Ansolo made his musical debut with "Totem" last July, which reached number nine on the iTunes Dance Chart and earned him some serious cred in the EDM world.
Folks will have a chance to check out Ansolo live when he performs at ULTRA Music Festival in Miami on March 28 and the SOMETHING WONDERFUL Music Festival in Dallas on April 18.
He's already impressed the few fortunate folks who got to see him DJ at New York nightclub Pancha for his 21st birthday this past Saturday.
Even more amazing, Elgort said, would be the chance to produce a record for his idol, Missy Elliott.
Can't believe AnsA?lo is also Ansel Elgort!' and that's really awesome to me, because it shows they would have been fans of my music either way," Elgort told GQ recently.

Elgort told GQ the party started at his place, "then we all went in a party bus to Pacha where I was playing. My dad, who is 74, went to Pacha and sat in this seat at a table right across the booth and watched the show.

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