This is part 2 of our mini series about Customer Engagement tactics for Financial Institutions.
Make it easy for your customers to find content which is relevant for them, with visual guidance elements on your website and social networks. Banks have seen great results hosting different kinds of contests to increase community participation. HSBC dedicates a special Facebook Fan page for their student program and received many video entries for their scholarship contest which translated to 40,000 votes and more than 3,000 comments. Reach a target audience (students, small business owners, property owners, etc.,) with specific fan pages.
JustJump provides marketing strategies with a clear eye towards creating value for their clients. Sri Divya KogantiAug 10th, 2016Wonder how most of the talked about start-ups always manage the right amount of VC funding at the right stage.
Krishna ChandranJul 25th, 2016Quikr, today announced that it has acquired Hiree, an online hiring platform focused on white-collar jobs. With the introduction of SBIePay, Indian payment gateway market is seeing higher competition.

Annual Software Upgradation Charges (ASUC) is charged on a per month basis payable in advance every year in April.
Release on Delivery is a payment option that helps you to convert Cash-on-Delivery transaction into prepaid mode.
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Citizens Bank uses simple graphic elements to structure its content about Mobile applications and Savings topics. Since many banks are already active and support their local communities, Social Networking offers a prime opportunity to profile bank employees as individuals who make a difference in their community and support great causes. Scholarship contests targeted to students are one of the best ways to build an engaged community with its future customers. A jury finally chose the 8 winners, considering the votes but didn’t exclusively rely on them to avoid negative repercussions.
Tailor the content on these sites (and it really doesn’t matter if it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tubmlr or any other platforms) for the target audience in all aspects.
You forgot to pay your newspaper bills or the bill collection guy visits you when you are not at home.

Many companies simply miss the opportunity to turn unsatisfied customers into loyal customers. Listening to customer issues in the Social webosphere allows banks the opportunity to provide better service and improve customer relationships. Decide which initiatives to focus on and then do the best job possible to achieve these goals.
The transaction rates vary from debit cards, credit cards, net banking, american express cards etc. Even if customers are still disgruntled to be on the phone for 35 minutes, at least they get the feeling that somebody has listened and cares about their problems. With this approach, you’ll reach your audience, build engaged communities and win new customers.

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