Protesters were lawfully assembled there this morning as part of the Occupy Orange County protests.
Demonstrators had been given no warning of the impending watering of the lawn during the time that the park was open. This correspondent, as part of the Civic Liaison Committee for Occupy Irvine, had met with Irvine government and police officials on Thursday and participated in an hour-long follow-up teleconference on Friday.
Deposed as Northern Vice Chair of DPOC in April 2014 when his anti-corruption and pro-consumer work in Anaheim infuriated the Building Trades and Teamsters in spring 2014, who then worked with the lawless and power-mad DPOC Chair to eliminate his internal oversight.
Runs for office sometimes, so far to offer a challenge to someone nasty who would otherwise have run unopposed. None of his pre-putsch writings ever spoke for the Democratic Party at the local, county, state, national, or galactic level.
He also runs a less frequently published blog called "The Brean," for his chosen hometown, where he is now fighting with its wealthiest and most avaricious citizen-donors.
This is a common practice against the homeless persons and I am sure to remember that there is a case law on that. Therefore you must declare that you are in possession of the park in witting and file it with the County Recorder.
Apart from this soaking-by-sprinklers, which the city is now claiming was a mistake that won’t happen again, their only expressed problem is with us camping between 10pm and 6AM. Here, where I live, there are some prestigious SA elementary schools and parents are routinely camping during the signing up period some year 2-4 days. VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Lots of people are annoyed by the muddy camp set up by Occupy Vancouver, but a UBC expert on constitutional law says protesters have a right to stay as long as they like.
I would like to see Erwin speaking at our weekend events … actually I bet I can make that happen! I am not suggesting any of the above drivel which you have presented in your poorly constructed comment. However, unlike Mexico, the USA and Canadian laws are both derived from the British common law.
It is not uncommon to cite case law of the sister state or country in absence of any legal precedence. Many times there are similarities in decision so if you wouldn’t be a dullard you wold research what is the University of British Columbia law professor talking about and based thereon would found similar USA Supreme Court Decision. If someone else (with a name I recognize) would like to indicate that they find this the slightest bit credible, I’ll respond to it.

Just heard a KNX radio report that the estimated clean up and damage repair costs for the Occupy LA event is $ 500,000 and growing. Oh, and before you give me the Register bias excuse, the report came from one of the Occupiers.
Vern, I haven’t made any allegations toward your Occupy event because I have no facts either way.
I do not think that USA army soldiers are personally paying for whatever damage they cause. Any social unrest is done on behalf of the society (whether you like it or not) so the society should pay for it. Same like any damage done during the election or when Obama is visiting to panhandle as he is today. By the way, I still don’t know how much damage there was, but I have reviewed procedures for reporting it as part of an hour-long conference call that I and two other civic liaisons had with the City this afternoon. Now, Newbie, do you think that bankers and such who have inflicted damage on the national economy, purposely or not, should pay for it? Who created Credit Default Swaps and OTC Derivatives…and the systemic risk that accompanied them? Vern, I get it, your Occupy group are very respectful, proper, and law abiding (and I currently have no reason to doubt that, particularly given your prudent decision to take the issue to the Council rather than break the law – congrats on that). Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! To all those with the young kids taking issue with older kids and singles causing all the late night noise here, take solace in that this is once a year and you get even all year every time you take the young ones out to a restaurant. It seems that over the years, private parties are coming into more aerial-worthy fireworks than in the past.
Suppose Frank and his family lived right near Memorial Stadium, where the fireworks didn't end until almost 11 (about the same time frame as his neighbors). A professional fireworks display lasts less than 30 minutes and isn't made to impress with sound as much. If they are OVER his house then that means if something goes wrong his house could catch fire.
So, I'd rather live next to 20 minutes of professional fireworks that aren't trained to explode over my house on purpose than to deal with multiple drunks that shoot off for multiple hours.
Set up cheap sprinklers around where they usually go and then turn them on when they are settling in for the evening.

Basically, your job is to make their leisure time around your pool as unpleasant as possible. Stay within the law, but do everything you can to make your yard an unpleasant place for them. Fence chargers are cheap, hook up a few of the chairs by the pool, no need to do your whole fence (even though it would be rather low-cost to do so. Film them with a video camera, document all the trangressions, and sue the living daylights out of them.
Unless I am misreading AZ self defense laws you can go out and tell them to leave your property and if a few end up dead too bad for them. Hmm dems thwarting their own citizens right to free speech and assembly at a publicly owned facility? Diamond, I believe that the government that improperly bailed the bankers out with our (well, the 53% of us who actually pay) taxpayer money should pay for the damage it has inflicted on the economy.
Diamond, what about businesses like the downtown eateries and farmer’s market that the Occupiers are costing business.
Besides, it is the land of chain restaurants (with the exception of a few killer family run Indian restaurants). And if fireworks were exploding over his house then a white noise generator isn't the answer. Odds are good that these people will try to file a claim against you if they get hurt, so you need to beat them to the punch by talking to your insurance company.
However, if anyone was shooting off fireworks OVER my house, I would have stopped it immediately because of the danger. Go up the ladder at the police department - everyone has someone else that they have to answer to. They will get tired of you calling and tell the neighbors to stay away just to get rid of you calling.

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