Before proceeding, it is highly recommended to take a moment to back up the Contacts first with iTunes or iCloud, or through the Contacts app within OS X. Also, this is not the ideal way to remove duplicates, and if you’re just trying to manage a bunch of repeat entries of the same individual in the address book, recall the merge duplicates feature that will do exactly that for you.
By using Contacts app in OS X, you can easily delete all contacts from an iPhone, and from iCloud.
Because the Contacts app on the Mac syncs to iCloud, all of the contacts that you have removed in OS X will be deleted on the iPhone almost instantly.
You can also delete contact cards directly on the iPhone itself, though it must be done on a per-contact basis as there is currently no way to bulk delete more than one individual. Obviously this per-person approach is much slower than the desktop approach version, which is why we’re listing it second despite the convenience of being on the device itself. Presumably there will be a feature that allows multiple cards to be deleted from the address book in a future version of iOS, but for now the one-by-one approach is all that’s possible without going all out and erasing everything off the iPhone by resetting to factory settings. Then, when your address book is empty, sync your iPhone using the advanced feature of replacing the contacts on your iPhone with the contacts in the Address Book on your computer (currently empty).

Then, back in your Address book on the computer, import the archived copy of your contacts that you just saved to your desktop.
Then, sync your iPhone again, again using the advanced feature of replacing the contacts on your iPhone with the contacts in the Address Book on your computer (now refilled with your archived contacts).
Hi…on some of the individual contacts when you press edit it doesn’t give the delete contact option? Try that first, though it’s not bulletproof and you may need to manually go through and either merge or trash the remaining repeats. This requires the Mac and iPhone to be sharing the same iCloud account, which is the most common configuration.
The downside to that approach, other than losing everything, is that once the iPhone is hooked up to the same iCloud account again, all contact data will just resync back onto the device. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
It might be a daunting task to delete your Facebook messages, especially  if you have several hundreds of messages.

You can do both easily and quickly, and while deleting a single contact is quick and easy from iOS in the Contacts app, as of now the only way to delete every single contact in an expedient manner requires the usage of a Mac. On some occasions you can recover deleted contacts but due to variables with the process it may not work, thus it’s best not to rely on that. Fortunately, there exist a few browser extensions that allow you to select all your sent or archived messages and delete them in one click.Delete Facebook Message under Chrome1. If you are a Chrome fan boy, download and install the extension Facebook Fast Delete Messages.2. If you want to delete message threads individually, you can do so by clicking on the red cross next to each message.Delete Facebook Message under FirefoxFor Firefox users, you can use Delete Facebook Messages add-on, which is similar to the one for Chrome.
I hope this simple trick might come in handy if in case you want to clear your Facebook messages in bulk.

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