In our modern space age, there are more than 8,000 satellites currently orbiting the Earth.
If you want to go way out and just see a satellite image of the entire planet, there are some solutions for you: weather satellites. There were also some amazing new satellite images of the Earth released from the European Space Agency’s 3rd generation Meteosat spacecraft. Google Maps and the other internet mapping services are really just customers for the satellite services that actually take these photographs from space. Each company has a fleet of Earth observation satellites, with a capability of resolving features on the surface of the Earth as small as about 45 cm (18 inches). When you look at these amazing views of your house from space, you might wonder if this is live. You can actually get a pretty good sense of when the picture was taken by the image of your property.
The European Space Agency says it will create special content to appear in Google Earth, focusing on such events as volcanic eruptions and dust storms. The STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) is a two-year mission conducted by NASA.
From experience, I can attest to what an amazing experience it is to be at Kennedy Space Center, home of where NASA launches many of its spacecraft. Lie on the beach this summer and your body will be bombarded by about sextillion photons of light per second. Researchers who are looking for new ways to probe the nature of gravity and dark energy in the universe have adopted a new strategy: looking at what's not there.
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered two tiny dwarf galaxies that have wandered from a vast cosmic wilderness into a nearby "big city" packed with galaxies.
Astrophysicists at the University of Arkansas have discovered a mechanism for the formation of the spiral arms in disk galaxies. Universite Laval university Pavillon Louis-Jacques-Casault is pictured in this aerial photo in Quebec city Thursday September 3, 2015.
Ariel is the beautiful blue eyed, red headed mermaid from Disney's The Little Mermaid and she is unlike any mermaid you've ever seen!
The Little Mermaid, the story of Ariel is based upon the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.
An animator named Kay Nielsen who worked for Disney Studios at that time began creating The Little Mermaid with story sketches, pictures that captured Ariel in different situations. Animators at Disney's modern studios studied Nielsen's drawings and based The Little Mermaid upon them. Ariel's film, The Little Mermaid, has another unique feature: almost 80% of the film had special effects involved with the animation!
Ariel collects all sorts of funny looking human contraptions from ship wrecks and the ocean floor, but her favorite is the statue of Prince Eric, the young prince that she rescues from drowning. If you’re looking for a high quality drone at a mid-range price then the DJI Phantom 1 is perfect for you.

Although DJI has not published a payload spec, they suggest the quadcopter plus payload weighs no more than 1000 grams.
The DJI Phantom 1 can fly at a horizontal speed of 20 miles per hour (10 meters per second) and at a vertical speed of 6 meters per second. The vast majority of these are relaying data to and from the Earth, and many are equipped with high power cameras. For example, NOAA’s Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) release images of an entire hemisphere of planet Earth every 3 hours.
The weather systems you’re seeing in those images are happening on the planet right now. In other words, an object 45 centimeters across would appear as a single pixel in their photographs. For example, in the photo of my house from space, I can see a car that I sold a couple of years ago.
The system will allow those of us who have not actually been in to space to see the earth from space. She is King Triton's youngest daughter and sings with her sisters in an undersea choir, creating music that is as lovely as she is. Even though no one seems to be as interested in the human world as she is, she keeps on with her secret collection and enjoys all her cool treasures. It is the first Disney movie to be based on a fairy tale since 1959 when Disney produced Sleeping Beauty.
Disney Studios first began conceptualizing or imagining what Ariel's story would look like on film back in the 1930s.
She drew them with watercolors and pastels and the Studio kept them until recently when they picked up Ariel's story again.
All those scenes with the crashing waves and the dancing under the sea – all these incorporated the use of computers. When Ursula, the evil sea witch, offers Ariel the chance to trade her beautiful voice for human legs (instead of a mermaid's fin), Ariel can't believe it.
This machine is sold RTF (Ready to Fly) and is usually priced at $679, but is currently on sale at Amazon. Thanks to commercial Earth observation satellites, and internet tools that make these photos accessible through the internet, it’s easy to see your house from space.
Just look up into the sky any night, and you’re sure to see satellite after satellite passing overhead.
The main difference between Google Maps and Google Earth is that you have to download and install Earth on your local computer (they have a version for PCs, Mac, Linux, and even the iPhone). About 40% of the time, if you follow this link you can see a live view of Earth from the space station. No other Disney film had as many special effects since Fantasia – remember Mickey and the dancing mops and buckets?
She often wonders if there isn't somewhere else that she can go where they understand what she loves best – humans.

Her curiosity to see what it's like in the world above the sea is too much to bear and she's off and running.
It comes fully equipped with a transmitter (controller), software control, and advanced navigation.
The DJI Phantom 1 has a range of about 300 meters and has an effective payload of about 200 grams. If you plan on flying a couple miles from your location, I recommend purchasing a different model such as the Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, or the Phantom 2 Vision +. But what are some ways you can get access to these satellite and aerial images of your house?
Once you’ve downloaded and installed Google Earth, you can see a 3-dimensional view of Earth that you can zoom in and out and spin around. All of the free satellite images you’re accessing were captured by various spacecraft over the last couple of years. Another service called Urthecast will be attaching a high definition camera to the International Space Station in 2013 to broadcast a live view of Earth from space. She loves learning new things and will continue to grow and make new friends even if people disapprove. The Phantom 1 also comes with a basic camera holder; get ready to capture breathtaking footage from above. This means the drone is capable of carrying a GoPro Hero2 or Hero3 (without the waterproof case) as well as many other lightweight sport cameras.
The DJI Phantom 1 is only capable of flying a little over a mile due to the energy required and battery capacity.
The two services do have some big differences, though, and there’s a cool application that lets you see the two of them side-by-side. Without her curiosity and adventurous spirit, Ariel would be just another mermaid under the sea!
As a new pilot, you should practice flying above a soft surface such as tall grass in an open field. I actually like the printing function of Google Earth better, since it’s using your printer directly, and not going through the web browser. This means if you’re flying your drone and it loses radio contact for any reason (out of range, interference, etc.), do not fret! Make sure to keep the drone within 10-15 feet until you fully understand the controls and operation.
The advanced navigation allows the drone to fly back home using the GPS and compass modules.

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