INSTRUCTION: Free picture of Dream Quote Wallpaper for your gadget (Notebook, Netbook, PC, iPhone, iPad, and other Smartphones). Do not use wallpapers from this site for commercial purpose as we have no copyright of theese images!
To download some user created iOS 8 and OS X wallpapers, make sure to check out Sunday’s Wallpapers of the Week post! HOW TO: Free download Limited for device (Notebook, Netbook, PC, iPhone, iPad, & other Smartphones). HOW TO: Free download Disney Castle for device (Notebook, Netbook, Personal Computer, iPhone, iPad, and other Mobile Phones). Are you sure you want to delete the comment "for me, I hate push up :-) " of the user mariannabingo?

To get the image above, you can click on the download button bellow to save to your device.
Sporting exciting additions like Continuity, which promises a more streamlined experience when switching between iOS devices and desktop devices, we are really enjoying getting through some of the beta testing. It is an image of El Capitan in Yosemite park, keeping in line with Apple’s new vision to name OS X versions after California-inspired locations and entities.
For the desktop version, make sure to save the image in a folder and set it as your desktop. After that, find the image that you've just downloaded, then set it as background on your device.
Next, find the picture that you've just downloaded, then set it as background on your computer.

After that, find the picture you have just downloaded, then set it as wallpaper on your gadget. The iOS wallpapers can be downloaded directly from your device by opening it in mobile Safari.

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