Supports Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, Firefox, Safari, AOL Explorer (AOL browser), Maxthon (MyIE2), Opera, Netscape, Mozilla and Google Chrome.
Features-advanced scheduler to clear history automatically-shredder option-clear history in Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, Firefox, Maxthon (MyIE2), Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, -AOL Explorer (AOL browser), Safari-NEW! The Triple Click HackDid you know you can customise your settings to enable the triple-click feature on your iPad?
Now, select the feature from a list of options including Voice Over, Assistive Touch, Invert Colours, Switch Control, Grayscale, and Zoom. Ask Siri to Identify A TuneDo you like the song playing in the shop as you browse through the shelves?

As Siri“What song is playing?” and Siri will start listening to your surroundings and use Shazam to identify the song. You can also use the triple click hack we described earlier and set it as the feature that will be enabled by triple clicking on your Home screen.Zoom can be used by tapping three fingers to pop-up a zoom window that can be moved around the iPad screen. You need to enable the Find My iPad feature, log in using your Apple ID and place your iPad in the Lost Mode. You can open the multitasking bar by swiping four fingers or pinch four fingers to close and app and return to the Home. Hide Photos from your Camera RollTo hide the selected images from the Camera Roll, go to Photos, select the image and tap Share.

View the Desktop SiteIf you feel like you are viewing the stripped down version of a site optimised for mobile browsing, hold the Refresh icon on the Safari browser until the Request Desktop Site option pops up. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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