Any digital camera, including your smartphone’s camera, is all you need to submit shots to our Readers’ Rides section. If the sun and your car are both in front of you, the camera software will expose for the bright sun and your car will look dark or even be reduced to a silhouette. On the left, we shot with the truck and sun in front of the camera, resulting in a harsh shadow and muted colors.
Avoid heavily textured surfaces (grass, gravel, very pebbly pavement…) and cluttered backgrounds that distract from your subject. Since 2007, Access to Healthcare Network has been that partner to more than 44,000 uninsured and underinsured Nevadans.
In addition to providing healthcare access for low and moderate income individuals, Access to Healthcare Network also provides a range of services to help groups that work with low-income populations do their work more effectively. Access to Healthcare Network (AHN) is a healthcare non-profit providing over 200,000 Nevadans with access to health services annually. This quality get well teddy bear has such a gorgeous face that he's sure to cheer up any hospital patient not feeling well and make them happy again. Gund Hubble is dressed as a surgeon in medical scrubs - that can be removed - ready to perform surgery. This chubby get better bear can also be given as a gift to a medical student or to a medical professional. I recently bought a 'Hospital Bear' for my 10-month old grandson, who had his first appointment at Birmingham Children's Hospital to embark on a series of laser treatments for a facial port wine stain. I bought the little Get well teddy bear for my cousin who had just had an operation for breast cancer. A quality laminated gift bag, matching colour tissue and gift tag to present your gift item. When you are photographing children and animals, get down to their level so you shoot from the side and not the top of their head.

This may require you to sit on the floor or to put the animal or the child on a table or bench.
If you are capturing animals that move a lot it can be helpful if you have a handler to hold the animal while you take the photograph.
As with any camera, it’s the person behind the lens that makes a great shot—all the camera does is capture it.
Get low for a greater sense of scale and drama, and to better capture the car’s lines and details. Get low and the image comes to life–it looks like you could climb right in and go for a ride. Try different angles, change the car’s position, get close and pull back, even break some of the rules and see what you get. As the Affordable Care Act is implemented, it isn’t going to get simpler anytime soon.
Turn to Access to Healthcare Network for support with your outreach, enrollment, and education efforts, as well as training of staff members who work with low-income groups. Some might also call us health insurance brokers, navigators, or assistors, and we do provide those services.
We help you understand what you need to know to take better photos and how to share and enjoy them.
Follow these tips, and you’ll get superior shots that you’ll be proud to share with your friends–and send in for our Readers’ Rides pages! More light prevents the photo from getting too “grainy” or “noisy,” so your images will be crystal clear.
You may need to position yourself so the sun is off to one side or the other to get the best light on the car, or to prevent your shadow from being visible in the shot, and that’s fine—as long as the sun is anywhere behind you, you’re good. Worst: your bed, the kitchen table, hood of a full-size car, top of the washing machine, etc.

For every eye-popping shot you see in RC Car Action (or anywhere you see great photos), the photographer threw away at least 20 other versions.
Access to Healthcare Network has the healthcare programs that meet the needs of all your employees or constituents. In this environment, many of us need a healthcare ally – a partner who understands the system and whose only goal is to get us the care we need in a way we can afford. The exception to this rule is when you’ve got a nice, scenic background like a beach, an epic track, the rocks of Moab or something else visually interesting. The teddy arrived really quickly and, when opened made our patient laugh for the first time since the op.
After you get your close shots, try pulling back for a wider view. This can really bring life to models that are linked to a specific environment—a 4X4 on a trail, a dragster on a drag strip, a truck pulling a boat trailer on a beach…you get the idea. And definitely send your best stuff to Readers’ Rides—we want to see your machine in the mag. Well, we offer the only licensed Nevada Medical Discount Program, which provides help for uninsured and help for under-insured with access to most-any medical treatment they need at a greatly reduced price. These government programs offer free preventive care, like mammograms and colon cancer screenings, as well as provide financial help and access to other health resources in Nevada for those who qualify. You can call what AHN does Health Counseling, Health Management and even Health Coaching, but the bottom line is that we will help you get healthy and stay healthy. Virginia St., Suite F (inside the Reno Town Mall) today to talk about your healthcare options, Nevada!

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