June 11, 2016 by Amanda Formaro 22 Comments I’m going to show you how to make these adorable ladybug painted rocks, which you can keep outside in your garden. ANOTHER CRAFTY IDEA >>  Puffy Tissue Paper ButterflyIll tell you how to make them in the video below! Thanks Amanda I just watched your video for the painted rocks, thank you it is beautiful and cant wait to start with my own. As part of a family project with our Grandson’s, we made some Lady Bugs as you described on a post we found on Face Book. What is the difference between Ceramic Acrylic Paints for this project and Outdoor Patio Acrylic Paints? If so, what retail store can I purchase the Outdoor Acrylic Paints or do I have to purchase them on-line? I showed my 2 year 10mths old daughter your YouTube video on how to make these ladybug painted rocks and she wanted to make them right away. If you are interested in advertising on Crafts by Amanda, discussing a sponsored post, or talking about your products, please visit my media page. Special Christmas Discount!50% off prints and 10% off BooksUse discount code xmas at checkout', CAPTION, 'Christmas Special')" onmouseout="return nd();">Christmas Discounts up to 50% Off.

But first, there’s a back story about this cute little ladybug craft I first made almost a decade ago. I remained as a freelance crafter and their resident craft expert for quite a while, until Disney made the decision to stop producing content for Kaboose. That means if you buy something from that link, I will earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you anything additional.
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Paint with colorful Patio Paint, don't paint the bottoms if these will be sitting in the soil.
They come to their grandma’s house and there was a larger project to look forward to it so this is perfect. Some time later Spoonful was born and by this time I had created over 500 projects for them! Most of the Kaboose projects were moved to the new Spoonful site and not long after I started working for them again. I’m going to go to the beach this weekend and find me some of those shaped stones for sure.

For the dots on the backs of the ladybugs, I used gold paint instead of black and it turned out really well.
It was short lived though as about a year later Disney closed the doors at Spoonful and that was that. The ones I have on this blog do not use googly eyes because they will be kept outside and glue will eventually break down due to the weather. The other differences include using outdoor paint and the ones I made before had a little line going up their backs.
When completely dry, paint ladybugs with a coat of Patio Paint Clear Coat or outdoor formula sealer like Mod Podge.

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