The EIM-008 also has a 4.3ft long cable with lapel clip, making it a great lavalier microphone for your iPhone videos. A unidirectional microphone picks up sound from directly in front of the mic capsule and rejects sounds from the sides or back. And you should use it as a lavalier microphone because the mic needs to be within 6-8 inches of your mouth for best results. Plus, the EIM-008 mic is permanently attached to the cable so you can’t remove it, anyway.
The audio you hear in the video is completely unprocessed and no adjustment has been made to the volume or equalization. The Edutige EIM series microphones were designed to be external microphones that are compatible with all Apple devices.
Let me know if you have any questions about how to use the EIM-008 or if you need tips on shooting videos or recording audio. Of course, there are plenty of reasons you may want a new MacBook beyond its fetching design: You want OS X, it has a tack-sharp screen, and its keyboard and trackpad are unique.
You’re paying for the design, the screen resolution, the effortless portability, and the ability to use Mac OS X. Finally, something lighter and thinner than the MacBook, and with similar screen resolution.
If you’re looking for an ultraportable Mac, the 11-inch Air still deserves your attention. Having a shade system will not only make you feel cooler while your kids play in the sun, but will allow them a place to rest when they too have had enough of the day’s heat. The GREAT thing about keeping these in the shelf of your lockers is that it will be organized and safe from someone stepping on your beach bag or stacking something on it that would otherwise result in an emergency overflow of sunscreen all over your bag!

Not only that but having a locker, and not just a drawer, you can HANG TOWELS and swimsuits TO UP TO DRY without worrying about the mess it creates on your nice carpet or wood floor.
The typical kids locker you find will accomplish this feat and after assembling it, you will see how much peace of mind it gives to any mother who has had to run through the house trying to figure out where the swimming gear and toys were last stored!
This makes the EIM-008 a great microphone for making videos with your iPhone or even for recording a podcast with your iPhone when you’re outside or in a less than quiet place indoors. This makes the EIM-008 perfect for iPhone videos and podcasting when things are a bit noisy around you. The ESL-001 and ESL-002 have input gain control, which could be handy if you need to have more control over the input volume that is recorded. Ever since the arrival in 2008 of so-called Ultrabooks, exemplified by the first MacBook Air, we’ve been living in a golden age of laptops. We’ve compared the core components, weight, price, and connectivity options of the best choices within the lean-and-light crowd. Compared to the rest of the pack, it also has above-average battery life and double the base-configuration storage. Samsung’s base slim-and-light laptop also comes with less storage (128GB) and RAM (4GB), too. This is what a powerhouse 14-inch portable costs—for its lower-end configuration, at least.
Towelettes and wipes.  Your kids are going to be dirty and odds are they’re going to get HUNGRY too!  So be prepared and have an ample supply of wet wipes available so when the time comes to have a snack or lunch, you can quickly and easily make sure their hands and faces are clean! It’s different from the ETM-008 because the ETM-008 is made for 3 pole devices like GoPros, DSLRs, digital voice recorders and many camcorders. There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty to cover parts and defects.

You were either totally enamored with its sleek design and tiny case, or you LOLed at its mid-level specs, weird one-port connectivity solution, and $1,300 price tag. These uber-portable PCs offer solid performance in impossibly slender frames weighing less than 3 pounds. And for the hell of it, we added the heavy but high octane 14-inch Razer Blade, as well as the base versions of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro With Retina Display. For things like touchscreen options and different screen resolution, we made a note when those options were available in a higher-priced configuration. You can also hear how little background noise there is when I plug the external microphone back into my iPhone 6.
Depending on the machine, prices are low, too—a consumer-friendly side effect of the struggling PC business.
But the base configuration comes with just 64GB storage, and don’t forget the TypeCover keyboard.
It not only rocks a pair of USB-C ports, but also a pair of USB 3.0 ports and an SD card reader. The base price matches that of the MacBook, as does the screen resolution (221 ppi versus 226 ppi).

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