Sometimes I wind up having to debunk viral pictures or videos getting spread around, too, which are very difficult to extinguish. The picture shows the crescent Moon in the sky, and superposed near it is the Andromeda galaxy, the nearest big spiral to our own Milky Way.
Phil Plait writes Slatea€™s Bad Astronomy blog and is an astronomer, public speaker, science evangelizer, and author of Death From the Skies! The Andromeda shot I recognized (being the king of astrodorks that I am) as an ultraviolet image from the NASA GALEX mission (see below). I’ll note that as I write this, on the first day of the new year of 2014, Andromeda itself is up and easy to see after sunset in the west for northern hemisphereans.
Going trough these steps will help you to master the art of taking better photos of night sky. Light levels at night are very low hence a tripod stand is necessary to hold the camera still.
Turn the auto focus mechanism off and then manually set the ring of the lens to infinity and opt the T-setting on the shutter control ring.
Using the shutter speed option you can decide on how long the lens aperture will remain open. Going through this article will help you to learn the trick of taking photographs of night sky. If dressing up in tie and tails for a night on the town isn’t intuitive, there are ways guys can brush up on what to wear and how to be a polite, memorable date.
For instance, Allegheny County’s Project Prom initiative on Thursday is holding a free catered dinner for about 100 local high school students at the Herberman Conference Center at UPMC Shadyside. For the rest of the prom-bound fellows out there, here are some quick tips for how to make sure the dance is a fun experience for you and your friends. On a moonless night, depending on the quality of your darkness, not only is the Milky Way visible, but anywhere from 6,000 up to a maximum of 45,000 naked-eye stars are available to the keenest of observers.
This picture of Europe at night has been making its rounds this week, and while it may have its own type of beauty to it, all of this light that you see is wasted. Want to see the difference that one major light source can make to your view of the night sky?
This picture, from Ontario, Canada, shows the dramatic effects of light pollution on just what you see in the night sky. While one normally thinks of the United States as the world leader in energy consumption, Europe has the U.S.
While less than 50% of the United States has access to skies dark enough to view the Milky Way, true darkness is virtually unattainable almost everywhere on the entire continent of Europe.
Well, one very beautiful town in New Zealand has decided to do something incredibly positive about it. They are trying to get their town designated as a World Heritage Site for their skies, as the very first starlight reserve on Earth! This needs to happen quickly, because a small town as distant as 50 kilometers away could ruin this darkness for everyone. Also, I don’t know how much of light pollution is caused by it, but the silliest lights I think, are the ones which shine on skyscrapers, which are also common. The night sky has always been what inspired a sense of wonder in us, inducing a proper sense of scale and place. We can bless the beauty of the night sky and the wonderment it stirs in us for the very beginnings of cosmology.
They are currently studying the level of darkness, and there are some by-laws in place for new lighting. On the topic of telescopes, though, IMO it’s better to start out with no tools, except maybe a good pair of glasses. The first time I ever got to see the band of the Milky Way with the naked eye was my first visit to North Carolina.
We live in a fairly dark-skies area, which is nice; I can see the Milky Way on any reasonably clear night.
We did at least get the guy to test, first, by directing sunlight through the binoculars and solar-filter glasses onto a piece of colored paper. Frankly, after that, I’m more interested in looking at, say, nebulae in the Milky Way, which we can see every clear night.

I think the only solution will be very light weight night vision glasses (not goggles) and night vision contact lenses.
I suspect that if one adjusted for population density, the US would be worse than Europe for light pollution.
I had take my family to the middle of nowhere Wisconsin and took my son out to a field to look at the stars in the middle of the night. Recent Commentseric on The most dangerous object known to humanity (Synopsis)Frank on Could You Travel In A Straight Line In Space And Return To Earth?
The caption varies from site to site, but generally says that this is how big the Andromeda galaxy would actually look in our sky if it were brighter. Andromeda is one of the very few galaxies you can see with your naked eye from a dark site. I love that image; it shows hot stars and huge clouds of star-forming gas in our neighboring galaxy. During totality most of the other attendees were busy finding deep space objects with their 'scopes. It’s an ability to foresee the end result in your mind's eye, and then to make it with the tools. Using longer exposures you can film or shoot good distant, dimmer objects such as nebulae or dim stars.
The all-male guests will review tie tying and social graces and receive a voucher for a free tuxedo rental. If slow dances aren’t your thing, use that time to grab a drink or a snack with your date or just talk.
Chances are you won’t get much wear out of one (or will grow out of it by the time you need it again) if you buy one. The site offers several resources for helping guys pinpoint their style and get discounts on rentals. They carry designer attire for prom at severely slashed prices (and you can use the extra money to have a piece altered if the fit is off). A suit in black, navy or charcoal styled with a skinny tie, bow tie or vest is another option. If you can jump up and complete a couple pull-ups in the jacket, then you’ve found an ideal fit. A suit or tux in a traditional color with a good fit will turn just as many heads as a brightly colored vest or unusual sport coat — or maybe more! This is light that doesn’t light up the cities and streets, but that rather heads up, into the atmosphere, and pollutes your view of the night sky. If we were more responsible about the way we choose to light our cities, towns, and roads, we could all have that once again. Take a look at the most famous winter constellation in the northern hemisphere, Orion, and what it currently looks like in suburban areas, versus what it would look like under dark sky conditions. The problem has not only gotten much worse over the last 50 years, it’s continuing to get worse.
A rarity, Lake Takepo has some of the darkest skies available in electrified areas inhabited by humans, where true darkness can be achieved on a moonless night. But I think this is an amazing idea and a beautiful sight that not only needs to be preserved, but it would do the whole world good to give these skies to everyone. I think most of light pollution is from light reflected from the roads, not from light directed straight up, and this light would be unavoidable by definition. I’ve only seen the milky way twice in my 31 years on the planet, once in the middle of nowhere in Australia and once in the middle of nowhere in Ireland. But yes, I walked the Inca Trail in Peru a few years ago, and was struck by how clear the night sky was out in the mountains. I feel humans NEED to see the stars to put their lives in context (and to inspire young people to study astronomy). Get to the point where you can identify the North Star, the Summer Triangle asterism, Orion, the Pleiades, and so on at a glance.
While you people are complaining of light pollution and the loss of the wonder view of the night skies, we africans are complaining of black out every time and will all warmly welcome and joyfully bear the delight of the plight of the light pollution.
Of course, we’ll need 100% compliance or else one car headlight will render us blind.

Europe doesn’t have as many huge overlighted parking lots and wide streets we do in the US.
LEED green building standards call for higher reflective materials, which would only compound this effect as the standards are gaining momemntum.
It’s easy in binoculars, and if you use a small telescope, the galaxy fills the eyepiece.
Here’s another composite done by the NOAO with the Moon and Andromeda closer together to give you a sense of their relative sizes in the sky. If you are using the traditional camera then load the camera with a high speed film (Min ISO 200). You may even put it in a mode wherein the shutter will remain open until the shutter release is pressed again. Also, limit social media use until a break in festivities or after the dance, and ask your date or other group members if they’re OK with you sharing photos and comments of your night with them on social media sites. There’s even an interactive where young men can pick a model with comparable features and dress him in different tux and suit looks with the click of a mouse.
When they were walking out to the car, I heard a lot of talking, so I went outside to see what was going on.
If I sit outside and gaze into the Milky Way, I realize once more how insignificant my life is. After you feel at home with the night sky, you’ll be able to use a telescope much more quickly.
The Milky Way band was so detailed and rich it almost looked like you could reach out and touch it.
When there was a total solar eclipse in Northern France a few years ago, I saw another American try to use binoculars with solar-filter glasses distributed by a local bank.
After all, Andromeda is 2.5 million light years away—25 quintillion kilometers* (15 quintillion miles)! Taking Photographs of night sky is comparatively difficult than the photographs of sky taken in daylight. You can set the shutter speed to the bulb setting, or can set it at a range of settings between 2 and 40 seconds. To make sure that you actually capture the sky pictures you need to ‘bracket’ your exposures.
Tuxedo rentals at Men’s Wearhouse start at about $60, but most rentals easily can run into the $150 range or higher, depending upon the designer and the accessories selected.
Leave behind the bow tie and vest, and the suit can be worn later for a job interview, family wedding, school awards banquet or another formal function. If he had looked at the sun through the glasses and binoculars without checking first, I believe he would have been instantly blinded.
How bout the one, though, that serves no purpose besides serving as an “attraction”?!? It’s about 140,000 light years across (the Milky Way is about 100,000 for comparison), so even at that forbidding distance it takes up a noticeable amount of real estate in our sky. However surprisingly any one can take the best quality wide angle photographs of the night sky by using single lens reflex 35 mm traditional film or digital cameras.
Optional: if you have telescope or telephoto lenses then you can connect it to your camera. Many of these retailers also often have coupons and sales, so keep an eye out for those and shop when you can snag the best deal. A light designed only to direct light straight into the night sky; can even be seen from space.
The Moon is only about 3,500 kilometers across, but it’s only 400,000 kilometers away.
Yea, I’m talking about the one that sits on top of that pyramid shaped casino on the south end of Las Vegas Blvd…not very environmentally friendly as their parent company claims to be eh?

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