After the unfortunate tearing of his Achilles tendon, NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant stated that while his season is probably over this is no end to his career and surely no end to his well-deserved impressive net worth growth. Kobe Bryant‘s time on the court might have come to an end, but his legacy in the sneaker world lives on.
As one of the few players on last year's roster who could be considered a good defender, Larry Nance Jr. One of Kobe Bryant’s classic sneakers from back in his adidas days will be receiving the retro treatment. Red and White Flower Nails: For an utterly feminine look, you can go for some flowers, and with a particularly glamorous color. Glitter Nails: if you are looking for something crazy for yourself, since it goes with your personality, throw in a bit of glitter.
Leopard-Print Nails: So, you may hesitate before doing this one, but this is something completely new and quite contemporary, since leopard designs are quite in trend.

Union Jack Nails: If you are feeling patriotic, you can always go for the colors of your country, and spice up the jazz. Once you have some cool ideas in your head, and you can always experiment with it, you need to have some good-quality nail color.
A modification I did of a Doctor Who wallpaper posted on reddit to alter the War Doctor's titling, remove color from the 12th doctor and remove the mop from the 11th doctor. Adidas will be bringing back the adidas KB8 3 in order to celebrate Kobe Bryant’s retirement season. Alternatively, coat your nails with red and white nail polish and draw pretty flowers after the first coat. If you have long fingernails, then make sure that you have a base coat of a light color, and then draw leopard prints with a black shade. Along with that, you can always buy some jewels or nail stickers, which are readily available.

After you have applied the first coat, you need to dab a bit of glue onto the jewel or nail sticker, and just paste it on your nail. You can go for different shapes, such as circles, flowers, and virtually everything under the sun! There are a wide variety of innovative themes, and you can choose the one according to your style, and of course the way you are dressed up. Therefore, there are some ideas for you, whether you want a more feminine style, or if you want something Gothic, or even crazy.

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