Coke has been in the news recently because of positive PR on recycling and fund raising on behalf of the polar bear, but they’ve garnered equal if not greater attention for throwing their weight around to block public awareness of the mess their eternal, infernal plastic bottles create. Coke announced this month that they will recycle every clear plastic (PETE) bottle collected at the London Olympic and Paralympic games in 2012.  That’s great!  The Olympics is obviously a fabulous venue for them to call attention to the good things they can do. The message of the PSA is to refuse single-use plastics—that would be plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic straws and although not called out here, plastic bottles as well.  Apparently a certain VIP American Idol sponsor didn’t like the message, and has demanded that 19 Entertainment make the Plastic Pollution Coalition take the PSA down. Coke has also just launched their holiday season marketing with a cute white Arctic motif to help raise funds for the critically endangered polar bear. At virtually the same time, however, Coke was quashing the Grand Canyon’s efforts to ban plastic water bottles in the park.  Although plastic water bottles account for 30% of the waste generated at the Grand Canyon (and a large percentage of the litter as well), the proposed water bottle ban was squelched by major National Park Foundation sponsor Coke, presumably because sales of their bottled water, Dasani, would have been directly impacted. In light of Coca-Cola’s schizophrenic behavior on environmental issues, do you think Coke’s positive efforts are mere green washing, or do you think they are going through a rough transition to a new level of corporate responsibility?
This is another example of The National Park Service’s commitment to being an exemplar of the ways we can all reduce our imprint on the land as we embrace sustainable practices that will protect the parks for generations to come.
I have even thought about it a few times – this tutorial showcase is actually a product of my curiosity. A very cute tutorial that helps you learn about designing with vector shapes inside Adobe Illustrator. This t-shirt design tutorial uses Color Separation and the power of Photoshop to create a beautiful CMYK Pattern.
This tutorial shows you how to make photorealistic mockups of t shirt designs onto t shirts. As you follow this tutorial, you’ll discover lots of tricks to help you create better art and work faster in Illustrator. This tutorial shows you how to create shading and turn this into a bitmap shading effect, and how to duplicate drawings and reflect them, to create bold graphic designs. While this design has been created with a T-shirt in mind, you can use the techniques to create everything from desktop wallpaper to textile designs. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a nice monkey illustration and how to apply it on a t-shirt. This is a nice and simple tutorial that shows you how to Use Photoshop to put artwork onto a tee shirt.
In this tutorial you will learn how to create the popular stitch look on a screen printing using Adobe Illustrator. Awesome Illustration T-Shirt Design Tutorial – In the age of clip art books and simple solutions, it’s rare to find good illustrations that someone invested some time into that will make its way on a shirt that we, the consumer, can be proud of.
Don’t feel like you have to design strictly in Illustrator for the vectorized approach, Photoshop is a powerful creative tool that can be used to great effect.
This video tutorial teaches you how to Design Video Game T-shirts on your own in Photoshop.

Cool tutorial for designing t-shirt graphics for Boys Shirts (4-8 yr olds) by applying an illustration to a t-shirt inside Photoshop. Now that you have all these resources, This great video will break down barriers that we all deal with, and show you how to turn your passion into a concept, come up with a logo, create your first line of tees, get them printed, and finally how to market & get your first sale. This is not an article to help you start a clothing line with all of your existing designs. This post is not going to give encyclopedic answers to all of your t-shirt design questions, However It WILL provide priceless insight from the front lines of the apparel industry that will get you heading down the right path.
This article presents over 20 useful t-shirt graphic tutorials written by fellow designers, followed by a selection of great resources (such as vector apparel mock-up templates), an inspirational showcase to get your brain thinking and some great websites where you can submit your new t-shirt graphics. Im a professional Freelancer specializing in Web Developer, Design, Programming web applications. I am a 29 year old Web Developer, Designer, and Programmer (front & backend) in Lynchburg, VA. This site is full of resources for all levels of web designers, developers, programmers, and geeks of all kinds. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.
Over the years I have looked up how to make t-shirt designs and thought about how I was going to master the tee shirt business.
We also put together some amazing resources that will help you along your quest to make awesome t-shirts.
You’ll learn how to improve your skills with line art, shading using flat fills and colour techniques for limited palettes (to keep printing costs down). Always good to see someone else’s workflow and how they work inside photoshop, even if it is sped up! You will use Photoshop tools to modify stock images and work with shadows and color contrasts. In this first tutorial you will be Designing a t-shirt in Photoshop using simple text tools and brushes and applying color overlays.
In this second tutorial you will be Bringing the design into Illustrator and tracing it into a Vector design. In this tutorial you will learn how you can create a composite t-shirt design from photo assets and basic drawing techniques. Have you ever worked extremely hard for long hours on a t-shirt design for yourself or a client, only to have the printer tell you that your design won’t work for t-shirt printing? This article discusses the popularization of the graphic tee in some detail; first, with a brief history lesson, then a quick round up of some popular t-shirt designers, and finally with an interview of Dirty Velvet.
If you guys have any other tips and tricks you have learned from your experiences of making t-shirts – then leave it in the comments below!

We typically do not focus on any 1 thing more than another, we mainly focus on providing the best info in all possible categories, to keep your skills well rounded - and also we provide some humor, tech news, and geeky stuff from time to time.
Hopefully my time spent doing that, will save you some time on your own personal apparel company journey! I hope this post inspires you to follow your dreams of starting a clothing line, or perhaps it will just help you to master your Photoshop and Illustrator skills – and become an even better designer! This problem is not that uncommon and in this tutorial you will learn a few easy tips on how to prepare your artwork for printing on t-shirts. With so many different options out there, choosing the one to best fit your brand can be an intimidating and difficult decision. This is where I share my ideas, experiments, experience and tips in the Industry (and whatever nerdy things I come across). Whether you want to have a huge business or just want to generate some passive income, its definitely something to look into! Even if the result can appear easy to achieve, I’m sure you will learn some new tricks with this tutorial. Some of the aspects to consider are fabric quality, t-shirt fit, sizing and available colors. They look at where to start with inspiration for your first design, where and how to print it, and a little marketing and self-promo for good measure. Autumn is here and some people have apples in their garden while others have nothing and they just have to look at this delicious Apple font and drool about wanting their own garden. You could sign up for Big Cartel, Spreadshirt or any one of those companies and sell your warez online, or you could even go as far as to hire a local printer, or even an online printing company to manufacture your designs and get them printed onto your funny shirts and other awesome apparel creations.
This tutorial will show you how to combine those two awesome things into a tshirt design using good ole photoshop and some PS Wizardry. This article will describe each of these things and how they apply to several of the most popular t-shirt blanks. Detailed vector silhouette #9844062City skyline #7647746Incredible set of USA city skyline. Heck, you could even do it from home if you had good enough printing equipment and not a whole lot of inventory needs.
Browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity.More info What a wonderful world!

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