We all have that one friend on Instagram: every day, they post a million perfectly filtered selfies, sharing 15 different angles of their outfit. Step 3: Open the Pics from Your Camera RollAll of these boring, unfiltered photos are now saved in your iPhone's Camera Roll and in the Instagram folder. Step 4: Try Out Different Filter CombinationsIf one filter isn't enough, you can try out different combinations by reopening the image once Instagram has saved it for you. Step 6: Delete the Ones You Don't WantDelete any that you don't want to actually post in the app for everyone to see by clicking their X and then "Remove". Step 7: Turn Airplane Mode Back OffOnce you've left only the best photos behind, close out of the app and head back into Settings (or Control Center) to turn Airplane Mode off.That's it! If you were especially nice this year, Santa may have blessed your stocking with a new Apple computer or iThing — here’s how to remove your old devices from Find My iPhone.

But let's be honest—no one likes to see a million posts in rapid succession, and more importantly, no one wants to be that person.To get more out of your Instagram experience without annoying your legions of fans, I'm going to show you a quick way to use Instagram without actually posting to Instagram (at least, until it's the perfect time to).
This quick tip will not only control your rapid-fire posts, but more importantly, will allow you to use multiple filters in the same photo. Or, you can easily pull up your Control Center and turn on Airplane Mode while already in the Instagram app.
But, rather than shooting more pictures, click on the small square in the lower lefthand corner and open one of the photos you just took.
No one will know how many you took to create that perfect photo, and no one will know how many filters you really used.
While Google keeps track of every search you make if its history option is enabled, Live Search History maintains a search record for maximum of 48 hours.

While it is very helpful, it also seems to respect your privacy more than Google Web History does.The options for History are very simple and let you delete individual queries, clear history or just turn it off. I took the screenshots by loading the web pages offline from the cache, but after trying again later, it still works for me.

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