Using the built-in print screen (Prnt Scrn) feature in Windows 8 you can capture any window and then later edit it using Windows Paint tool. Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available now for public download and is free till January 15, 2013.
To do this switch to Start Screen with Metro apps and simply hit PrtScn key on your keyboard.

That being the reason you can’t take screenshots of Metro Start screen where lots of apps reside in Windows 8 as Snipping Tool is not active there and also cannot be triggered with a keyboard shortcut. Now the screen will be captured and saved to Windows clipboard which can be pasted to Paint tool (Hit Win+C or move the cursor to the top or bottom right corner of your computer screen to open Charms bar. Obviously you can install a screen capturing tool that supports scheduled capture or hotkey but there is a way to take screenshots in Windows 8 without Snipping Tool or any third-party applications.

This method captures full screen but if you only want a part of the image, you can always use the editing functions in Paint to select it.

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