Update: Now Picmonkey charges for some of their actions, but there is a free website called Ipiccy that has identical software. Today I am going to show you how you can make you baby photos (or really any photos) shine using this free software.
Next I wanted to sharpen my image a bit, so I used Eye Brighten around the main focus of my image.
I like to sharpen her dark features (bow & eyes) with Mascara just to make them stand out a little more.
Now I used Exposure to give more contrast (lighter lights and darker darks) I played around with the shadows & brightness until I liked it.
Now I cleaned up her skin (bug bites!) using Wrinkle Remover, because I am picky like that! Read on, enjoy, take notes, & be sure to follow me on Instagram to get Fashionlush on the reg.
I’ve got a handful of apps that I am obsessed with when editing my pictures, so let me break each one down for you!
The last few times I have put pics on Instagram the white spaces in the photo (a white chair, ice on the hockey rink) turns black. Pixlr Editor doesn't have much in the way of contextual help, but you can find some video tutorials here. Wondering how bloggers get those amazing Instagram photos which look like they belong in a magazine? But sometimes, the pre-packaged filters that you get with these free apps can’t quite give you the desired effect, so we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to edit your photos by making small adjustments in the right places, promising that professional finish that pre-packaged filters simply cannot deliver. Note: To make use of these tips you will need Adobe Photoshop Lightroom which can be downloaded from the official Adobe website as a trial version. Boost shades of black by +5 points, accessible in the basics panel, to add depth and richness to your images.
Add a vignette from the effects panel to your image to create a focal point by dialling down the vignette to -15, which darkens the corners, or add +15 for an airy, effervescent quality.
You can create monochromatic images by using one of Lightroom’s filters in the basic panel, but for a more interesting effect, convert a colour image to black and white by setting the vibrancy and saturation to -75.
Enhance overall richness in colour by adjusting the shadows to -10 and the darks to +10 in the tone curve panel. Some digital cameras tend to create a plastic-looking finish to pictures; to remedy this, add grain under the effects panel by +5 or +10 points.
The chilly embrace of winter marks the beginning of your garden’s time of rest, where the delicate flowers and greenery are put to sleep until the warm sunshine of spring comes again.
Social networks play a significant role in our life and most of us have profiles in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The photo editing tool in Google+ keeps a lot of decorative elements which were part of Picnik functionality. Photoshop's deep toolbox lets you take complete control of this basic editing skill, from proportions to image resolution and more.

Adobe Photoshop's deep trove of features lets you manipulate every aspect of even basic editing tasks, such as cropping and resizing images. Scale Styles is for images or projects that use Layer Styles such as posters, flyers, greeting cards, etc.
Constrain Proportions means if the width is changed, the height is changed accordingly, so the correct proportions are maintained.
Resample Image means the number of pixels in the image increases or decreases based on the size you input. Now you have a professional, cropped, high-resolution photo that's camera ready for printing or publishing. Tune in next week for how to remove busy backgrounds from photos and replace with a professional, custom-textured canvas. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. I prefer this tool over the Sharpen Tool Because you can control what gets clear and what stays blurred.
If you take a picture inside at night, it’s not gonna look as great as if you took it during the day.
Now that you know how to edit instagram photos like a BOSS, you are well on your way to a killer feed. If Pixlr Editor is too complex for you, there's also a very basic version called Pxlr Express. You have to use the right apps to edit your photo as well like FaceTune, Faded and VSCO Cam. You can purchase software like Adobe Photoshop or digital printing equipment with in-printer editing to help you out, or you could download a free photo-editing mobile app that allows you to transform pictures easily with one thumb-sweep across your mobile phone’s screen.
Alternatively, the full software package can be purchased from a number of local graphics suppliers. This will result in a black and white image that retains a whisper of colour, making the image look a little more alive.
It allows to remove image blemishes, experiment with the color range, turn a photo into black and white and much more. Whereas in Picnik some features were accessible only for premium users Google+ photo editor doesn’t have any restrictions. For example, you can edit an amateur snapshot of an executive and transform it into a professional-looking image for corporate documents or a website.
Before you alter the resolution, notice the three checkboxes in the last panel at the bottom: Scale Styles, Constrain Proportions, and Resample Image.
To change the Resolution to Print quality, uncheck the Resample Image box (leave Scale Styles and Constrain Proportions checked) and enter 300 in the box, then click OK.
Once again, click File > Save As, use the same filename, then click the small arrow beside the Format field box. It gives pictures a pure creamy source of soft light & it is so easy to control and get the tone you want.

For #OOTD’s I sometimes like to do a mirror image { see picture one in the above grid } using this app. All you need to edit photos like a pro is an Internet connection and a Flash-enabled Web browser.Pixlr Editor is a free, Web-based photo-editing tool by Autodesk that looks and works a lot like Photoshop. Some other online photo-editing sites include Picnik and Adobe Photoshop Express Editor, though Pixlr Editor is more Photoshop-like than either of them.That's it. It is very easy to edit pictures in Google+, do it in a similar way like you did in Picnik.
Here you’ll find all fun photo editing effetcs such as adding fake beards, horror masks and fancy crowns, speech bubbles, Christmas hats (see our previous post about fun photo effects). Unchecked is preferred by most, because resizing without resampling allows Photoshop to redistribute the pixels evenly based on the size, which generally works out.
Note that the image Width and Height adjust to a smaller size to accommodate the higher resolution. Editing is key when having a bad ass Instagram account, & over time I have gotten my style down pat. Also, avoid shadows by turning whatever your taking pictures of around until those icky shadows disappear. It has many of the same tools as desktop photo-editing programs; tools like crop, smudge, red-eye correction, and spot-healing are all there. Along with the auto-correction the editing tool includes a set of basic features: crop, rotate, resize, color, sharpness and exposure adjustment. At the same time thanks to the Google+ inbuilt photo editor you don’t have to edit images using a third party editing apps.
Note: This exercise uses the Move tool, Marquee selection tool, Polygonal Lasso selection tool, Magic Wand selection tool, and Zoom. The default is checked and, even if your image has no styles, leave it checked (in case you decide to reuse this image later on a campaign poster or brochure that uses styles). JPGs use something called lossy compression, which means this format discards bits of the image information in order to create smaller file sizes.A If you edit JPGs, and then resave thema€”over and overa€”as JPGs, the image quality suffers. Use the rectangular Marquee selection tool to draw a frame around the man and part of the busy background. In the JPEG Options dialog box, under Image Options, enter a number between 0 and 12 to determine the file size and image quality of this JPG.
It even supports layers, history (for undos), and has a fair amount of filters to choose from.Pxlr Editor looks a lot like Photoshop.
If you don't want to save in Photoshop's PSD file format, choose a lossless compression format instead, such as PNG, BMP, TIFF, or EPS.

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