In terms of comparison with other smartphones, here’s our guide to how the S4 stacks up against the other top contenders. The hardware is only part of the story, however, with Samsung spending far more time on the associated software applications around the camera, smart scrolling and pausing, Knox for enterprise and personal data separation and group play features, to name but a few. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
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If you’re not a fan of phones with lots of additional apps, this might not appeal, but conversely, those who want lots of pre-installed custom built software may find it appealing. We’ve only had limited hands-on time with the Galaxy S4 and it certainly seems like a capable enough smartphone. Samsung’s clearly put a lot of work into its software engineering this time around, and arguably a little less on the physical hardware design, given how closely this mirrors the Galaxy S III look and feel.
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In official terms, you’re almost certainly talking in the $700-$900 outright price zone, or a $60 and upwards contract plan price. The start of 2013 has seen a number of premium-end smartphones emerge, from the HTC One to the Sony Xperia Z.

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