Join internationally renowned National Geographic underwater photographer David Doubilet for an intensive photography and diving experience at the Sunset House ?on Grand Cayman Island. The workshop will provide students with a better understanding of the philosophy, theory, techniques and applications specific to underwater photography and post-production. Each day will involve intense immersion in the practice and philosophy of underwater photography. Students must be accomplished divers comfortable in variable marine environments; this workshop is not designed for beginner divers. Students must have at least intermediate experience with underwater photography; this workshop is not designed for beginner photographers. David Doubilet is a contributing photographer, author and speaker for  National Geographic Magazine. Jennifer Hayes is an aquatic biologist and photojournalist specializing in natural history and marine environments.
Hal Silverman is an international award-winning commercial photographer and adjunct professor in the Multimedia Photography and Design Department at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University.
You will be assigned a roommate, based on double occupancy, seven nights in a courtyard room (2 queen beds and mini fridge). It is not mandatory, but it’s highly recommended that you tip the boat dive-masters at the end of the workshop. Coming up June 30 on the lovely Midwestern prairie –  a full day of nature photography field education while photographing summer prairie wildflowers, plants, insects and other fauna, and the classic Midwest prairie landscape! Like all of our workshops, group size is kept small to allow individual attention and instruction.
Exact meeting location and maps will be emailed to participants prior to the event – our starting point is approximately 45 minutes Northeast of Des Moines in rural Marshall County, Iowa. Photo Gear: A Digital SLR camera, normal- , wide-angle, and telephoto- lenses, and a dedicated macro lens if you have one!  A sturdy tripod and plenty of media cards for a full day of shooting are also essential.  If you do not own a tripod, you will want one, but please contact me before purchasing one! Please note that the locations we will work may be drenched with summer dew in the morning, and will almost certainly contain a few hazards like burrs and mosquitos – come prepared!
Workshop cost is $99 per person and covers a complete day of field instruction, and snacks and drinks.

In past years this workshop has filled quickly, and the date is fast approaching – register now to reserve your spot!
Thanks for reading, and thanks for your interest in the Midwest Nature Photography Field Workshop Series!
The seas surrounding the island offer diverse photographic and diving opportunities that combine to create a perfect underwater oceanic studio.
The day will be divided into three sections: shooting, post-production and evening critiques.
He is considered one of the magazine’s most prolific contributors with nearly 70 feature stories to his credit.
Doubilet has been referred to as a “master of light” and “the Audubon of the sea.” He is a contributing editor for several global publications, author of 12 books and has had many international solo exhibitions.
She and Doubilet collaborate as a photographic team above and below water on project development, story production, feature articles and books.
He works closely with Doubilet and Hayes, providing post-production services for their assignments and personal work.
This workshop is designed for experienced certified scuba divers with a solid foundation in photography and an interest in underwater photography.
Ideally, you should also bring your own underwater photography equipment and up-to-date scuba gear. Doubilet, Hayes and Silverman will each work with you one-on-one, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to share as they guide you through the workshop. A 50 percent deposit is required upon registration, with the remainder due before March 2, 2015. No refunds will be given for any cancellation made from April 2, 2015 to the beginning of the workshop.
Purchasing dive insurance through the Divers Alert Network, as well as trip insurance to cover cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances such as sickness or hurricanes will be required.
If you enjoy nature photography, please consider joining us for our next Midwest Nature Photography Field Workshop!
Participants will leave in the evening with a portfolio of strong photos, new skills, and probably some new photo friends from the area!

Your instructor(s) will not photograph their own work during the workshop – the focus is on helping participants to maximize their photo skills. You’ll probably want long pants and long sleeves due to brush, bugs, and burrs part of the day.
He has received numerous awards including POY, BBC, NPPA, RPS, Communications Art and World Press.
Hayes is the editor and author of numerous articles on marine environments, with images appearing in countless books, advertising campaigns and publications such as National Geographic Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Sport Diver, DIVE Magazine, Diver, People Magazine, Alert Diver and Ocean Geographic.
You may also rent scuba and underwater photography gear from Sunset House at an additional cost. Although not a part of the package, you may also wish to visit some of the many great restaurants on the island. Any cancellations made will result in a $250 processing fee, with a refund of the remaining deposit.
The middle, high-sun portion of the day will be used for discussion, hands-on education, and technique practice. He considers photography a universal language that creates a visual voice for the sea that he uses to showcase the beauty and the silent devastation. Doubilet is a member of the Academy of Achievement, Royal Photographic Society, International League of Conservation Photographers and International Diving Hall of Fame. We will then again actively photograph when the sun is a little lower in the sky during the afternoon. He is honored to be a Rolex Ambassador and recipient of the Explorers Club Lowell Thomas Award and Lennart Nilsson Award for Scientific Photography.

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