To accomplish the above without actually losing all of your apps happens to be fairly simple. Can you confirm whether data from my apps will not be erased when syncing to a new library? Why is it when i click”transfer purchases” a pop up say that not all of my iphone apps were copied to itunes? I have never heard of this not working so I would assume there is another issue though I am not sure what it is. There is a reply button so comments can stay underneath the same initial post and don’t clutter up the entire button so if you ever happen to leave a comment on one of are articles in the future it would be great if you could keep that in mind. Yes when you select transfer purchases it should transfer the apps from your iPhone to iTunes so they are not lost.
Unfortunately I have not seen that problem unless there are already 5 other computers authorized and then you could run into this issue. Take Music From Your iPod & Download To Your ComputerIf you want to take some music and videos off your device and you're not sure whether or not you have them on your computer you can do the following. Editing Music and Video InformationAfter you have placed your music and videos into SharePod you can right-click and edit the files and change the artist, album art and so much more. I downloaded Sharepod, and it only takes songs FROM the ipod, not TO the ipod, which is the opposite of the question that I had, and the exact opposite of the how-to statement at the top.
Copy iPhone music, movies, music videos and photos to your computer, backup iPhone music and movies to your computer.
Easily add files from local hard disk, and delete useless apps, unwanted musics, videos to release free space for new files. Syncios iPhone Transfer can freely and easily transfer videos, musics and photos between iPhone and PC.
What this message is telling you is that all of the available storage on your iPhone or iPad is being used.
In most cases, iTunes is loading your device with music and regularly causing this message to appear when you use the Camera app. You can free some space while you’re out and about by deleting unwanted music from the device. If these steps don’t cure this error message from regularly appearing, you may need to remove some apps, photos, or videos from the device.
You can transfer your pictures and videos from iPhone to PC running Windows 8 or 8.1 without help of any third party software. Once the device is installed correctly then your iPhone will be listed with other drivers under the Devices and drives section.

This will open import pictures and videos window, here you can see it showing total number of pictures and videos found in your iPhone and some other option that you can choose to transfer pictures and videos.
When you click Import button, it will take some time to transfer pictures from iPhone to PC windows 8 according to the size and number of files. Please try to remove SD card from your device and then try to connect with PC and transfer pictures.
You need to first transfer the apps downloaded directly to your iPhone to iTunes before syncing. Put a check in the box next to Sync Apps which will again pop up the warning about deleting all existing apps. If you have already done that then there is an issue with that process or you do not have it set to sync all apps. Once you find a resolution please let us know what it is so others looking for the same answer will find it here.
I always suggest to make a manual backup as well before performing any work or maintenance on the backups on Windows or iPhone backup process.
Regardless of that though we are glad to know from your post below that you got your issues resolved. If that is the case you have to clear all 5 authorized computers and begin authorizing computers again. Once you have the solution feel free to post it here so others looking for an answer will find it. When you open Sharepod for the first time it will show all the music and videos you have on your device at this time or none if you haven't put any on yet.
With this powerful piece of freeware, you can sync iPhone with computer without iTunes at zero cost. What I like to do is locate an entire album that I can live without and delete it using these steps. I've been working in technology for over 20 years in a wide range of tech jobs from Tech Support to Software Testing. We already posted a guide for transferring pictures from iPhone to windows 7, now in this guide you will see how to import pictures and videos from your iPhone to Windows 8.
If you are connecting your iPhone first time with PC then Window 8 needs to install its driver. First I would suggest backing up the iPhone and wait for the synchronization with iTunes to complete.
This time click the Sync Apps button to synchronize the applications with iTunes which will begin syncing all of the apps with iTunes as shown in the example image below.

Make sure you do a complete backup of the iPhone before you take the steps and worst case you can restore from backup. Unfortunately I was able to sync signed and unsigned apps without issue using AppSync so not sure I am going to be much help.
I wasnt going to sync apps cause I was afraid I would lose all information but up above you said that it wouldnt….
We would need as many details as possible such as error messages and any other data that can be provided to assist in providing any useful assistance.
Be careful doing this though as I believe you can only do it once a year or something like that. Now download the Sharepod.exe file (which isn't very big) and save it to your desktop, ready to be used. At the top of SharePod select Copy to PC and you will get a screen like this:Just select where you would like to save it and click save.
I started this site as a technical guide for myself and it has grown into what I hope is a useful reference for all. If you want to create only one group folder then move the slider to the most right side and then click import pictures. After that move forward with syncing the iPhone to iTunes which will sync in both directions. If i not mistaken the apps from the iphone should be transffered in itunes library when you click the ‘transfer purchased”??
You can even leave it on the desktop if you wish but I recommend placing it in a less cluttered place like your My Documents folder.
Make a new folder and call it "SharePod", then place the Sharepod.exe you downloaded earlier and place it in that new folder.
Open the folder and double click Sharepod.exe and SharePod will create and insert 3 or 4 other files. Once you have added the files you want, click the Ok bottom of the screen and it will start copying files to your iPod.
You will know if Sharepod has added the files or not as it will place a green tick or a red cross beside it to tell you if it has gone on to your device properly or if it has a problem with the file and give you options to resolve it.

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