While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the world's best selling smartphone, there a few people that find the device just a bit too large. Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy S III MiniHere are the basic steps to rooting your new S3 Mini (I8190).Download this zip file and extract it so you've got a tar file. No matter you are a ROM flashing buddy or not, regular backup of your mobile device is necessary prevention of sudden data due to unexpected incident like phone missing or lost. It seems much easier for us to view pictures on PC or update our bloggers with a mouse and keyboard. SIM unlocking is removing the lock in the factory partition (never touched by any custom ROM flashing). Some of these valuable contact or information in your mobile device that you just could loss them could be save to the PC via Samsung Kies. It can even be a hassle to put into your pocket, so that's why Samsung decided to release the Galaxy S III Mini.

In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Samsung Kies is an user-friendly mobile application that lets you wirelessly manage and control your Android devices (phone & tablet) from a computer.
Even more transferring pictures to PC gives us the option to embellish some pictures with photoshop.
I replaced the contacts-, email- and messaging software with "GO contacts, and -sms, from the app market. The SIM unlock code is usually hashed so you can't see it, but some phone manufacturers leave it unhashed and you can find it with a hex editor.
Surely there must be a bunch of pictures in your Galaxy S3, you want to transfer them to computer to view on a big screen or just post on bloggers. To start our work on PC, the first thing we need to do is copy the pictures on GS3 to computer.

Now you can transfer pictures to PC easily by simply dragging and dropping them to any folder on your computer. Just like the Galaxy S3, the Mini now also shares one more thing with it's daddy—it can now be rooted. But as for today’s topic, we will only focus on backup of your valuable data from Samsung Galaxy S3 to a personal computer.

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