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Depression is a more common word for the mental health disorder – Major Depressive Disorder. It is classified as an Axis I clinical disorder with a cluster of symptoms that often can be related to mood and behavior changes. Situational Depression begins because of life changes and usually last for only a few days to a few weeks. Clinical Depression usually lasts longer than Situational Depression and may or may not be surrounded by life changes.
Often, Depression causes changes in family situations, sleep schedule, eating, school, work and life.

The clinical diagnosis of depression is based on a variety of symptoms and there is not a specific laboratory test to confirm depression. Probable causes may have mixtures of psychological changes, biological changes, and social factors. There appears to be a genetic component where family members all exhibit a different level of depression. Decreased Serotonin activity has been largely studied and is a central medication that replaces Serotonin.
Again the problem is that in some cases there are changes, and in other cases there arena€™t. Behavior changes such as job lost, bullies, significant fear or threat, death of a loved one, incarceration, and many many other changes can affect or stimulate depression.

Drug and Alcohol use can be a cause of depression in some cases or try to mask the symptoms. Other medications such as benzodiazepines, pain medications, elicit drug abuse and other medications can be taken in excess in those with depression. A review of mental health history is done, along with current symptoms, drug history, current social circumstances, and family history.
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