I’ll give an all-too-common example of Debbie, who started out her photography business with cheap prices. Running a special or promotion will not work if you do not get it in front of your current clients. The goal of a referral program is to encourage and motivate your current clients to market your business for you. The elements of your referral program will depend on how much you want to increase your client base. If you shoot primarily weddings, an option for your business may be to offer a significant discount to the first 1-2 people who book their wedding through you vs. If you are looking for even more information and how to take your SEO one step further, Zach just came out with a great product called the SEO Cookbook Easy Recipes to Rank Higher, and it’s getting fantastic reviews. Another very useful tool to help improve your website comes from Jenika McDavitt from Psychology for Photographers. On a side note, I will never, ever recommend products on this site that I do not back 100%.
Since my husband is my web admin and a computer geek, he set up Google Analytics for my websites.
These 6 ideas are all great for bringing in new business – of those, my focus is always on SEO, the website, and social media. However, one of the biggest ways a lot of photographers are missing out on getting new clients is by under-using the power of their blog. There are a lot more, of course, but even those 4 should be enough motivation to get people moving on starting or improving their blog. Thanks for posting this great information and resource, and I’ll be sharing this with my folks too. How to get more photography clients by using blogging as a strategic marketing tool to provide genuine value to your prospects. After all, it has to start pulling its weight and making a valuable contribution to your bottom line, right?
However, that still leaves the big question of how to get more photography clients through blogging, to expand your customer base.
However, this article isn’t aimed at getting you to start blogging (you should already be doing that!). I mean, how can blogging actually bring you new business in the form of more photography clients?
There are probably more, but these are the top 5, and the ones you should focus on the most. There’s enough ideas in there to keep even the most prolific blogger going for a while! This first one is pretty obvious, but it’s also the most misused and abused method out there. SEO is NOT something you should think of as doing TO your content after you’ve created it!
If you’re struggling with SEO and want a personal primer on the topic then get in touch with me, and maybe we can spend some time together where I can show you how easy it can be to work SEO naturally into your blogging routine. Social media sharing is becoming one of the most effective means of attracting new people to your website and photography blog. To that end, make sure you have the appropriate social sharing buttons installed on your blog posts so that your visitors can easily share your content with their friends and contacts.
The main point is to limit the sharing options to the ones your clients actually use, with the exception of Google+, which is fast becoming essential! Of course, just adding the share buttons to your page will not guarantee that your latest post will go viral! Even then, don’t expect more than a handful of visitors to share your content, as most of them will just read and move on.
Of course, don’t rely only on your clients to share your content across social networks – make sure you share it yourself too!

Nurturing clients who love you isn’t (and shouldn’t) be a secret, although too many photographers appear to think it is!
There’s no point writing a blog post and then expecting it to go viral in some magical way.
Instead, you need to tell people it’s out there waiting for them, and the best way to do that is by direct marketing to your email list; you are building a list of email, right? Instead, use autoresponders to send out articles that are useful regardless of the time they’re received.
Now we know the major ways that people will get to see your blog content, we can give a more detailed answer to our original question of how to get more photography clients by blogging. This could be the single most important piece of information you learn this week, so don’t skip this!
Simply put, you position your blog in your local market as the place to go to when someone has a question related to the type of work you do. Your job, as her ideal photographer, is to answer those questions, which you can do very easily through the process of content marketing on your blog. Essentially, content marketing is a means of engaging your target market in a conversation that actually helps them by offering useful information, while at the same time raising their awareness of your brand in their mind. When you write your answer posts, don’t make the same gigantic mistake that countless photographers are making everywhere – if you do, it will make the whole exercise a waste of time! Instead, you must make a very clear and appealing call to action that will capitalize on the momentum you created in the post, and get the reader to take the next step toward becoming a potential client. The normal method is to get them to sign up for your email list in exchange for a valuable piece of content, such as a PDF or video with more information about the topic. Content marketing through your blog can really help you get more photography clients, but it can be a challenge. Some already have it figured out for their business, but most struggle with this every year. The clients were rolling in, however her low prices weren’t lining up with the demand for her business. Thankfully for Debbie, I have listed below 6 simple and cheap things any photographer can do right now to get more photography clients. For instance, most of my clients are not on Instagram or Twitter, so I do not focus my time and energy on promoting my business there.
If you are just starting out and want to greatly increase your small client base, a more aggressive referral program is needed. It may not help you build your client base in terms of numbers, however you know it will get clients to your door.
The problem is, most people don’t have any clue where to start or are completely misinformed about what will draw more people to their website! You get worksheets, access to video tutorials, a lengthy ebook, and an exclusive community SEO membership. She has an awesome ebook called How to Build an Absolutely Irresistible Photography Website. SEO Cookbook Easy Recipes to Rank Higher and How to Build an Absolutely Irresistible Photography Website are reputable, highly-rated, trustworthy, and very informational products that will help your business.
You can track how many visitors you are getting, how they are finding your site (traffic sources), how long they stay, how many pages they view, and how many come and leave after seeing the first page (bounce rate). Yoast gives you an SEO rating on each of your blog posts (red, orange, yellow, or green) based on how well you integrated keywords into your post! The techniques above deal with branding, promotion, and and image, all aspects of marketing. On the other hand, if you want to work with people who appreciate quality photography and place a high monetary value on your work, then these marketing ideas are perfect for you. No, this is about how to get more photography clients for your business by putting blogging to good use as a marketing tool. When done the right way, search engine optimization is something that happens as a natural by-product of your content creation, and Google will love and reward you for it!

This usually happens when people try to outthink SEO or over-complicate it for no reason other than they (mistakenly) believe it should be complicated. It has to be worth sharing to begin with, of course, and you have to ask your visitors to share it via some call to action. Here’s a useful article on how to write a thank you email that underscores just how important this step is.
For example, don’t add blog posts that give sneak peeks of sessions, have special offers or seasonal promotions to your autoresponder sequences.
She may be worried about how to prepare herself and the baby for a portrait session, concerned what might happen in the toilet department, or just nervous about the whole process.
You can then follow up with them further via email and through an autoresponder campaign, eventually leading to a phone call or face to face consultation. Those of you who have a Facebook page have definitely noticed the small percentage of people who actually see your posts in their newsfeeds.
Like a special or promotion, you need to a) make sure you are not losing money and b) give your target clients an attractive discount. For instance, giving those that refer new clients a discount off a future session, as well as your new clients they refer. Some may be in a position to donate a wedding, but most do not have the time to devote to shooting a wedding free of charge. It shows photographers simple changes they can make to the content on their website in order to draw in their target client. They will increase your website traffic and help you get more photography clients, which is what all of us want, right?! And, it is different for every site depending on your blogging platform (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.). It also makes it easy to change your SEO Title and Meta Description, as well as gives you a complete page analysis of your blog post. These techniques are especially helpful for those just starting out their businesses, looking to do photos for people other than friends and family.
If not, no hard feelings, but that’s probably how most of your readers will behave too. After some time at her higher prices, Debbie realized her booming client base had completely disappeared! Churches and small private schools are good places to start, since they typically have some type of fundraiser where you can donate a session.
Donating a session essentially gets the word out about your business and gains photography clients by donating your time vs. Since SEO guru Zach Prez does a much better job of breaking down how to optimize your website for search engines, I’ll direct you to an informational and thorough SEO post on his site, Photography Spark. There is no other product like this on the market that addresses how to cater your website to your dream client.
It’s always a struggle to find ways to get more photography clients without lower prices. She doesn’t want to lower her prices again, but Debbie needs to figure out a way to get more photography clients.
Make sure you get the contact information for who ends up winning the free session, so you can coordinate the session with them. As you can see from the list above, you have many options to choose from before resorting to attracting clients with low prices! Again, always make sure you are doing the numbers ahead of time to ensure you are not losing money when clients use your referral program.

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