The first thing that keeps the consumers away from a DSLR camera is the price, however the quality and the features that you get from a digital SLR camera is worth all the money. This DSLR camera too houses the APS-C CMOS sensor and can shoot continuously at high speed of 3.7 fps.
This camera comes with 11PT Auto focus modes and supports high speed continuous shooting mode with speed of 3.0 fps.

If you want to take photography seriously you need to move a step ahead and get yourself a DSLR Camera. DSLR cameras also come with auto mode features along with manual control which is what most serious photographers prefer. This camera houses the Aps-C CMOS sensor and can click at high speed of 3.7 frames per second in continuous shooting mode good for capturing fast action scenes.

Another unique feature of DSLR cameras is they come with interchangeable lenses and you can use the lenses as required depending on the situation, to get professional quality pictures.

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