In order to batch transfer all music from one cellphone to another, you need to use some phone transfer software. You can connect both mobile phones to PC or Mac computer using the USB cables with your phone.
Run the phone data transfer, you will find different models and functions in its home interface like below. Once you connected your phones to computer, and launched the phone transfer software, you will find the phones are displayed side by side within the data transfer tool. Now, click the Start Copy button to copy all music from iPhone to Android phone connected in just one click. At first I thought it was a fake saying iPhone 5 but looking closer it says iPhone S, kind of weird like where is the 6??
My guess is that 6 isn't used here to tell which one is the s model or not let alone models that came before the 6.

This is a multi-functional mobile phone data transfer, backup, restore, safety and management software.
The left phone is the source phone you copy data from, the right phone is the target phone which you will copy data to. If you want to transfer songs the other way around, you can refer to this guide to transfer music from Android to iPhone. Notice the new [s] denotation on the rear shell of the device, distinguishing the iPhone 6s from the iPhone 6. We know that many smart phone users are not comfortable doing the complicate data migration. You can click the Flip button between them to change a phone between source and target devices. Recently we have many articles discussing about phone switch as we noticed many people have trouble switching smartphones because they have a lot of content and files want to migrate from one mobile phone to another.

In this iPhone to Android music transfer, make sure your iPhone is on the left, Android phone on the right.
For example, you can refer to this tutorial to transfer data from Samsung to Lenovo phones and this guide reveals the easy procedure you can follow to copy text messages from HTC to Samsung mobile. There are many valuable personal data on our phone we can’t ditch when we upgrade to new mobile phones, like contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, music, documents, and many more.

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