have much to learn about the making babies. One that every woman should read in order to understand how far we have come and how far we have yet to travel.
Her story of love, family discord, betrayal, prophetic dreams, and political intrigue is an epic account of her history. When this happens to a wealthy Italian Contessa, faced with the ultimate betrayal, a murderous vendetta is her only solution! An early 18th century take of corruption, wicked intentions, murder, obsessive love, undisclosed secrets, unstoppable destinies, and a woman whose secret will either destroy or restore lives! This might be one where there are well lit buildings along the road, one where multiple roads merge together to create light trails in different directions, on the bend of a road so that the trails sweep through the image, near a roundabout so the trails create circular shapes, in the middle of dual carriageways (on a triaffic island) so that you get traffic coming in two directions etc. One way to quickly check out if there’s any area in your shot that is overexposed to this degree is to view the histogram on your shot. Switch to manual focus and make sure your focus is upon a part of your image that is visually strong. Once again it’s about experimenting with different timings and seeing what effects it has.
If you use this you’ll want to be using a remote shutter release to stop any camera movement while the shutter is open.

But is it really possible to go from single guy with no girl to someone that knows how to get a girlfriend in high school? Because flirting is the girl's way of evaluating your potential as a romantic partner in her life. To get noticed, you don't need to throw out your wardrobe and start dressing like a rock star everyday.
If you don't, the girl may get bored and move onto something (or someone) more interesting.
It's going to be very hard to get a girl to like you if you don't belong to or associate with one of the "acceptable classes".
In fact, I'd go as far to say that girls simply will not date a guy if he's not perceived as being mature enough. By doing so you will know more about how to get a girl to like you in high school than any of your peers. It doesn't matter what your background is like, provided it's not too close and doesn't have it's own lightsources. But due to the lighting being many times closer to the grey subject, the background appears absolutely jet black. It looks like some reflectors and gobos could achieve the looks of the sample photos in the OP's question. You mentioned the inverse square law, and the distance between the subject and the background helps. So, you need to increase the distance between the light and the background and decrease the distance between the light and the subject. Instead, you should make sure that there is an open area (so no light is bounced) or you should set up a temporary wall (basically, a giant gobo of cardboard, whiteboard, or black fabric). Then, place the subject so it is close to your light and the light is relatively far from your background.
An approximation of this is the hohlraum: a tiny aperture into a large cavity which is otherwise closed. The seamless is usually long enough so it covers the floor as well as the back wall, and such that there is no "corner" in the connection between the floor and wall parts - just a smooth transition. In the case of the baby, a gobo (a card or opaque fabric flag) is keeping the light off of the background while allowing it to fall on the baby. Keeping the subject a good distance from the background will help you avoid spilling light onto it. This isn't about the things you have or whether your hobbies are "cool" enough to impress girls, but rather it's about creating an ecosystem of positive emotions.
None of these things are necessarily bad, but they won't get you what you came to this article looking for.
For instance, in ancient times, monks wrote the leading book about childbirth, giving vivid instructions from how to get a woman in the mood to how little men thought about women.
Marion Sims who conducted live and prolonged medical experiments on slave women before the Civil War in order to conduct fistula repairs; a difficult chapter to read, but one that shows how his macabre procedures did ultimately produce some advancement in gynaecological treatments.
If there are areas that are blown out you’ll have a graph with a right hand side that is too high on the graph. Simply having style and a bit of flash if more than enough to get girls to notice you (after all, girls are very observant!). But there's no need to go out and buy fancy clothes or purposely start playing instruments in order to be cool. Unfortunately this also requires space (or a very big aperture) so ultimately I'm afraid there are few options for the space limited!
This means turning up the shutter speed, turning down the ISO, or closing down the aperture until everything is pure black. You need to compromise here a bit, because you don't want your light to be 6" from your subject; but you want to maximize the distance between the subject and background compared to that between the light and subject. The use of a modifier - like a softbox, a grid, a snoot, or even just a piece of cardboard (a "gobo" more technically) - will point the light at your model and keep it off your background. Any reflected light could potentially add a little exposure to your background and ruin the shot. Finally, make sure that the light is tightly focused and that it doesn't point towards your background. If you didn't naturally figure out how to talk to girls when you were younger, you're going to have to artificially accelerate the process. If you are loving your life because you're doing the things you want to do, girls will be drawn into that, the same way they'll be repelled by neediness.
What you will find on the book's pages will make you laugh and cry, leave you shocked and surprised, and ultimately proud to be a woman simply because we have endured unspeakable horrors to arrive at today’s standards for childbirth.
It feels as if she is speaking to the reader with ease and in a no-nonsense manner that is easy to understand and honestly portrayed, even when the subject matter is difficult to broach.
For example, if you're someone that cracks under a high pressure situation, it will show when you're flirting with an attractive girl.
Because the social pressures in high school are so strong that a girl won't typically date anyone below her own social circle. To me (and most girls) being cool is as simple as being confident with who you are as a person.
The light doesn't point anywhere near the background, and a light modifier (according to the point above) will make sure that no light ever hits the background.
Start small, however small you need to, but if you ignore everything else in this article, don't ignore this. Do you think girls like it when they can't have casual friendships with other guys because you're so attached that you can't handle it? When you're really living the life you want to, many aspects of dating take care of themselves. From there, the book describes ancient fertility beliefs and practices that will give you nightmares long after the book is finished.
Getting a girlfriend in high school (or even middle school) is a different ballgame from anywhere else. If you're uptight then you will get offended when the girl inevitability takes a few cracks at you. For example, if you believe that you are a cool guy and act non-needy around others, then people will probably think you are cool just by the way you tend to act.
If, on the other hand, your key light is on axis you will never be able to get a perfectly black background.
Do you think the girl you like wants to deal with you getting upset every time you feel like she's being distant? Epstein lays out all the ethical and moral questions and lets you, the reader, see both sides in a frank portrayal of the facts.
When Duke Heinrich of Thuringia arrives unannounced at the abbey and wishes to marry Matilde, her childhood is over. So take the time to really understand the ins and outs and how to flirt and you will boost your game considerably.
Your first step is to a) determine your current social circle and b) try to move into another if necessary. It may also help your CQ (Cool Quotient) by taking on interesting hobbies and activities such as yoga, weight lifting, volunteering and painting.
What lends credibility is the fact that the author is a medical doctor and a mother of four. A dark family secret that will shatter lives and the woman who must risk everything to keep it buried. Cultivate this through getting your life together and having other things going for yourself, perhaps even other girls who like you.
She is knowledgeable when describing ultrasounds, artificial insemination, invitro fertilization, and many other of today’s fertility topics.
She must leave everything behind and learn to navigate the intricacies and intrigues of her new life as a duchess, and later as queen.

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