It’s really pretty much that simple, but do check out the video for tons more details, tips, and tricks! Meredith is a blogger and YouTuber, focused on motivating folks to create awesome GoPro videos and family movies through Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, and How-To’s.
The Voice Communicating Ski Goggles from Hammacher Schlemmer will help you meet up with your friends on the slopes. These Bluetooth-enabled goggles use a bone conduction microphone so you can communicate clearly on the mountain without the interference of wind.
The GoPro is an extremely versatile camera, and it's long been used by professional skiiers, snowboarders, surfers, and skateboarders to get the highest-quality action shots possible. These heated ski gloves from Hammacher Schlemmer will keep frostbite away from your fingers.
These gloves won high marks from the Hammacher Schlemmer InstituteA for generating the most heat and having the longest-lasting battery of all of the heated gloves on the market. These footwarmers have four different settings so you can customize your comfort as the weather changes.
You won't have to worry about using too much battery if you want to listen to music or connect with friends while you're on the mountain. A rimless design increases your peripheral vision so you can see more of the mountain below you.
The airbag will prevent the wearer from being buried in an avalanche, and its bright color makes it easy to spot. By far the cheapest item you can buy for your favorite skier this holiday season, the Snofling throws snowballs farther and faster than you would be able to do with your arm alone. Cycling with a GoPro is popular, and there are a number of mounts available that will give you different angles. It’s a convenient way to attach it to a helmet and keeps the position very tight, as long as you safely secure the straps down.
The ST-91 helmet mount says it’s designed for motorcycles, but the product description refers to bicycles as well. One of the most popular choices for commuters who want to catch what’s going on around them, handlebar mounts give you footage from bike level. The Duragadget handlebar mount is compatible with all existing Go Pro units, and attaches to the waterproof cover. If you want to record what is going on behind you, you’ll need a seatpost mount, and that means a much smaller clamp than a handlebar mount in most cases. I can on the other hand suggest the K-Edge mount, which is machined CNC Aluminium and a lot stronger. I made this of the short ride from work to the station a couple of weeks ago using the bungee cord of my bike light and some Sellotape to attach an iPod Touch to my handlebars! The test of dropping a helmet onto a rock shape would probably be closest to how a helmet works when it falls onto a camera, but it’s not required by the current most-common EN test, so how otherwise-legal helmets react will probably vary greatly. Helmet mounts that stick THROUGH the helmet (not the ones pictured here, but there’s tons for sale online) are an even worse idea, of course. For just ?9.95 you can discover 35 amazing cycling routes in London for training, days out with the kids and traffic free riding.
The HTC Re may be small and portable with the IPX7 rating to match, but how does it stack up against the similarly priced GoPro Hero3 White?
The HTC Re and GoPro Hero3 may both be extremely lightweight and portable, but they differ greatly in design. Design and aesthetics aside, the merits of a quality camera lie within its shooting capabilities. Mo hosts Good Times on Magic 89.9 on weekday mornings, and on weeknights, the GTWM Podcast on iTunes and is the owner of this blog.

About MoTwister.PHWhen I started this blog, everything was a blur but before I knew it, this blog started to show it's true purpose and I am loving every second of it.
Maybe you will be fond of taking GoPro- the little magic box out on vacation with great fun. About the AuthorI'm a a tech holic who is keen to sharing all kinds of interesting and useful things about multimedia, internet, and technology, etc.
When you have your GoPro videos edited (in GoPro Studio perhaps?) and ready to upload, you want to make sure your videos get found and watched!
Twenty-one adjustable vents help you change your temperature appropriately for both winter storms and sunny skies, while the constant movement of air keeps your goggles from getting foggy. This Camelbak is an easy, handsfree solution a€” fill it with water in the morning and slip it into your backpack with the rest of your gear. The rechargable batteries will keep hands warm for more than 12 hours, so you can stay out until the lifts close. This portable charger will give your smartphone hours of extra juice, plus it's small enough to fit in your ski pants' pocket. You'll be able to make snowballs of the perfect size and shape without getting your hands cold. You can get your GoPro as part of a package, but it is worth doing the maths to see if you could be better off getting your mounts from another brand selling on Amazon or eBay.
The camera is able to swivel 180 degrees, so you can swing it round to show your reactions if need be, as well as side to side. It comes with all the screw you need, and an inner rubber lining which will protect the bar you attach it to. I used this for a single club ride and about 40km in, I wanted to shoot a bit of film of a rather interesting sprint that was taking part and the camera came away in my hand! You get fewer vibrations compared to mounting on handlebars, and the advantage over a helmet mount is that your chest is usually facing the right direction. I use Isaw A2 which comes with all the fittings & I find its best place is on the helmet. Pressure is force distributed over area and while a curb is essentially an infinite rectangle, a camera is a much more limited width. GoPro has essentially been the undisputed champ of action cameras ever since founder Nick Woodman began slinging shell necklaces from Indonesia on the California coast to help finance his vision for better surfing videos.
Check out our side-by-side spec comparison below for a closer look at the hardware and capabilities of each mini cam.
The HTC Re is a tubular device that measures less than 4 inches tall, with a periscope-like frame that houses the equipped lens at the tip of the curved end. Only two buttons adorn the device, one on the front for changing filming modes (standard or slo-mo) and one on the top for capturing stills or video using your thumb. It lacks an integrated viewfinder and interface much like the HTC Re, with a handful of simple buttons positioned on the front and top of the device for turning it on, selecting your desired shooting mode, and recording content. The HTC Re and Hero3 are close in that regard, but the GoPro’s offering adds slightly more shooting functionality to the mix. The Hero3 only supports 64GB of storage despite its shooting capacity, but it does boast longer battery life. GoPro built an entire ecosystem around its coveted mini cam, with a variety of mounts and accessories suited for any sport you might want to capture (skydiving, snowboarding, biking, etc.).
It’s designed to be a no-frills device for the casual videographer, one with standard functionality that barely goes above and beyond that of your average smartphone. Once you are back to the comfort of your armchair, you might want to share away the adrenaline-soaked moments of joy.
From the newly-appeared window, browse to the GoPro camera storage until you see the MP4 video files saved there. In the picture the GoPro is shown without the case, but you’d normally be using it with the case attached.

You can point the camera forward, for point of view shorts, but you can also turn it round to show what’s going on behind, and your reactions. If you mount on a helmet, you get lots of shots of looking left and right at road junctions etc. The specifics depend on the camera and the crash, but you’d be applying pressure in a much smaller area than tested by the required floor and curb drop tests. Although such dominance in the field has never stopped competitors such as Sony and Polaroid, most people would simply skoff at the idea of HTC entering the camera game with a dedicated device of its own a year ago — after all, the company built its reputation on tablets and smartphones. The minimalist device also lacks a standard display or interface, allowing you to automatically turn on the device by picking them up. There is a small front LCD, at least, that shows you camera status and you can adjust settings.
While both cameras can shoot 1080p video at 30 frames per second (fps) and capture stills, the Re can capture 4x slo-mo video at 720p and 16MP still images. HTC claims the Re can shoot up to an hour and half of continuous Full HD video, while the Hero3 can capture 1080p video at 30 fps for just over 2 hours.
Nonetheless, HTC does offer a select variety of clips, lanyards, mounts, and a few other methods for attaching the Re to various components. Although it offers better resolution for still shots than the Hero3 and the opportunity for more storage, it doesn’t quite showcase anywhere near the girth of shooting modes you can get with the GoPro. Then have you thought of use the large screen of your iPad instead of the tiny display of the actioncam? Cyclists tend to favour attaching the GoPro on their helmet, as it gets less vibration than your bicycle handlebars. This would be great for a video diary if you were touring, or to see the faces you pull on fast descents.. However, the recently announced HTC Re is looking to take on the market for miniature cameras, with the ability to capture 16-megapixel stills and 1080p video within a waterproof frame that can just as easily moonlight as the Loch Ness monster as it could a smartphone accessory designed for the average consumer with a little cash to burn.
However, both Hero3 and Re replace the high-resolution LCD displays and viewfinders of yesterday with an accompanying smartphone app for Android and iOS devices, allowing you to view what the cameras are shooting in real-time, or review images and video upon capturing them.
The Hero3, on the other hand, can also capture video at 25 fps whether you opt for 1080p or drop the resolution to 960p or 720p.
The company will certainly expand its lineup of accessories as time goes on, but it can’t currently compete with the sheer number of options afforded by the GoPro and its third-party manufacturers. The Hero3 also touts a bigger battery, a waterproof housing that goes beyond that of the Re, and a treasure trove of accessories for mounting the device to anything you can think of. Each device also features indicator lights that turn on whenever you start filming, so you’ll be able to quickly tell when the camera is live. The latter resolution even expands options that include those for capturing video at 50 fps or 60 fps. Neither the storage, battery capacity, or connectivity will likely make a dramatic difference for the average user, but both worth noting. It simply offers far more for your money than the HTC Re — even if it is the last-gen edition of GoPro’s flagship device. Neither camera design is better than the other per se, but it’s hard to argue the waterproof appeal of the Hero3 when used in conjunction with the bundled housing.

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