Despite the larger capacity options available, it’s not uncommon to find yourself desperate to free up space for a movie rental, photos or app.
If you are an iTunes Match subscriber, it is recommended that you show only music that has been downloaded to your device. How to delete songs from your iPhone is part of a continuing series of iPhone tips, tricks and basics. It’s not working for me everytime I swipe it left or right it will not show the delete button. Thanks, I’ve been trying to do this all evening and FINALLY I came across the correct advice. There are some songs I want to delete, but they appear faded on my phone and I can’t swipe to bring up the delete button. If you prefer to use iTunes, you should also trigger a manual update to make sure you have all of your recent data backed up. Enter your Apple ID password to turn off Activate Lock and remove the device from Find my iPhone. Once the wiping process is complete, you can set up as a new device, restore from a different backup, or give or sell your device to someone else without worries.
Most of the time you want to be alerted when something happens on your Mac — for example, when it's time for an appointment or if you get an important email.
If you have ever tried to use your Mac for moving, editing, or even opening files from multiple different platforms on your Mac you know just how annoying it can be! Thanks good to know just purchased a 5 and 5c last month, haven't had a iPhone since the very first one came out. When you double-tap the Home Button you see not only the recent Apps but also recent contacts and favorites.
Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted. Step 2: Run a standard application Find My iPhone and log into the program, specifying the account settings .
Step 5: In addition to the commands to activate the missing data erasure and here you will find the Delete link .
If you do not have the Delete button in the device description , try to disable it using the web interface iCloud. If instead of a page with a description of the device you have a pop-up window in the upper right corner of the window , make sure the device is disconnected from the Internet . As long as you have a previous backup from the phone when it had no issues, restoring as new isn’t a problem.
I have all the things that drain your battery off and still only lasts be about 5-6hrs heavy use just using Facebook and Instagram, and 8hrs not to heavy and very light about 10-11hrs.

Try turning off your Bluetooth and close your apps by double clicking your home button quickly and swipe the apps upward. I just bought a iphone 5c cause my iphone 4s went to hell but after the update im dissapointed cause ive wasted 670 dollers to have my phone battery suck just as much if not more. A growing number of reports suggest some of the new animation features in iOS 7 are making people sick. To minimize motion on your home screen, make sure you have a static wallpaper and not a dynamic one. If those transparent menus are driving you nuts, then you can adjust them in the Accessibility settings. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. This article explains how to clear Safari’s saved usernames, passwords and form data on iOS 7. If you are on the go, it can be difficult to find areas where you can free up storage space.
Open your Music app and navigate through either Artists, Songs or Albums to the song you would like to delete. That means making your data absolutely inaccessible is as simple as throwing away the encryption key. If you’re in the market for a second display or something larger than what you have, you want to maintain a similar level of definition.
But other times you want your Mac to stay quiet, and that's where Do Not Disturb comes into play. To disable the built- Find My iPhone service , or re-install the OS can not be without knowing your Apple ID and password on the latest version of  Apple firmware. It is fair to say that apps freezing or crashing could be due to developers not updating their application to fully support iOS 7.1. Battery was amazing phone wasnt slow but now its just terrible hadne even had my phone a month. People complain about  headaches and nausea  after using their phone for a short period of time.
Just like with the text size settings above, you can drag a slider to adjust the size of the text.
Changing this setting requires a restart of your phone, but it will give you a much bolder, thicker font. Note that clearing Safari’s history and cookies will not delete your saved usernames and passwords. You will be asked to enter you passcode (if it is enabled), enter your passcode to delete.For various reasons, you may not want to save your username and passwords.

If you make it a habit to regularly sync your music, then you can safely delete songs on your iPhone, freeing up valuable space.
I was amaze how easy to delete it hahahaha laughing at myself after .you just swipe it towards left and the delete will appear. In the end, this tip was a workaround and there should be an easier way to do it, but I’m very grateful! It should be remembered that the owner of the device must know the account settings iCloud – Apple ID and password. Close your running apps by double clicking your home button very quick and swipe the apps upward.
Usually after my work day I would have 35% left over, now it is at 40% by lunch time, and usage is minimal. Maybe you can stop advertising this feature if it is not working due to your shitty development? Other people are having a hard time adapting to the different fonts and transparent menus that grace Apple’s new version of iOS. You can turn off the Parallax effect, which gives the homescreen that 3D look, but you cannot remove the zooming animations which seem to be giving people so much trouble.
For instance, if you disable your device’s passcode, you should not save these because your saved data, passwords can be viewed by anyone you has access to your device.
The advent of iTunes Match will also help, since the subscription based service will allow you to download any song where you have wireless coverage. Without this, disable Find My iPhone Activation Lock and bypass conventional means impossible. If you are one of those people, follow most or all of these steps to lessen some of these more jarring changes in iOS 7. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.
Not that I would do something crazy like that, but the option is there if I were to need space while on the go. When you try to erase or re-install the firmware, the iPhone or iPad may require the device password.

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