The boys’ eyes are still a little dark in the final photo (the day was very overcast), but the improvement is still pretty huge. Ok, so now that you can see what a difference a little brightening can make, I’ll show you how to do it! I needed a new headshot, and I liked how this one turned out, except it’s super dark, so there are no mountains on the right side of the histogram. Start by grabbing the rightmost slider, which is for highlights, and pull it toward the left, until it hits the slope of the mountain (yellow arrow in the example photo below). Sorry, I don’t use lightroom, but one of the other commenters posted a tutorial for doing the same thing in lightroom! Idk if it’s been mentioned yet, but to help avoid under exposure in the first place, you can use your flash, esp. It seems silly to say, but I think there are more than a few photographers who forget they have a flash. Does anybody know if there’s a way to take away the sunburned face look in portraits.
First off I must begin by saying that I religiously read this site and I am amazed by the talent and insight you have.
On the top of your cabinets -- a trio or two of fresh plain white ironstone would help too -- maybe a platter (on a stand) OR a trio of white milk or cream jugs?
For the ceiling - look for something with white glass (as long as it doesn't clash with your pendants) and I know Lowes has some that are 3 - 100w bulbs. You have enough down light with the pendants and recessed lights, you need something to light up the ceiling. K SissyI think maybe I would paint the walls a lighter shade of the same color, and maybe change the shades of the pendant lights so they are lighter and brighter. Place who can bring the more value but no one else know in your House it is Basement and Kitchen. That said, here’s a 4 minute screencast which walks through the simple process step-by-step. I achieve all of this mainly through the Curves adjustments, which is beyond the scope of this post.

Make sure and Sign Up For My Blog Updates to receive all future tips delivered straight to your inbox! I’m going to show you how to easily brighten your photos (using a method that will work in a variety of photo editing applications), and then point you to my favorite Photoshop action for making them even more vivid. I think that almost all photos taken on AUTO end up a little bit dark, even though you might not notice it until you see how much better it looks a little brighter. The left side of the mountains represents the dark in your photo (shadows) and the right side represents the light (highlights).
Found this on Pinterest and have used it for a bunch of photos that I thought were useless – now I love them!
Overexposed photos are a lot harder to fix because the camera didn’t capture any info in the blown out (super white) areas (unless you shot in RAW).
I get so used to never using my flash indoors that I sometimes forget to pop it up outside in backlit situations. This way you can add several lights along the straight or curved strip of lighting without having to add new fixures all over. The Photoshop action is very helpful for saving photos that are super dark, but if you don’t have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, just brightening your photos will still make a huge difference. Grab the middle slider (for midtones) and pull it to the left as well, until skin tones look bright (green arrow). Find installation and use instructions (as well as tons of other free actions) atA The Coffeshop Blog.
You can try pulling the middle slider toward the right to made the mid tones darker, but you’re not going to get back much detail in the very bright areas. I picked all materials that reflect light like shiny silestone countertops and white subway tiles. The current light fixture that is in there is actually sitting on the back counter in the first picture.
We had a track light in one house that we hung a Tiffany pendant from as well as some directional cans.
Unfortunately, kitchen and Basement Remodeling Ideas can be very expensive if you are not making a creative ways.

Donta€™ worry if the dark portions of your photo start to look washed out at this point a€“ simply grab the leftmost slider and pull it back to the right until it hits the mountain on this side (magenta arrow).
You can gather Brighten A Dark Room guide and view the latest Decorating Ideas to Brighten Your Home Decor in here.
To make matters worse, photos look even darker when printed than they do on our bright computer screens (turn down your monitor’s brightness to help fix this discrepancy). The pictures below are darker than the kitchen actually is, but they are the only photos I have. I think the main problem with that light is that it has an amber glass which is blocking the light.
I'd prefer to see more recessed lighting in the center of the kitchen than any kind of semi-flush fixture. I like to let as much natural light in as possible and I don't want to obstruct the view because I need to keep an eye on the kids when they are outside.
The shine from the metal in the backsplash along with the glass tile will reflect a lot of light and bounce it around some. The house has an open floor plan so if I paint the kitchen it will have to go with the paint in the adjoining rooms.
As for WT I'd be leary of any kind of shutters if you already find the lighting to be less than adequate. You might also consider getting some clear glass shades for the chandelier over the kitchen table. I have the 2" wood blinds thoughtout much of my house which I leave down and open so I can see it. It does, however, cause less light to come in through the windows than if they are pulled up. Depeding on how handy your DH is or if you hire someone, add some above-cabinet lighting (some of the same T5 will work).

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