Type in one or more keywords (comma separated) in the search box at the top right of each page and hit Enter. Evans ML, Johnson MA, Jacobson DP, Wang J, Hogansen M, O’Malley KG (In press) Evaluating a multi-generational reintroduction program for threatened spring Chinook salmon using genetic parentage analysis. The old saying goes we believe what we see but we actually see what we believe.  Believing in yourself, being able to envision yourself living your dreams goes a long way to actualizing your goal. What is your vision for yourself?  Can you picture what you will be doing when you achieve your vision? After you have articulated your vision, develop a vision board, a tool used to help you clarify, concentrate on and maintain focus on a particular goal. Once you have developed your vision board, you can reinforce your goals with daily affirmations.

This entry was posted in Nature Walk, Photography, Wildlife and tagged Carl Kurtz, Carl Kurtz Photography, Ducks, hooded merganser ducklings by Taylor. Please, email us your wish list and description of the job and we will get back to you promptly. We specialise in Australasia, the Pacific and South-east Asia, and have beautiful images of mammals, frogs, reptiles and invertebrates, including many rare and rarely photographed species. It is that time again where we make New Year’s resolutions about a lot of things…losing weight… exercising more… volunteering, etc. An affirmation is a short positive statement that you say to yourself, declaring you are already in the state or the place that you want to be.  Therefore, affirmations should be written and spoken in the present tense, using words that mean something to you.
Shedding negative thinking and replacing it with a positive vision and affirmations will transform your life.

We also sometimes decide that we are going to change jobs, prepare for a promotion, go back to school to get new skills, or many other career related goals. You can use a cork board and cut out pictures from books and magazines or there is now vision board software you can use. What would the headlines read if a reporter interviewed you for the newspaper?  The ability to actually see yourself living out your vision is the first step to achieving your goals. This month we will try to give you helpful tips about staying true to your dreams and realizing your goals.

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