He was eventually able to recover his photos, but not without hours of work and days of anxiety. If you use a Mac, my best suggestion is to use the free Photos app that come with OS X for your desktop or laptop.
When you connect your iPhone to a computer running Photos or Lightroom, go to the Import tab to automatically upload your pictures into one of the programs, not in My Photo Stream, but in the application itself.
Tip: click the button that reads, “Delete items” in Photos to delete photos from your iPhone after importing them, if you want to make room on your iPhone for more photos.
When you first launch the Dropbox app, it will offer to save your photos to Dropbox, as seen on the screenshot below. Step 2: Select whether you want Dropbox to only upload pictures while on Wi-Fi (recommended) or while or Wi-Fi+cellular (not recommended if you have a capped data plan).
Note that Dropbox also allows you to manually upload selected photos rather than upload all of them at once. Another cloud storage service that lets you upload images right from your iPhone is Flickr.
If you want to manually choose what photos and videos are backed up to Flickr, tap the camera icon at the bottom center of the screen.
Note: all photos uploaded to Flickr are automatically set to private, which means no one but you will be able to see them. Yes, but the big problem with this is that there is no easy way to access individual pictures without restoring using the backup made. For example, say you make a backup via iTunes, then delete all your photos from your iPhone, how will you be able to email me one of those pics?
It is possible to extract photos from a backup, i have used iBackupExtractor before and it worked great. If you have iTunes set up to search for new photos to save, you can go into the settings for that to see where they are being saved to. That is to say, if you have it set up to use Windows to look for photos when iTunes starts to backup the iPhone. If you have iTunes set up to search for new photos to save, you can go into the settings for that when it pops up to see where they are being saved to. There is another option (one that I use and find to be a great solution) and thats western digitals personal could storage drives. I like copy they give 15 gb and a extra 5 gb here’s the link for an extra 5 gb you need to register and download the app.

I had been doing just this but now when I download, it opens with 32 different numbered folders with no indication as to what dates, photos, etc. Same thing happened to me but my phone didn’t back up overnight like it was supposed to and I really need my pictures back!
I find iTune backup a little tricky as compared to backing up photos onto Dropbox or Flickr. I teach Business full time at the Nova Scotia Community College and part time at Dalhousie, Mount St.
This makes it possible for you to save, a lot of photos, but you should find another way to back them up or you will lose the ones that don’t fit into the 5GB of free iCloud storage that you get. This is probably the best option to back up your photos without any user interaction, but of course it is not free.
If you connect your iPhone to a computer with Dropbox installed, you can turn on Camera Upload and photos and videos will automatically download to Dropbox. Flickr offers 1TB of free space, so it is the best cloud storage service for the price around. After you’ve added a group name, description, and location, then tap the upload button and they will be added to your Flickr Photo Stream. Don’t be like my friend and think you are immune to the possibility of losing everything. Google+ is still more of a social site, whereas Loom, their main focus is to provide a high quality user experience aimed at picture and videos (video uploads in near future).
Not sure how on a Mac but on windows just plug in your phone and open up My Computer and usually there will be a photo share icon with the sunflower on it.
It’s so simple and quick and you can choose what you want to keep, what you want to delete and where you want photos to go.
What you need to do is save it somewhere on the web: Dropbox, FB etc and then view and save them on the phone. I was just wondering if there’s any app that back up my photos while my phone is charging, in a similar way to what iCloud does? So that means that in 30 days, all these pictures will be gone from your Photo Stream and will be replaced by the one you took in the last 29.9 days. Both offer unlimited storage, but my understanding is that Facebook compresses the photos somewhat.
I will be in Egypt for over 20 days and needless to say I’ll be taking tons of photos, but I heard that internet there is spotty at best – is there a sidedrive or other sort of memory card that works with the phone?

I have never even heard of backing up your pictures anywhere and I have just lost all my pictures from the last 7 months, which includes a lot of memories and pictures that were very important to me.
If you consider yourself a pretty good amateur photographer, you will find Lightroom to be a well-rounded feature-heavy photo application for your Mac. Turn it on if you want Flickr to automatically backup all your photos, or leave it off if you want to manually chose what photos are sent to Flickr. You sign up and get 5gb free, then go into the settings and choose upgrade and the 50gb option is free.
It’s free 5gb, but they have a promotion where you go into the settings and choose premium and get 50gb for free.
However, if you just like snapping pics at the beach, Photos is simple and effective for storing images.
You can also control this feature from inside the Flickr app, by going to Settings > Auto-Uploadr. It can take a while, so you should do this often if Flickr is going to be your method of backing up.
Now this special album will appear under the photo albums section of your iPhone and you can just have the specially selected photos you want.
I was really happy to read that somebody who had the same problem and was somehow able to fix it.
Plus, all of the My Photo Stream pictures that you take on your iPhone will automatically go directly into Photos, so you don’t have to upload them to anything.
Both G+ and Facebook put your synced photos into a private folder on your account so they are easily shareable from there if you want them to be. If you also have photo stream then go to settings, photos and videos then turn off photo stream. The interface is clunky and uploads fail sometimes when your uploading a few hundred photos, but 50gb for free, it’s worth it.

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