This article will cover some of the resources and simple steps that will help you get into modeling and fashion photography. Lets be honest, no model or agency is going to hire you if you don’t have any modeling or fashion pieces in your portfolio. There are many different skill levels on the site, so if you’re still learning you can team up with others that are new to the industry as well. Another way to find more serious work is by reaching out to local privately owned clothing and apparel stores. Once you have an impressive portfolio and have worked with several models and designers you’ll find that people will start coming to you.
Now you have a great portfolio, models and designers that want to work with you, and a social network of people in the industry.
Become a Contributor: Check out Write for DPS page for details about how YOU can share your photography tips with the DPS community. The simple instructions are always the best to follow, take each step and keep moving forward.
I am working on my portrait portfolio and I feel I have a way to go before its where I want it to be. Would joining an advertising or modelling agency improve the chances of getting paid work, as opposed to going it alone. I posted a similar question on one of the related posts, but that was from 3 years ago so this one might have a different audience. If you really want to get that authentic 1920s flapper look, you could start by absorbing a little of the style and spirit of the age. The dress shape that defined a decade can be summed up as knee-length, dropped waist-line, sleeveless or v-shaped front and back.
Common defining features of 1920s flapper dresses include: beads, sequins, lace, fringes, chiffon, satin, flowers, shiny and shimmery fabric, uneven hemlines, peter pan collars. If you already have a dress that has no defined waist, it might be a good shape to start the look. This is perhaps the hardest thing to get right but, if you do, it will complete the look for you. If you’re going to recreate the 1920s flapper look, you need to get a hat or headband.
If you have a bob hairstyle already, congratulations, you are halfway towards creating the 1920s flapper look without even trying. It’s good to remember that many women were actually afraid to bob their hair in the 1920s. Alternatively, you can slick back your hair to recreate the look of Josephine Baker (see pic below) and push the hair into waves or kiss-curls around the hairline using gel or hairspray and your fingers.
Another easy way to style it is to gather your hair back into a low ponytail with your hands. Make-up: define your eyebrows dramatically with a dark eyebrow pencil, lots of kohl eyeliner around the eyes and steely grey eyeshadow. Exotic: art deco shawl with geometric design or quirky illustration, Egyptian or Eastern designs with harem pants or long flowing chiffon dress.
I look at websites for one of 2 reasons; in order to find practical experience on an issue or for out-and-out enjoyment. I’m not sure if you are looking for a scary flapper look or just something fun and frivolous.
I’m headed to a 1920s party tonight and this post was great for some last minute inspiration. Hi Maddie, I think a kimono could work or just an exotic patterned scarf draped around your shoulders.
Thank you so very much for the history lesson and the super important information on all the accessories.

You have to start somewhere, so find some friends who are up for modeling for you and hone your skills practicing with them. Model Mayhem is a social networking site for models, photographers, make up artists, fashion designers, and agencies.
Many of these smaller stores will either have custom clothing or carry merchandise from smaller suppliers and may not have promotional photography or photos of their merchandise. Just like anything else in this world, when someone sees that their friend has something nice, they will want it too.
From here you can decided whether to work freelance or submit your portfolio to agencies, publications, designers, studios etc… No matter what you decided, always keep shooting. Thank you for the link to Model Mahem; a resource I probably would not have found on my own.
As a beginner photographer, working with someone who is used to being in front of a camera will help me with what and how to ask them to do something.
Then you can achieve the look from what’s in your wardrobe or what you can get your hands on from modern retailers, charity shops, vintage stores and fairs, or even friends and family. 1920s flapper shoes were made for dancing and you simply cannot do the Charleston dance in a pair of slingback peep-toe stilettos. It kind of fits like a swimming cap and will cover your skull down to the nape of the neck. If you have a thin scarf or satin belt, tie it around your head just above your brow-line and knot it at the back or tuck in. It was deemed a very drastic and unladylike look of the time despite being the height of fashion. This means creating a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and twisting the hair around into a bun shape that you can pin in place. Lipstick is a must, draw rosebud lips emphasising the cupid’s bow (two peaks on your top lip and the bow of your bottom lip) to create the silent movie star look. Going on the Orient Express for a day and had no clue where to start in getting an appropriate look for the occasion.
I’m glad it was useful and hope you enjoy the wonderful experience of the Orient Express. I was taking some cues from certain 20s magazines showing eg Clara Bow with gloves but I can see that they are not all that popular in many other flapper pics.
There can certainly be some conflicting information on this era and with fashion itself being so ephemeral in nature. Perhaps, if you are allowed, a sleeved top under your dress could work (one that is sheer or a similar colour to your skin).
Every user has a profile of their work, and you can easily search for models and designers in your area. Some models will charge you to photograph them, some photographers will charge models and designers for a shoot, and some will do a trade so that you can help each other better your portfolios.
This is a good way to get into the fashion side of photography because clothing companies want to see that you can make their merchandise look great. When the people you’ve worked with post your photos on their social sites and catalogs, their friends and acquaintances in the industry may want to work with you too. A stagnant portfolio isn’t appealing to anyone, so keep adding and growing yours while you grow your network as well. Coffe shops, barbers, hair dressers even the local dentist and doctors all want prints for thier walls. However I don’t believe that it is right to charge models for subscription services on a site. All you need is a bit of imagination and you could turn what you have into the definitive 1920s flapper style. The right straight-waisted dress will give you the 1920s boyish figure you need to pull off the look.

The great thing about finding a hat or cap that works is that you don’t have to worry about getting the right hairstyle, just pin your hair back or hide it all under all that hat.
To bob or not to bob was the big fashion dilemma of the decade. So, it is not too difficult to create a 1920s look without having your hair cut. The hair will fall into the general shape of a bob and the pinned hair will blend into the shape you have created. You could find over-the-knee socks that will have a similar effect if you roll them down a little.
Go for dramatic red or a dark shade, this is not a time for glossy peachy-coloured lipstick.
Think Jimmy Cagney Prohibition gangster-style suits with pinstripe, fedora hat or slicked-back hair, spats or two-tone shoes, waistcoat, watch chain in the pocket. As there seems so many different ideas,and i think thats good as you can decide for yourself what looks best ? The wedding will have a vintage spin to it and they have asked people to have fun and dress in 1920s-40s inspired outfits. I have white flapper dress with silver sequins that I got from the markets, black fishnets,black strappy high heeled shoes, long black shiny gloves, a long cigarette holder. If your friends are happy with your photos, they’ll most likely show their friends and as well as put them on Facebook and other social sites, which will only help in getting you exposure. Women aspired to look and act like their icons Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Josephine Baker and flapper diva Zelda Fitzgerald. Throw away your pushup bra for this look, you want a flat chest or uni-bust look, no cleavage, no lifting or separating the boobies here. But if that’s all you have then try to wear heels that have a round closed toe and a t-bar strap or buckle. Also there are many beaded and sparkly headbands around today that you can slip over your hair that would look good with a 1920s outfit. If you don’t have beads, try a chunky diamante necklace or a long skinny scarf wrapped once around your neck and left to hang down. For for a more casual look, think light linen suit or trousers, cricket jumper or tank top, Argyle diamond-patterned jumper or white vest and braces.
With so many voices bawling to be discovered in the blogging battleground, you rise above the masses.
It’s always great to get some input on the details, so thank you for taking the time to comment. Models, agencies, and publications will post casting calls that you can respond to, and you can even create your own casting calls to look for people in your area.
Use this site to build a network of people and relationships, because gaining attention from other models, designers, and agencies is exactly what you want. Make sure make it clear that you are local – it surprised me how word of mouth soon had almost all our village shops having my work. Make sure make it clear that you are local - it surprised me how word of mouth soon had almost all our village shops having my work.
Biz Meili, le 4 octobre 2013 a 12:37 J'ai du mal mois aussi a supporter toute une journee des talons trop hauts, mais pour une sortie ces chaussures mettent trop bien ma silhouette en valeur. Des inspirations ethniques mais pas la peine de ressortir vos plumes d'indiens ni vos tomahawks, laissez les aux enfants !

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