Deleting yourself from social media is quick and easy, but it is by no means the end of deleting yourself from the internet. RELATED  Enable 2-Factor Authentication On iCloud For SecurityYou will als0 need to get rid of your online shopping accounts, such as Amazon. By deleting these two services, you are effectively getting rid of two of the biggest information gatherers next to social media.
Removing blog posts is probably one of the most difficult things to have removed, especially if you are not the domain owner. RELATED  How to Install WhatsApp on Tablets & PCsThis is how you might feel when you try to delete yourself from the internet. Now a full-time writer, Caleb spends most of his days reading Star Wars novels and eating Cheez-Its.
Retro image filters and square photos arena€™t for everyone, and Instagrama€™s ties to Facebook might give the privacy-conscious pause, so you have plenty of reasons to want to leave Instagram.
On the resulting page, scroll down, and look for and click the Ia€™d like to delete my account link. Select your reason for leaving Instagram, enter your password where prompted, and then click the Permanently deactivate my account button. Remember that Instagram doesna€™t have an account-deactivation feature as Facebook does, where you can revive your account later (which admittedly seems a little wonky considering that Facebook owns Instagram), or a reactivation grace period as Twitter has.

PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Are you worried about how much private information you have shared on the internet, and are looking for ways to remove said information?
If you want to delete yourself from the internet, you have to take down your social media sites. Whenever you shop under these accounts, Amazon and other data collection services monitor your purchases so that they can recommend more products to you or fill your inbox with spam and junk mail. Under the terms and conditions of many blog sites (such as WordPress), it states that there is no way to delete your account or posts. Whenever you do anything on the web, even a simple keyword search, that information is collected and stored by an online data collection service.
Instagram will ask why you want to delete your accounta€”though not before referring you to a page to soothe your concerns about its privacy-policy changes. Once you click that red button, your accounta€”and everything youa€™ve published to ita€”will be permanently removed, and you wona€™t be able to recover it or reuse your old account name.
Social media includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, MySpace, Flipboard, and any other site where you share personal information with a large group of users. It will take a while adjusting at first, especially considering how much the world revolves around it.

Most of the time these services are monitoring demographics and compiling statistics, but others are trying to generate possible sale leads. There is also a website called JustDeleteMe that has a web directory filled with sites that gather private information. So before you touch that button, make damn sure that you never want to see a sepia-filtered square photo of a really good latte again. It may require a few lengthy phone calls and some extensive paperwork, but most sites will at least work with you a little. If this is something you don’t want, you can go onto those sites and manually request them to remove your information. Lucky for you though, TechVise has taken the time to compile this list of things you need to do to delete yourself from the internet. One merely has to head into the settings (usually under Security or Privacy) and they should see an option to suspend or delete their account. The cost is a bit steep at $129 per year, but the service will continually scan these services and remove your information.

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