What’s great about Ellen Page, besides her acting ability, is that, now that she’s out, she’s unafraid to take on an LGBT issue or any adversary. She’s not afraid to speak out when somebody’s being a bigot and if you need an example, how about that time she put Ted Cruz on blast at the Iowa State Fair. In the show, Page travels the world, from Japan to Jamaica, to explore what LGBT life is like there and maybe take on a few homophobes along the way.
That exchange happened after Cruz's team refused an official interview with Page for her show Gaycation. And as the NYTimes mag explains, she also talked with "an evangelical Christian band called the Bontrager Family Singers — a family of 12 that had come to Des Moines to perform, that night, at Cruz’s Rally for Religious Liberty." Sounds like it's gonna be a hoot.

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