It is indeed tough searching for oil rig jobs and one needs a lot of time as well as patience for the correct job.
People fail to realize that large and well known oil companies such as Shell, ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron and others never have any openings for these positions. It is not an easy job while working for any offshore oil rig, however the staff will most likely end up leading their lives in highly sophisticated accommodation options which are at par with any 5 star hotel although you are in the middle of the deep ocean. The staff who opts to be a part of the industry of offshore oil rig are given chances for drilling staff to work in several countries around the world such as the United States, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Venezuela, Russia, Mexico, Norway, Canada, China & the United Kingdom, etc. On an average the salaries for the strongest and the fittest may amount to around $ 300 daily. New employees earn around US $50,000 to US $80,000 per annum; Trades, while the technically skilled and professional staff is paid around US $70,000 to US $220,000 annually.
While finding out ways to land up an excellent offshore rig job you may eventually embark on a career which is interesting and holds a lot of promise. You will have to prepare a resume as well as a CV which will help you to highlight your skills as well as any working experience you may have had. If you are hunting for a job and are making an attempt to directly approach any oil or drilling company then you will not succeed. I am BE Mechanical engineer ,i have around 5years experience in India and Saudi,now i am looking for the job in offshore ,so,if u have any idea please mail me.
I Had 7 years experience as a storekeeper in Liberty link and 2 years experience with Shell, i will like to join your company.
Jobs at Google, Facebook and Apple are the most sought-after careers in the Silicon Valley. In an infographic published by Masters Degree, aspiring applicants may now have an idea on how to land a job at these tech giants. With the country still deep in recession, the jobs situation seems to be worsening with each passing day. Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO at Link Humans, a social and digital marketing agency. Since 2002, I conduct close to 300 free, no obligation, 30-minute Strategy Sessions in a single year.
But when someone, like Anna, says that they now want to pursue their passion in life, I get knots in my stomach.
Passion is basically a follow-up emotion created when you are doing something you are good at.
3) Passion is the energy to persevere whenever we are challenged; it is not the momentum that propels you to a destination. Opportunities are being fought for vigorously by many, many others who want that job as much as you do.
If a potential employer sees some of these elements in you, then you have an opportunity to plug into your passion. So you are looking for a new job and you contact a recruitment agency and you apply, the trouble is you are one out of 100, 200 or even 300 people applying.

It is a bit daunting really and doing it that way can be more than frustrating, so how can you jump to the head of the queue? Well social media sites and having your own personally branded blog are providing a way to stand out  from the crowd and get that job without having to negotiate that recruiting company gatekeeper. The advantage for companies is that they can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by circumventing headhunting companies and not having to pay the typical recruitment fee.
So with the large and growing database of information on Facebook and LinkedIn it is inevitable that companies will continue to increase their use of social media networks to source and hire their new employees. So the web continues to disrupt and disturb traditional business models that have been in place for decades. A hack is a clever bit of ingenuity that makes something better, faster, or more effective. I honestly don’t think the recruitment industry will suffer, they will just adapt and change with times. I also share one personal story about how, through a series of successive steps, Twitter helped me get hired to teach at UCLA Extension. A majority of the offshore oil rig jobs are highly physical in nature and most of the rig companies will strive to ensure that you have a wonderful time while onboard. This indicates that you will have to continuously work for 14 days and this will be followed by 14 days off for example. Shockingly procuring a job internationally at an oil rig does not need a lot of experience.
Therefore it is important for you to carefully speculate the correct region you wish to work in. If you’re out of work, follow this flowchart to figure out how to start getting a paycheck again. 1 in 4 young professionals want to work at Google, but fewer than 1 in 250 applicants will ever work at the company. It also highlights the best paying tech jobs, the biggest tech hotspots in the US, the top in demand developer skills, and reveals the current openings. Americans are seriously hurting, and with through-the-roof unemployment combined with stagnant wages, large-scale economic recovery seems a long ways off.
A personally branded blog can be your resume on line that can highlight your skills and also your creativity that makes you stand out from the crowd.
I actually used Facebook advertisements to land myself a job and (insert shameless self promotion here) I’m creating a program teaching people how to do the same.
I am currently seeking a position in social media & also authored a post with my own tips including a personal success story. No question that directly or indirectly our social media footprints can lead us to employment or contract work — it has certainly helped me get several teaching position (or at least opened the doors).
Many people fail to understand that the most highest chances of getting an oil rig job is with the drilling companies which have their own oil drilling rigs. For example if the employees feel that they are living in very luxurious standards in spite of being in the middle of the deep ocean.

This means that you spend half of your year working on the rig and half of your time on a holiday with full pay rate. There are specific jobs like Drillers who make far better money and are paid $56,000 annually while the Toolpushers as well as the drill leaders and even supervisors tentatively earn around US $75,000 to $100,000 annually. For your information, a CV generally contains detailed information on all your academic qualifications as well as any professional experience you may be having. Hence it is a good idea to hunt for an employment agent who will share your information with the drilling companies.
But my question is why did you say we should not apply through the drilling company site directly but instead use agents. Knowing what types of skills and expertise these companies are looking for will somehow give you an idea whether you stand a chance to enjoy the perks that these companies provide to its employees. Furthermore, it provides jobseekers tips on what some subjects you can study to help you land a job with one of them. A few industries, however, seem impervious to decline, and tech is one of those industries.
I think having a blog is key: I often refer to it as the hub to which all of our other social media tools should attach. While onboard the organization takes complete responsibility of the stay as well as the food.
We are presently sharing some vital steps which will help you to procure the information and help you to obtain a job of your dreams. I have seen some job posting on some company sites thats not on even the leading job agent site. Since Google, Facebook and Apple use recruiters, the infographic also shows how you can better optimize your resume.
Even the laundry cost is borne by the company, besides the cost incurred on travelling and transfers. You also need to consider if you have any special area of expertise which will be beneficial to the company. Ideally a resume should be limited to a single page while a CV needs to be comparatively longer. However you will have to scrutinize to select the ones which are more reliable and worth the fees you will pay them.
More so i think its better to submit to d company directly instead of going through 3rd party cos i feel it will be more effective. Twitter is great for meeting people who might not be in your industry but make great contacts. LinkedIn is a more professional way to connect but allows you to show off your experience and collect a nice pile of recommendations.

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