For as long as humans have had the ability to recollect and capture precious moments through paintings and especially with photographs, the art of taking pictures of the sun as the day transitions to night and vice versa has been constantly practiced by photographers professionals, graphic designers and amateurs alike.
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Once you're through the whole process, don't forget to check the new dimensions of the picture, as well as the size. That’s why we have seen plenty of images of sunsets and sunrises everywhere – especially on the internet. I shall present to you the factors that affect the overall quality of a sunset or sunrise image.
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Previous digital cameras used to lack such features, as they only shot picture having space up to 1 MB. Use your camera cable or if there is a memory card, use a memory card reader for connecting it to your computer. Whether it maybe colour correction, exposure setting or levels adjustments, utilize them in a manner that the picture doesn't loose it's originality. This feature allows you to determine how the program will fill in the missing information in an image, whose image size is increased. Once you do that, you're set algorithm would be applied on the dimensions of the image, and hence, create a large version of the original one.
Observe whether the size of the image increased or not, and if it didn't try going through the whole process once more just to make sure you didn't commit any mistake. For thousands of years humans that have traversed the earth have used it as their guide during the day, and an indicator to tell time.
But if you were to take an excellent sunset or sunrise image, what factors do you need to consider?
That’s why in both cases, three questions are to be asked to wholly determine what makes a perfect sunset or sunrise image. No one wants to look at a picture and spend most of their time guessing what that image is supposed to be of. Every photographer has his or her own perspective, and every location has its own unique characteristics that make it distinctly beautiful. They’re there to be captured, forever immortalized in a .jpg format and enjoyed anytime to give the relaxation to you and me. However, it doesn’t mean that their dimensions cannot be changed or the resolution cannot be increased.
Generally, the option is under the 'File' option, and then clicking on the 'Open' option to upload the picture in the software.
All of these changes would be reflected in the image once its size is increased, so be careful while making the changes.

Most photoshop programs have a variety of algorithm selections including bicubic, smooth bicubic and nearest neighbor. Under its light, the dawn of civilization has transitioned from primitiveness to advanced technology. When the sun is too high, it’s too bright and sometimes it’s not even worthy enough to be called a sunset or a sunrise. However an ideal sunset or sunrise picture will usually have the elements of orange-reddish light affecting a landscape.
Even today, with the advent of the electric light and its predecessors, light from the seemingly inexhaustible sun is still important. It would be a waste if you have just witnessed the perfect sunset or sunrise in a long time but the image a whole lot worse than that. Though the sun provides one of the basic essentials and needs for life, it also provides a luxury to the humans that it sustains – art and beauty. I’m not going to get into a lengthy discussion regarding camera adjustments with “photographer-lingo” since it’s going to get too technical and boring. It could just include the colored clouds of the early morning or the afternoon or such, or even just a silhouette of something meaningful against an orange-reddish horizon. If it’s too cloudy, it’s obvious that the sun will be blocked to the point that there’s no “sun” to call it a sunset or a sunrise. Many other images of sunrises and sunsets include pictures of smaller things like people, objects, structures, natural formations, trees, and their silhouettes. A good sunset or sunrise image will not leave anything out of the scene – big or small, since sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. Objects like a couple holding hands while strolling on the beach or a yacht with sail that’s perfectly silhouetted against the orange-red sky, or a tree in blocking some of the light, causing it to come as distinct rays can add more “quality points” to the picture.

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