Windows 10 already allowed the users to customize the lock screen background.But till now users are not permitted to customize the login screen. After you finish up doing the above steps, you can notice that the Windows login screen will now onwards show a flat colour background to the login screen.
Till now Microsoft doesn’t provide official registry hack to alter the login screen background. The user lock screen is the one that displays when a user locks the PC while still signed in to Windows, and when the user is selected on the sign in screen, times out, and returns to the lock screen.
This tutorial will show you how to change the lock screen background image for your user account to be any image you would like when you lock the PC while signed in to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. If you are using a Microsoft account and have the Personalize setting turned on to sync, then the lock screen background you currently have set will also be displayed on any PC that you sign in to with the same Microsoft account.
The default background images used for the lock screen are located in the Screen folder below. When you use choose to use a custom image for your lock screen instead of one of the default images, Windows will save this image in the hidden system LockScreen_(letter) folder location below to open it from. Another Way is to just double-click on the image you want to set as background in Lock Screen and then right click-> set as lock screen. We love customizing Windows UI and login screen is one of the UI components which we customize a lot. Apart from using these built-in Registry tweaks, you can also take help of our favorite customization tool Resource Hacker to modify a system file authui.dll to give Windows 7 login screen a full makeover.
Today in this topic, we are going to share a new login screen for Windows 7 users which will make your login screen look-like Windows 8 login screen. If you are using 32-bit edition of Windows 7, you'll need the files present in "x86(32 bit) files" folder. Installing this can break the User Account Control dialogs, making impossible to change back, you could also destroy your computer. The application will prompt for the location of the new background image and then install the new screen behind the scenes. When you have settled on a good logon background, click the Test button to see it in action. Automatic Image Backup - All OEM backgrounds and any previously used backgrounds are automatically backed up when a logon background is changed. If you want the default Windows 7 logon screen back, just click the revert button and the application will automatically undo all customizations.
This week was pretty exciting for Windows Insiders as Microsoft surprised users by releasing not one, but two Windows 10 previews. Also the login screen, not to be confused with the Lock screen, now features the new default Windows 10 "Hero" image which Microsoft showed off on a new video a few days back. Also, if you're upgrading a preview without a custom background image you have previously set, you'll now also see the new Windows 10 "hero" image as the default background on the desktop. Microsoft also warns that users may run into the error 0x80246017 if you happen to be downloading 10158 when 10159 is being rolled out. As you can see, there is not much new in this particular build, however Windows 10 build 10158 is packed with changes, improvements, and a few new features, such as tweaks to the Start menu, taskbar, and flyouts. With Windows 8.1, Microsoft is finally giving users the option to use their desktop wallpaper as their Start screen background, easing the transition between the two environments. That's why regardless of whatever desktop wallpaper you pick, it appears slight faded to black so it's not so visually jarring. Now if only it would automatically grab daily wallpapers from Bing without installing Bing Desktop.

You can accomplish this using one of the many Bing images RSS feeds combined with a background image theme. Paul, is it possible to change the size of the start screen, something like the search panel?
This will help stop the feeling of being "thrown out" of the desktop when going to the start screen. What happens when I use slide show images as wallpapers?The start screen background changes? You still cannot search within Desktop where search result is displayed within desktop unless you do some traveling by invoking charm bar and selecting search which is hassle. Very surprising how much this reduces the confusion created by jumping constantly between the desktop and modern UI.
Each user is able to change their lock screen background image to an image of their choice.The default Lock screen image is the one that displays when there are no users currently signed in to Windows or selected on the sign in screen.
If you delete any of the default image in the Screen folder below, you will no longer see recent background images under the current lock screen image.
Open the ReadOnly folder, then open and look in each LockScreen_(letter) folder for the custom image. There is no doubt that Windows 7 login screen is the most customizable login screen among all Windows versions because Microsoft introduced 2 built-in Registry tweaks to customize its appearance.
That's why we regularly share ready-made files which can be used to replace existing system files in Windows to customize login screen look. It comes with exact buttons, user picture and other effects which are present in default Windows 8 login screen.
While the software maker rolled out Windows 10 build 10158 to the Fast ring of updates on June 29th with a number of improvements and various visual changes, the company also released Windows 10 build 10159 on June 30th, which the company says includes over 300 bug fixes. According to the company, it validates every build it produces internally, and builds are tested by engineers "OSG and Microsoft". Well, as it turns out the major changes included in the new preview is a tweak in the login screen, which now features a centered design with a circular image.
It's worth pointing out that Microsoft is not just including one, but multiple sizes of the same image to accommodate all the screen sizes Windows 10 will support. Microsoft says it has included hundreds of bug fixes in build 10159, so this new build should be more stable. There are also a few improvements on Tablet mode, where users will see quick access to the "Power" options and "All apps".
It seemed to confuse Windows RT that I was always on the desktop, and my metro apps would just disappear. All these changes are not worth getting in advance on production machine that will need clean installs when final release drops. I want to like the modern UI, but when I'm there, I can't see the desktop apps I'm also using. We in this article provide certain tricks with the help of which you can alter your login screen background. So changing the images in the PRI file could alter the background image of your sign-in screen. Each time you choose a custom image, a new LockScreen_(letter) folder is created in alphabetical order for each image. One tweak allows you to change its background image as mentioned here and the other tweak allows you to customize shadow and transparency effects for text and buttons present at the login screen.
We have shared many such ready-made login screens for Windows 7 in past such as Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 8 RTM and Windows 8 concept login screens.

If you are a Windows 7 user and want to enjoy Windows 8 login screen, this stuff is definitely for you. Before, the profile picture was aligned to the left with the box to enter the login credentials to the right. It would be fine if I could stay in one environment or the other, but bouncing back and forth is not pleasant. Kind of a bummer because I want the initial view to show the desktop background for my enterprise users.
For this you are required to download Disable Logon Background Image from Windows 10 registry hack. But the problem is that this process requires the help of some third party tools and softwares. First they become available to the Fast and finally to the Slow ring of updates when is stable enough. Our feedback in testing has shown that users are ok with the tile start screen but feel more comfortable seeing them on top of the desktop.
Then you have to double click on Disable Logon Background Image on Windows 10.reg file inorder to insert the tweak to the registry. So if you want to continue with the process, then it will be at your own risk.The best program for this purpose is the Windows 10 Login Image Changer, developed by Alphawaves.
If you want to change the default color of the logon screen look to change it to a color of their choice, this tutorial will show you how to, by modifying the Registry.Changing the logon screen background color in Windows 8 is fairly simple, if you have worked with the Registry. Then, in the Taskbar and Navigation properties window that appears, display the Navigation tab. If they want to change it back, we want them to have that option too but think this would have eased the transition. Also the trick for altering the screen background in Windows 7 doesn’t works for Windows 10. It's always working with multiple builds, and Windows 10 build 10158 and build 10159 just happened to pass all the tests to be available to the public. So we came up with the new set of tricks with the help of which you can alter your log-in screen background. So if you want to choose a separate colour of your choice then you may have to follow the old, hidden Control Panel interface for selecting the appropriate colour. The Logon screen is the one which appears after the Lock Screen.Change logon screen color in Windows 8First off, open the Run dialog box.
Here you are allowed to download any wallpapers of your choice, or you can create one of your own or use an image of your choice from your collection and then you select it by using the image changing program.The above tricks are meant for Windows 10 with the build number of 10240. Then you can have the help of Show Colour Mixer, until you find perfect colour of your choice.
But these tricks may not work with future versions of Windows 10, since Microsoft brings updates to their OS so rapidly that the above tweaks may not work on even Windows 10, when you try this on some later date.
This is the hidden interface that you may use to alter colour of your title bars after you Enable coloured Window Title bars on your Windows 10.
Next, in the right-pane of the window, right-click in the empty area and create a new 32-bit DWORD value and name it as DefaultColorSet.Set its value between 2 to 24 (Decimal).

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