Scooter Underground has been advised by SYM Canada that the much anticipated SYM Symba has arrived in Canada and is on its way to dealers. If you have been longing for a Honda Cub or Supercub of yesteryear, this is the bike for you.
Since Transport Canada rules and US Department of Transport (DOT) rules are not harmonized, there are a bunch of additional tests and approvals that must be done to bring scooters into Canada.
This is a tremendous hassle and, if you are able to get it here, the hassle does not outweigh the savings. SYM has a long history of working with Honda and has a great track record for quality products. All of these costs must be factored in to the cost of the scooter and amortized over the estimated number of units the manufacturer will sell in Canada. It sure would be nice if a scooter meeting US DOT standards could be imported into Canada with little incremental expense. These are not inexpensive knockoffs of the Honda Cub – they are modern day recreations by a quality manufacturer!

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